Looking at Anna who hesitated and stopped·Sterling,Chen Geng’s heart suddenly moved,Turning to Gordon·Bell says:“Mr. Bell,Let me introduce to you,This classmate Anna and his friends made a personal financial management software,I am very optimistic about their software。”

Gordon·Bell is a little confused,I don’t know what Chen Geng means。
Chen Geng continued:“According to Miss Anna,This software can help people avoid taxes in a scientific way,I am going to ask the company’s review department to review her software,If it’s ok,I will include their software in the company’s software recommendation list,”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng had a deliberate meal,To Gordon·Bell、Also to Anna·Sterling says:“Miss Anna,I suggest you to register a company,And clarify the shareholding ratio of each shareholder……Ok,If my prediction is correct,This software can bring you at least50Ten thousand dollars in annual sales,You should maintain this software、Update,And add more functions in time。”
Gordon·Bell did not speak,Anna·Sterling was stunned,The little girl trembled:“Mr,You said our software,Can sell in one year30More than ten thousand dollars?!”
Don’t blame the little girl for being so surprised,For the vast majority of American students,All their studies can be completed with student loans,It may take many years to work after graduation to repay the loan,For those of China now“There is an iron rice bowl waiting for graduation”For college students,American college students are carrying as little as tens of thousands of dollars the moment they walk out of the school gate.、More than a hundred thousand dollars in debt,They are almost out of breath with this huge debt。
If this software really does what Chen Geng said,Can sell in one year30Ten thousand U.S. dollars,It’s too far to say,At least,It means that when I graduated from university, I not only paid off all the student loans,There is still a lot of money in the hand、Savings that may total more than 100,000 U.S. dollars,For students like Anna who have not yet left school,The allure is beyond description,Not to mention if you can use this software to become bigger and stronger,My future may be limitless。
“In fact there may be more,This is only my lowest estimate,And the data research company has to take away15%Sales,”Chen Geng nodded to Anna·Sterling says,Finish talking with Anna,Chen Geng turned his head and looked at Gordon·Bell:“Professor Bell,I think Anna is actually relatively lucky,I don’t know how many people are as talented as Anna in American universities、But because of various reasons, I couldn’t find young people who can display their talents.,I am going to set up this university support entrepreneurial fund named after you,I just hope to help more talented young people like Anna……”
Anna·Sterling was still a little confused at first,Kelly·Hicks is so smart,She immediately whispered to Anna·Sterling introduced the situation,I heard Fernandez·Mr. Chen for Gordon·Professor Bell went to work in his company,Prepare to establish a university support entrepreneurship fund named after the professor,To help more students like myself,Excited eyes widened。
But she also knew that she was just a student,Gordon·Professor Bell doesn’t have a deep relationship,So although very excited,But didn’t say a word that was very clever。
Gordon·Bell,I heard Kylie·After Hicks said to his students,Watching Chen Geng smile bitterly:“Mr. Fernandez,You are giving me a big problem。”
Chen Geng smiled but said nothing。
All smart people,Don’t say something too thorough,but,Don Anna·Sterling knows Fernandez·Chen is ready to take out at least1000Ten thousand dollars at MIT、Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley·After the news of the establishment of an entrepreneurial support fund for students and teachers in the name of Professor Bell,Would she not tell her friends and classmates the news?
The same,If this venture fund fails to be established in the end,What would the students of these three colleges think of him Gordon·Bell?Would you think it was Gordon?·Professor Bell ruined his own business opportunity?
of course,Chen Geng must have so many conspiracies,But this kind of thing can’t stand the students’ brains。
Wry smile,Gordon·Bell couldn’t help shaking his head:“How about this,I need a database expert,If you can invite a master in database,I’ll go。”