Psychological tourism allows you to relax deeply

Psychological tourism allows you to relax deeply

What role can psychotourism play with general tourism benchmarks?

As one of the original promoters of psychological tourism, Ms. Yang Xia, a professor of psychology at Peking Union Medical University, told reporters that psychological tourism is used for psychological rehabilitation and can bring deep relaxation.

  Psychological tourism teaches people to learn to rest. Professor Yang Xia believes that modern people work under pressure and often feel tired. In fact, they are not physically exhausted and may not even rest.

For example, during the National Day holiday, some white-collar workers feel that they are too tired to work, choose to play cards, listen to music, watch TV and other seemingly relaxed leisure methods, and people simply sleep for several days. In fact, these are not scientific.How to rest, why?

It turns out that the fatigue of white-collar workers is mostly mental fatigue or mental fatigue, not physical fatigue, physical rest can not alleviate the fatigue of these people.

  ”Through psychological travel, we want to tell everyone what is the real rest.

For example, taking part in outdoor activities and physical exercise, and doing useful social activities, so that the brain can relax in the exercise and adjust the mental state, can solve the problem of mental fatigue and psychological troubles.

Professor Yang Xia’s thesis.

  Psychological tourism is different and the general way of tourism is classified. The organizers of psychotourism will make some special arrangements during the trip, such as carefully selected spots.

Psychologists will choose some beautiful and hard places, so that when traveling, it is very hard and tired. After returning to work, it will be memorable.

Professor Yang Xia believes that in order to get a real rest, don’t choose some attractions that are too comfortable. Like the beach, people just lie down on the beach. After returning to work, they will feel dull.

  Organize group activities.

The organizers divided the tour group into several groups and carried out some group activities of the nature of the competition, such as the mountain climbing competition, and the time when the last person in each group reached the top of the mountain was counted as the score of the group.

In this way, everyone will consciously help each other, and those who are concerned will be grateful, and those who care will help people, and they will have good communication and communication with each other.

In addition, some psychological games will be interspersed during the trip.

  Conduct psychological counseling.

During the journey, psychologists will sort out emotions for everyone.

For example, when visiting the cottage, the members gathered around and reorganized a cup of tea to tell their own problems and feelings in the third person.

Experts will not make judgments about right and wrong, but will help the team members to summarize the performance of their trips, make tips and guides, and sometimes explain some social skills.

  ”In the past, we are about to conduct psychological seat talks, sensitivity training, group training and other psychotherapy activities, but now canceled, because doing so, regardless of the intervention of the members or consultants themselves, are very tired, the effect of tourism relaxation is greatly discounted.
Professor Yang Xia told reporters.

  Psychological tourism should strengthen social training “so-called psychological tourism, which is a new concept proposed by Chinese psychology. There is no such statement in the United States.

The reporter interviewed Dr. Zhang Yuanxia, a licensed psychiatrist in the United States. He believes that psychological tourism is a new thing. The psychological core of the psychology is actually to expand social training. Everyone is happy to swim in the mountains, and then interspersed with some social skills training is unique in psychological tourism.
Strengthening social training, psychological tourism will be rewarded.

  Dr. Zhang believes that social skills training is very important for office workers with high work pressure. “Why are American basketball and rugby games so hot, because there are social occasions, everyone has a good exchange and interaction in the arena, relaxing the mood.

“Travel Golden Week, tourism is happy, does not bring any psychological problems, problems often arise in the problems caused by inconvenient travel, such as accidents, delays, gas, crowded, lost things and so on.

It is important to prepare for these accidents before you leave.

Dr. Zhang finally reminded me.

