The infertility diet gives you a little surprise!

The infertility diet gives you a little surprise!

Treating infertility is not the way to take medicine every day, as the saying goes: “Medication is worse than food.

“Diet is divided into yin, yang, cold, heat, warm tonic and clearing diarrhea, so diet therapy is just” tonic “, and there is also a sense of conditioning.

It must be authentic, convenient, affordable, delicious, and have a certain targeted conditioning and nourishing effect.

  The following recommends several food therapy methods that are of practical value to infertility for doctors and patients.

  All kinds of eggs and caviar are the best raw materials for making eggs or sperm after digestion and absorption by the body. They are high in protein and should be eaten frequently.

Eggs 1 per day?
2 only.

The eggs are hot, and the duck eggs are cold. They can be used alternately. If the infertility is cold, you can eat more eggs.

Bet on hot and humid, often urinary tract infection, yellow belt, red belt can enter duck eggs.

According to popular rumors, “Children cannot eat caviar.

“There is really no scientific basis.

Investigate its cause.

It may be that “one fish roe lives one life and has sinned” (according to a Zhejiang Shuru), which is in line with the old mentality of good morals.

  Eat more fish, fish, and other aquatic products, such as sparrows, pheasants, wild ducks, hares, pigeons, silky fowls, boy chickens, beef and sheep pork, and various fish, shrimp, turtles and the like.

These foods are rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially the protein is much higher than vegetarian food.

Flesh and blood sentimental goods, nourish the main axis of flesh and blood sentiment.

As the saying goes: “The smaller the sparrow, the smaller the fiercer.

“” You can’t eat finches away from home.

(One of the stems of the penis is called “tit”, the common saying is “little sparrow”).

Venison is rare, and eating more will raise the sun.

Today, there are more and more people with excess nutrition.

Various aquatic products are mostly flat and cool.

Raw shrimp soaked in wine, nourish yin and kidney, and help to sperm.

Turtles, lobsters, and hairy crabs have doubled in value and do not have to catch up with the trend. The working class has limited income. Pay attention to the price / benefit ratio. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about science and buy as many nutrients for reproduction as possible with limited money.

  Eel and conger eel are delicious, everyday dishes.

It has been used since ancient times, and its taste is flat.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Benefit the kidney, strengthen the deficiency.

“” Experience Collection “said:” If men and women are all fatigued and weak.

“Rihuazi Materia Medica” said: “Qiyang.

“The freshwater river eel is exceptionally tender, and the market price is several times higher than the conger eel. It can be described as a banquet treasure, and the conger eel does not have the disadvantages of” multiple items on the sea “.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that eels and snakes “are similar to each other,” and indeed have the effect of expelling wind and beautifying skin.

“The Outline” still exudes eel blood, ointment, bones and head magical works, which is fascinating, but has always been struggling to refine and refine, and treasure substitutes make the best use of them.

  The Sino-Japanese joint venture Zhenjiang Hehe Healthcare Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., backed by China’s largest freshwater river eel breeding company, Longshan Eel, introduced the most advanced technology from Japan to replace the meat of the “Tongzi River Eel”, a treasure of eels, about 250The essential parts of the brain, liver, gall, bones, etc. use ultra-low temperature to preserve the activity of active ingredients, and scientifically extract all the essence.

Concentrated and refined “He and eel essence” capsules are convenient and suitable for various vitamins, amino acids and minerals necessary for the human body.

The pharmacological research report hosted by Professor Hou Dehui of China Pharmaceutical University proves that “Hehe Eel” capsule can indeed nourish yin and kidney, promote protein assimilation, improve immune function and mating ability, without any complications, and help to increase proliferation ability.

The infertile person can help to conceive.

  Homemade bullwhip cream bullwhip with rare earth pills is more effective.

Wash, chop the sections, boil the water, discard the fishy water, and then carefully remove the hair and sundries. You must use chopsticks to clear the “臊 物” in the urethra.
Add rice wine 500?
1000ml, white wine 250ml, green onion ginger, the trick is to add a spoonful of brown sugar and half a glass of beer, without adding water, add pressure cooker, stew as low as a paste after boiling.
Bullwhip cream is mainly eaten with protein and admixtures (胨, amino acids).

For homemade bullwhip cream, you can also ask Chinese medicine to prescribe a nourishing formula. Mix the Chinese herbal decoction, about 50ml per day, and take it on an empty stomach.

The cost of homemade bullwhip cream is relatively reduced, but the production is cumbersome. There are finished bullwhip cream products on the market for sale. For example, the bullwhip kidney powder produced by Shanghai Caitong Detang Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory is a traditional cream formula with stable quality, rigorous medication and convenient use.
The bullwhip in the prescription has the effect of nourishing kidney yang and benefiting yang qi; Epimedium and walnut meat are convenient to assist.

Bullwhip helps Yang Yijing.

Nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening the strong bones and strong bones; alfalfa, mature ground, Cuscuta chinensis, Ligustrum lucidum can astringent essence and nourish liver and kidney; Huang Jing, Dangshen, Huai yam, Poria, can nourish the spleen, nourish qi and regenerate Jin;The function of nourishing yin, tanning, clearing heat and blood, and blood makes the whole formula tonic, not greasy, warm but not dry.

Applicable to kidney yang deficiency, kidney qi failure, impotence nocturnal emission, waist and knee weakness, chills and cold limbs.