I know how to do things well,But at the same time not making myself so tired,Able to stabilize one’s mentality anytime, anywhere。

Don’t accept such a high intensity and high tension state,So Xiao Fan thinks that we can arrange more things for Chu Yao now。
What’s more, Su Ran seems to prefer things to manage the base,She doesn’t like to manage company affairs,But Chu Yao is different,Chu Yao is good at all aspects。
When she works, she doesn’t distinguish between categories,She just thinks it’s his job,Then she will be very involved in the work。
So Xiao Fan also intends to let Chu Yao get in touch with more company affairs,After all, Yiming also manages many company affairs,So I want them to have a place in the company。
So that the two of them can manage the company well in the days when Xiao Fan is away.,Make this company better and better。
But recently the company did have some problems,Yiming is querying,But the boss has not been found,This time Xiao Fan came with them just to talk to them about this matter。
Xiao Fan may have to send Chu Yao to solve this matter,After all, it’s mostly convenient for girls to have many things,But Xiao Fan never uses girls’ hue to do anything。
At best, girls don’t look eye-catching,More able to dispel the doubts of others。And after this time,,Chu Yao is not familiar with the company。
Many people don’t know Chu Yao very well,I only know that she often comes to the company,I don’t know what she does。
I don’t know she was arranged by Xiao Fan,So I just thought it was an ordinary employee of the company,So Xiao Fan thinks that if Chu Yao handles this matter,The effect will be very good。
Chapter 518 arrange work
After Xiao Fan and Chu Yao and Yiming returned to the base,Tell them about the company’s affairs。
Yiming said:“Brother Fan has been running well recently,But there is always some financial negligence,There are loopholes I am investigating,But there is no clue,I always feel someone moved。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Of course someone moved,But you are not to blame,Blame the people below for not doing things well,People who shouldn’t have come in,Don’t worry about this,Just leave it to me。”
Nodded,Then Xiao Fan told Chu Yao:“Chu Yao may need you to take care of this matter,I need you to help me find this person and get rid of him。”
Chu Yao nodded very seriously,Talk to Xiao Fan:“Good boss,What do you tell me to do right away,And I will do my best。”
Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction,Actually Xiao Fan wanted Chu Yao to continue to penetrate the company,But I want her to start from the grassroots。