Be wary of ice cream headache

Be wary of “ice cream headache”

Clinical practice and modern medical research have shown that high temperatures, suffocating, thunderstorms, high winds, and sudden changes in the weather often cause or aggravate headaches, and climate-related summer diets and sleep often lead to headaches.
Therefore, summer is a frequent season for headache.
  ”Ice Cream Headache” The operator, Miss Xia, because she doesn’t stop taking calls during work, always feels dry and dry, and likes to eat small ice cream throat on weekdays.
But in the summer she eats ice cream a little more urgently, and her head will be as painful as electric shock.
  In hospital neurosurgery, there are quite a few experiences like Miss Xia. In the summer, many bulimia ice creamers go to the hospital because of headaches, most of them are women around 20 years old.
  For the headache of Miss Xia, the medical community called it “ice cream headache.”
It is understood that ice cream headaches usually occur within 30 to 60 seconds after rushing to eat cold drinks. This pain is usually located in the middle of the fore, with stinging within 10 to 20 seconds of episodes, and in rare cases lasting 25 minutes.
Neurologists say that this type of headache can only occur on hot days, usually after a quick intake of frozen food or beverages such as ice cream.
This is because when the cold drink is imported, it will give a strong stimulation to the oral mucosa, which may cause the muscles and blood vessels of the head and face to contract, and the nerves produce radioactive pain.
  Prescriptions When eating cold drinks, be careful to avoid contact with cold foods, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of “ice cream headaches”.
Generally, do not take frozen food or drink quickly. People with a history of headaches and those who have had an “ice cream headache” should eat less cold drinks.
Once the “ice cream headache” occurs, you can repeat the local massage with your hands to relieve the contraction of the blood vessels and muscles in the head caused by sudden cold stimulation, and relieve the pain. If the headache is particularly severe, you can take painkillers under the guidance of a doctor.
  Water-deficient headaches Summer temperatures are often higher than human body temperature, so sweat evaporation is also more. If the water is not replenished in time, the human body is easy to dehydrate.
After the body is dehydrated, the cerebrospinal fluid is reduced, and the gap between the skull and the brain tissue is increased. When the body position changes, especially when standing, the brain tissue is slightly “sinking” or “shocking”, making the nerve roots of the brain andThe blood vessels are pulled and the symptoms of headache appear.
  Prescription For this type of headache caused by dehydration, a certain amount of physiological saline can be input to eliminate or reduce dehydration.
At the same time, the patient should rest in bed without using a pillow to keep the head low.
The key to preventing this headache is to replenish water in a timely manner.
Diarrhea is prone to occur in summer and dehydration during diarrhea.
Otherwise, water loss headaches are also prone to occur.
  Summer headache Some people often have headaches accompanied by loss of appetite, low fever and general malaise during the summer, especially in the early summer when the temperature rises suddenly and the temperature exceeds 37 °C.
After the autumn is cool, it will be cured.
This type of headache is called a summer headache, caused by autonomic dysfunction, and most of them occur in people with weak body and lack of blood.
  Prescription Prevention of summer headache is mainly to pay attention to the environment to cool down, to ensure a certain amount of sleep, diet is light, eat more vegetables and fruits.
  Migraine Migraine is also known as vascular headache.
Head pain due to episodes of extracranial extracranial vasomotor dysfunction.
The pain can be unilateral or bilateral, with painful episodes of pale nerves, nausea, vomiting and other autonomic dysfunction.
Some patients have visual symptoms about 30 minutes before the onset of headache, that is, flashing illusion, such as flashing dark spots or “gold stars in front of the eyes”.
  Prescription In order to reduce the occurrence of migraine, special attention should be paid to the combination of work and rest, adequate sleep, and avoid anxiety and tension in the summer.
  The study found that most people with migraine have lower levels of magnesium in their brain tissue, so they can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in magnesium.
Foods containing more magnesium include millet, soba noodles, soybeans, broad beans, peas, mushrooms, seaweed, peaches, osmanthus, walnuts, and peanuts.

Bathing can also cure diseases

Bathing can also cure diseases

What we must do every day when we take a shower.

Can you say that bathing can cure diseases? Do you believe it?

The old Chinese medicine health net tips, the correct bathing method can be cleaned and more able to cure the disease, bathing can cure the disease quickly with 6 bathing methods!

