but,On the faces of the three of them in Lin Yang,Qiao Zhenwu also saw a look of shock and incredible。

It seems,Those words I heard just now,It’s not my own auditory hallucination,But the man named Xiao Fan,I really said something arrogant to myself。
Qiao Zhenwu’s face immediately turned iron cyan,Anger is also at this moment,Xiao Fan was successfully provoked。
“You presumptuous,You’re a waste of a small family in a small place,Why do you dare to talk to me like this?”Qiao Zhenwu immediately shouted。
Qiao Zhenwu thought he could scare Xiao Fan,But Qiao Zhenwu found,After saying this to Xiao Fan,,I just saw the endless contempt and contempt on Xiao Fan’s face。
It seems that my identity as Joe’s family,In front of his son-in-law,It’s just like an ant。
Xiao Fan is indeed just looking at Qiao Zhenwu with a cold look.,I really don’t know where this man came from. I dare to come here and talk about it。
The same problem also exists in Qiao Zhenwu’s heart。
Qiao Zhenwu has galloped in the business sea for so many years,This is the first time I saw someone daring to say such arrogant things in front of him。
but,What Qiao Zhenwu didn’t expect was,Today I not only met someone who dared to talk to me like this,And such a person is still such a young man。
Qiao Zhenwu coldly“Humph”After a sound,Just to Xiao Fan and the others:
“it is good,well,Since I give you a face,If you don’t want it,Then don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
“Qiao Ming!”Qiao Zhenwu suddenly turned his target to Qiao Ming。
Qiao Ming immediately came to Qiao Zhenwu’s side,Then asked carefully:
“Second uncle,whats the matter?”
at this time,No wonder Qiao Ming is so careful。
To know this time,The anger in Qiao Zhenwu’s heart was at its strongest,I dare not at this time,Have a slight disrespect to Qiao Zhenwu!
Qiao Zhenwu doesn’t have the mind to guess Qiao Ming’s mind now,He directly told Qiao Ming coldly:
“Go tell these people,What is my identity,What will happen if you offend me?”
After Qiao Zhenwu said this,,Just snorted,Standing away from Xiao Fan and his family。