Xiang Chen has been staring at Yuan,Ask word by word:“Then now,Is the master going to continue acting or do it??”

Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five Fate2
Every word of Xiang Chen is very slow,Let Korean Xiang listen to it,Have some time to react。
And Han Yuxiang did not disappoint Xiang Chen too much,After seeing the picture in Xiang Chen’s words,Her look also changed from apology to doubt。
Without being discovered by Xiang Chen,And succeed,Such a technique can be called an old pickpocket。Han Yuxiang never believes that such a person would run so far just to steal a high heel,Usually found to be high heels,I believe that any pickpocket will feel bad,It’s normal to lose it。
Korean Xiang quietly looked at Yuan,Waiting for his answer。
It’s like Xiang Chen can raise his own question,Naturally, it can be refuted,If it is a coincidence,Han Yuxiang can take Xiang Chen and apologize to Yuan,But if it’s like Xiang Chen said,Then my office won’t be stingy to the point of refusing to add a cup of coffee。
“The three of you,Don’t you want to explain?”
Han Yuxiang turned his head and looked at Man San’er and the three of them,Reached out and touched the waist subconsciously,Han Yuxiang discovered this embarrassingly,I came out police officer todayiBeyond the certificate,Bring nothing。
The three of them want to answer Korean Xiang,But the pain in the body really doesn’t allow them to say extra nonsense。
For Xiang Chen’s previous wave of analysis,Man San’er, they are also shocked,It’s just that the pain in his body can’t make him applaud,It’s like he wants to ask for help from the monk Liaoyuan next to Xiangchen,Too weak。
“Stop pretending,The frequency of your twirling the Buddha has increased!The reason why I haven’t done it yet,Because seeing that I can easily kill those three guys,Are you not confident in your own skill??”
Xiang Chenyun said lightly,For curse、Such a thing as a beating,Xiang Chen has always come here at his fingertips。
Liao Yuan’s face didn’t show the uncertainty that Xiang Chen imagined,But the hand twisting the Buddha beads is getting faster and faster。
“how about it?Waiting for me here for so long,But I didn’t expect that I could easily pick three with a burden on my back,Very unexpected?Take the initiative to help,Take the lead in moving people to this corner,A few more casual conversations,The curious crowd will disperse,And then it will return to quiet,No matter how noisy it is, it will not affect the bustling a few meters away,It took a long time to find this place too?”
There is no more smile on Xiang Chen’s face,He has observed the movement around,There should be no other threats。