Huo Rongxuan did not expect that he agreed without even thinking about it,This makes Huo Rongxuan feel a little warm。

“Aren’t you afraid?It might be dangerous to be with me at this time。”
Shen Han seemed to hesitate only then,But soon shook his head:“You are hurt,It’s not good not to go alone。”
In order to look like,Huo Rongxuan simply took people to the seaside city overnight。Shen Han may be really shocked,I was cautious and trembling all the way,I don’t know how many gangster movies this kid has been thinking about,Huo Rongxuan looked aside and thought it was funny,Dare not really laugh,It’s a bit painful。
A few days before arriving at the villa,Shen Han has been a little frightened,Didn’t sleep well at night。Huo Rongxuan can feel it,Often Shen Han would wake up suddenly at night,Only after confirming that he is okay will he lie back and continue to sleep。
When Shen Han fell asleep again,Huo Rongxuan opened his eyes in the dark。
Shen Han slept beside him,Probably because of insecurity,One hand is still pulling his sleeve。
Huo Rongxuan looked at Shen Han who was sleeping,An indescribable emotion slowly surged in my heart。
He just wanted to tease Shen Han,but now,He suddenly didn’t want to expose this lie。
11 Dew
These days when I came to the holiday villa,Shen Han has been taking care of the front and back,Huo Rongxuan sees everything。
He has nothing to do this day,Go to the study to read,When I saw half of it, I suddenly heard Shen Han calling his name panicked outside。
Huo Rongxuan leaned on a cane to open the door,I happened to see Shen Han looking for him from room to room,A little face is too panic。
Huo Rongxuan quickly stopped him:“Shen Han,I am here!”
Shen Han was relieved when he saw him,Came over and looked at him awkwardly,“Why are you hiding here,I thought……”
Huo Rongxuan asked deliberately:“Why?”