Dragon Ball Plane,Little Goku who was eating was the first to speak after hearing the new group members join,By the way to promote your own dragon ball,I can only say that after entering the chat group,Little Wukong also learned to do business。

“welcome green hands,If you don’t understand, see the chat group introduction,You can find me if you want to know the future。”
Li Qiuxian said he entered the group of two tragic characters,I have a few more ideas to conceive。
“All heavens?Chat group?”
Plane of Jade,Qingyunmen,Otake Peak,Back mountain,Zhang Xiaofan stopped cutting bamboo,Curiously looking at the screen in front of you,Dumbfounded after receiving the chat group message。
Fox Demon Plane,Royal family,King Power stopped practicing sword,Standing in place receiving the introduction of the chat group,Especially the future that the group owner said made him very curious,As the creator of the mask organization,He is full of curiosity about the outside world,If the chat group is real,He also wants to know whether his future self has solved the mystery outside the circle。
“Lord,I want to know my future。”
King power hegemony for a long time,Asked。
“Ding,Group owner uploaded《Zhu Xian》、《Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker》To group video。”
After Li Qiuxian uploaded the future of the two,So he set his sights on the plane of the fox demon,So-called out of circle,He is also curious,Subsequently,After perceiving the familiar breath of evil spirits and monsters,Know the so-called outsiders,It’s because a drop of the evil god’s blood falls on the plane of the fox demon,Attracted a large number of monsters,and so,The original evil god must protect himself in the chaos,Carelessly,It is possible to destroy a world。
chapter eight Blood of Cthulhu
“The fox demon plane is a small world,Tier 3 is already the top,The current kingship hegemony has a level of strength,Outside the circle is mostly second-order existence,There are also a few monsters of Tier 3,In the chat group,Ying Zheng is now second-order,Zhang Sanfeng also reached the second order,The fifth stage of the Snow Emperor,It seems that only the Snow Emperor can do it。”
Li Qiuxian silently calculated the strength of several people in the chat group,Without taking action,I can only let the Xuehuang take action,And the fox demon plane has been occupied by monsters most of the land,Facing the Snow Emperor to help his existence,Shouldn’t stop her from entering her world。
“Is it so dangerous outside the circle??Little sister,everyone。”
The kingship hegemony stays in place,After seeing that the mask organization is almost destroyed, it is no longer watching the future,I also have an understanding of the outside world that the elders are so taboo。
“King Power,Do you know how outside the circle formed?@Snow King,I’m afraid to solve the circle outside the fox demon plane,I need you to do it once。”
“Lord,How did the outside world of the hegemony world form??”