Six ways to make your baby no longer partial to eclipse

Six ways to make your baby no longer partial to eclipse

Every baby has a different temper, and their eating habits and tastes are different.

But if the baby has a serious partial eclipse and even affects the baby’s health, the mother must be extremely careful.

  Be patient enough to wait for “After eating these green bamboo shoots, my mother will give you a drink.

“This kind of promise can only make the baby like the drink and dislike the green bamboo shoots, and let him gradually learn to bargain:” Mom, you take the drink first and I eat this.

“In fact, there is no need to use other foods that your baby likes as bait. As long as you keep putting green bamboo shoots on the table with other foods, you do n’t have to be particularly embarrassed or” threatening “.Okay.
  Don’t give your baby too many choices. Moms know that in many cases, you can’t give your baby too much choice and eat.

If you ask your baby, “Baby, what do you want to eat today?

The baby’s answer must be the food he is familiar with.

But if you ask your baby another way: “Want to eat pumpkin porridge or polenta tonight?

“Let your baby only choose between these two foods, and he has less room.

  Correctly estimate the baby’s food intake Although the baby has a large amount of activity, he has a small appetite and cannot have too high expectations for their food intake.

In fact, sometimes a baby eats a quiche, and he can already provide him with enough cereal and protein.

  The happy babies that let your babies try their hands are mother’s little helpers. When you are busy preparing meals in the kitchen, you can let your babies “labor” properly.

For example, you can open the refrigerator to get your own yogurt, help your mother get vegetables, and stir cold dishes.

If parents can look after their baby while cooking and teach them how to avoid danger, the kitchen is a happy place for the baby.

Here, not only enriched the baby’s game, but also cultivated his interest in labor, and he could enjoy the fruits of his labor while eating.

  Every baby loves to play games with the game guide, and mothers can use this feature of the baby to enjoy “eating”.

For example, guide your baby to eat greens through a nursery rhyme before eating.

“Little white rabbit, white and white, loves radish and greens” and so on, subtly changes the baby’s bad diet structure.

  My mother is a “chef”. My mother needs to practice her “internal skills”. If you have tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, beans, etc. every day, the practice is very monotonous. Fried, steamed, stewed, and even adults will get tired, let