Old people should not go backwards fitness

Old people should not go backwards fitness

Mr. Wang: Every morning when I go to the park for morning exercise, I can see many old people walking backwards to exercise, but I have heard that “going backwards” is not suitable for the elderly.

Excuse me, should the elderly should go backwards to exercise?

  Wang Aicheng, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine: Although there are many advantages in going backwards, elderly people and people with cardiovascular diseases are not suitable for going backwards.

If you go backwards, you need to stand upright or slightly back, so that the spine and back muscles will bear the gravity and movement force than the usual fractures, so that the spine and back muscles that are not able to move forward can be exercised, which is beneficial to blood and blood.Smooth.

People who work or study at the desk all day can effectively eliminate fatigue and back pain.

  In addition, when retreating, the legs should be straight and straight, and the alignment can not be bent, thereby increasing the strength of the knee joint and the femoral muscle, thereby causing the muscles, ligaments and femoral muscles around the knee joint to be exercised.

Because the back of the toes is a virtual ground, mainly relying on joints and heel bones, and the function of these corresponding parts has been exercised.

  However, it is not a matter of going backwards, it has a lot of precautions.

First of all, there must be a reference object. The body of the first-timer leans forward first. When walking, the legs are naturally inclined. You must first use the toe to land and then transition to the whole foot. The center of gravity should be placed in front, so that even if you step on it, you will not fall.Follow the head.
The arm should naturally swing and maintain the overall balance. This way, the waist and leg muscles can be strengthened, and the balance can be enhanced, which is more oxygen-consuming than the positive line.

In places where there are many people with more cars, it is not advisable to walk on low-lying roads to avoid falling and accidents.

Exercise in the park or in the woods, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding trees and stones to avoid falling or hitting.