Test: Do you know enough about the opposite sex?

Test: Do you know enough about the opposite sex?

Want to know how much you know about the differences between men and women in love, please do the test below.


Women are more romantic than men.

  Yes or No 2.

Women are more likely to fall in love than men.

  Yes or No 3.

Men usually feel more in love than women.

  Yes or No 4.

Broken relationships hurt women more than men.

  Yes or No 5.

Women in love are more likely to express deep feelings than men.

  Yes or No 6.

In sex, men are usually more active than women.

  Yes or No 7.

Women are awake from love more slowly than men.

  Yes or No 8.

Women who want to escape will win the interest of the men around them.

  Yes or No The drama answers “No” to 1 point for each question, and then calculates the total score.

  Exciting at 4 or above: You are a master and you know the opposite sex well.

  Wonderful at 2?
3 points: You have a general understanding of love and the sexual response under the influence of love.

  Wonderful at 0?
1 point: I don’t know about the opposite sex.



Studies of romantic behavior in courtship have found that men are generally more romantic than women.

They are more likely to agree with such views: “Love is very magnificent” or “True love can last forever.


Is Cink at Branders University?

Professor Rubin designed many questionnaires about love, which provided the basis for subsequent research.

Rubin found that, in proportion to women, men fell in love and recovered, waking up slowly from love.


Women are more likely to feel the pain and ecstasy of love than men.

Women are more likely to feel nervous and dizzy, as if standing on a cloud.

This evidence is confirmed by physiological measurements of the female sympathetic nervous system.

Rubin and other researchers have found that the pain that men endure after a broken relationship may be because men are less likely to talk to someone about their feelings than women.

The degree to which men and women are willing to express their feelings in intimate relationships is not much different.

However, the way of speaking is different.

Men are more willing to show their strengths than weaknesses.

Women, on the other hand, are skeptical about their strengths, especially if they feel they threaten the men they want.

Women are more likely to reveal their weakness, interests and feelings about others.


Either way, whether subtle or obvious, the evidence shows that men and women have the same initiative in sex and that they are as likely to take the initiative as men.


As explained in question 2, men are awake from love more slowly than women.


It is generally believed that women who seek to seduce themselves pose more challenges to men and therefore seem to be easier to overcome.

But researchers have found that in the early stages of sexual relations, this may sometimes be the case, but not in the long run.