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“That’s hard to say,The little girl told me,Wait till she is eighteen,I must marry you……”
Listening to the chat between Little MacDonald and Chen Geng,The crowd around was shocked:A ten year old girl,Yelling to marry Chen Geng?!
Although no one knows the Paris that Chen Geng and Mr. MacDonald said·What is Hilton,But can have a chance to meet little Macdonald、And chatting with him for so long,Can my background be simple??It must be the daughter of a big family in America,Such a daughter……Uh,Is it too small??
Chen Geng sniffed at what little MacDonald said:“She said to marry me, just marry me,Let’s not say whether I want to marry her,Little girl only now10year old,Also8Young18year old,How are you sure of this8I won’t get married during the year?”
“It doesn’t matter if you get married,”Little Macdonald chuckled,Look at the lively expression:“The important thing is,Little Paris is coming to China to see you in a few days。”
“what?”Chen Geng is confused:“She is coming to China?”
Little MacDonald looked disapproving:“China is developing so well now,How could their Hilton family ignore?That old guy Barron told me personally,They are going to China for inspection,Prepare to invest and build a luxurious five-star hotel in China。”
Realize this,Many people are entangled in their hearts:The richest Americans、big family,Really entangled each other,I am in you、You in me,Ugh……
Wonderful book house
First954chapter Don’t underestimate the little girl
See Cheng Chen Geng,Wang Xiaodong is as happy as meeting his long-lost brother,Learn the habits of foreigners,Come up and give Chen Geng a strong hug:“Mr. Chen,You are welcome to visit us and guide our work。”
“Manager Wang, you’re welcome,”Chen Geng’s modest way:“I’m not here to investigate,I just accompany Mr. Macdonald Jr. to see our development。”
Although that is the case,But Wang Xiaodong and other Xifei leaders dare not care。
Everyone knows what Mr. Macdonald Jr did when he came to Xifei:Fokker of COMACF100After a few years of project foundry, the fuselage parts,this time,Chen Geng will fly west、Shen Fei、Several companies, such as Shaanfei and Chengfei, who gave COMAC OEM airframe components recommended to McDonnell Douglas。