“Yesterday,Haven’t I already told you?You will be my elder brother from now on,My big brother,but me,Always your little brother。”

“And it’s not just me,Including all my brothers、All the properties belong to Brother。Brother and sister-in-law must forgive me for my sins!”
“I really didn’t know that Daming Li, a kid, really dared to be disrespectful to older brother and sister-in-law,do not worry,I will punish both of them severely。”
Lin Yuner thought of Wang Mingyang’s injury,After hearing what Wang Mingyang said,Also immediately stretched out his hand and pulled Xiao Fan’s clothes corner。
After Xiao Fan moved the realization to her,Lin Yuner shook her head at Xiao Fan,Signal to stop blaming Wang Mingyang。
Anyway,Lin Yuner still remembers Wang Mingyang’s kindness to her。
Moreover,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,What happened to her and Xiao Fan tonight,It seems that it really has nothing to do with Wang Mingyang。
If you have to get involved,It can only be said that the discipline is not strict、There is no way to control it。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner and smiled softly,Turning his head and said to Wang Mingyang:“okay,Hurry up and talk to me,I look at you like this,I also blame the uncomfortable。”
Wang Mingyang heard such words,I straightened my body immediately。
for him,If Xiao Fan just made him stand up for other reasons,He definitely won’t stand up。
But Xiao Fan said he talked to himself like that,Uncomfortable,and so,anyway,Wang Mingyang is going to get up。
After Wang Mingyang stands up,I just kicked Li Daming, the restaurant manager who has been obstructing him.。
After Wang Mingyang kicked Li Daming to the ground,Immediately said coldly:
“You bastard,Don’t hurry to apologize to my older brother and sister-in-law,Something that doesn’t have eyes,Who really dares to provoke!I think you are tired of living and crooked!”
And Li Daming on the ground was also kicked by Wang Mingyang’s sudden kick。
After falling down,Li Daming looked at Wang Mingyang who was about to kick again,Get up from the ground quickly,Kneeled on the ground,Then kneeling and crawling in front of Xiao Fan。