[Baby shrimp and tofu]_ baby eat _ how to make

[Baby shrimp and tofu]_ baby eat _ how to make

When the baby reaches a certain age, he needs to add some complementary foods to supplement the nutrients needed by the baby’s body. Shrimp and tofu are more nutritious foods, and it is good for the digestion of the baby’s stomach. It can add a variety of proteins and minerals to the baby., And the method is very simple, you need to chop the tender tofu and fresh cooked shrimp, put it in the broth and simmer it and add it to the porridge.

Baby Food: Shrimp, Tofu and Pea Porridge Ingredients: Cooked Shrimp, Tender Tofu, Fresh Peas, Thick Porridge, Moderate Broth, Cooked Vegetable Oil Method 1. Chopped cooked shrimps, spare, clean and chop tender tofu, fresh peas and waterPut into mud for future use; 2. Put thick porridge, cooked shrimp, diced tofu, fresh pea puree, and broth into the pot, boil over low heat and simmer;

Method two 1-3 year old baby recipe: shrimp and tofu nutrition tips: shrimp is nutritious, rich in calcium, easy to digest and absorb.

Ingredients: tender tofu, small shrimp, eggs.

Seasoning: broth, shallot, ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, fresh soy sauce, raw flour.

Method: 1. Wash the shrimps, drain the shrimp intestines and drain the water.

2. Add tender tofu and boil in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove and cut into small pieces.

3, heat the pan, add oil to Qicheng hot, put ginger, garlic and incense, add tofu and boil, add eggs, cooked shrimp, put onions, thicken.

Method 3 Ingredients Tofu 50 g carrot 20 g shrimp 2 seasoning broth 1 small bowl Prepare ingredients: 50 g tofu, 20 g carrots, 2 shrimp, 1 small broth Step 1: Boil the broth and putPut in the cleaned tofu and press into the tofu puree while cooking.

Step 2: Wash and remove the shrimp, chop the shell and shrimp line into shrimp paste.

Step 3: Peel the carrot and cut into fine pieces.

Step 4: After the tofu soup is boiled, add minced carrots and cook the prawn puree.

Step 5: Finally serve a bowl.