  Bathing treatment method 1: wash 30 minutes before meals, enhance appetite experts believe that appetite is not good, people with loss of appetite can consciously take a bath 30 minutes before meals, use hot water to stimulate the stomach, after the body is warm, then use warm waterSpray water around the chest, rest for 5 minutes every 5 seconds, repeat 5 times; if there is a bathtub, you can soak in hot water for a while, while breathing abdominally, inhale from the nose, let the abdomen bulge, then fromBreathing in the mouth, then flushing the abdomen with slightly warm water. This alternating stimulation can promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite.

Excessive stomach acid, gastric ulcer, soaked in hot water for 3-4 minutes, can control gastric acid secretion.

  Bathing treatment method 2: Add ginger to the hot water, remove the cold. Many women and people with cold body often have cold body, hands and feet are easy to be cold, numb, and even in summer.

Experts pointed out that from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, this is mostly due to qi deficiency, blood deficiency caused by blood deficiency, and insufficient blood supply.

This type of crowd can have more bubble baths when they have time, and add ginger to the hot water to promote blood circulation and warm the body.

In the shower, you can use the 40-degree hot water to wash the shoulders and point to the following, wash the side to do the shoulder up and down movements and foot step movements, and then fully warm up, then use cold water for 10 seconds.

Repeated 5 times, cold water and hot water alternately shower, the blood vessels continue to expand and contract as cold and heat, in order to achieve the purpose of smooth blood.

However, the elderly and children with weak constitution should try to avoid alternating hot and cold.

  Bathing treatment method three: 揉搓 face wash fatigue Because the face is distributed with a lot of expression muscles and sensitive nerves, occasionally licking a face, people immediately refreshed.

After a day of exhaustion, rubbing your face during bathing, heat can stimulate these nerves better. Under the dual effects of friction and water temperature, facial blood vessels expand and become thicker, blood circulation is accelerated, muscles are stretched, muscle metabolism can be promoted, and facial expression can be maintained.The firming rosy, long-term adherence can prevent facial neuritis and vision loss.

  Face-lifting method: When you massage, both palms are squatting up and down on the face until the arms are hot.

The speed can be slightly heavier, once every second, 揉 3-5, each time more than 3 minutes, the dry skin should not be too heavy, and the speed should not be too fast, so as not to hurt the skin.

However, it should be noted that 40 degree water temperature is the most ideal for eliminating fatigue. If the water temperature is too high, it will consume more energy, which will not only eliminate fatigue, but will feel uncomfortable. If the water temperature is too low, the blood vessels will shrink and it will not be easy to eliminate fatigue.

  Bathing and healing method 4: Breathing in the mouth when taking a bath, alleviating constipation every season, when working tired, many people are prone to symptoms of functional constipation.

Experts said that in addition to daily life conditioning, you can massage in the clockwise direction with your palm in the shower while taking a big breath in the abdomen, and focus on spraying, which can improve blood flow, strengthen blood circulation, relieve constipation.And the effect of heart acne.

For patients with neurological constipation, insert the intestines with 40-degree hot water for about 3 minutes, then use 25-degree warm water for 10 seconds, and repeat about 5 times to strengthen the peristalsis of the large intestine.

  Bathing treatment method five: massage the feet, relieve fatigue, edema expert tips, Chinese medicine said “one hundred diseases start from the gas”, heavy footsteps, edema is caused by poor “qi” in the human body, resulting in blocked blood circulation.

The nerves on the feet are dense, and the focus is on the reflex zones of various parts during bathing, which can promote the normal operation of metabolism.

You can use the hot water of 40 degrees to wash back and forth from the tip of your toes to the back of the foot. Then, aim at the foot and the heart of the foot for 3 minutes, then use the cold water to wash the same place for about 10 seconds, while the foot is edged.Activities, repeated several times to achieve the stimulation of acupuncture points, smooth blood and blood.

  Bathing treatment method six: wash the key parts, reduce body pain for cold, blood stasis caused by chronic muscle damage, local stiffness and other problems, you can add a few more actions in the bath.

Experts say: 40 degrees of hot water in the shower sprayed on the painful part for about 10 minutes, especially the painful parts such as the head, shoulders and waist, can be stretched while doing stretching exercises, turning back and forth, can gradually open the bloodSilt, promote blood circulation.

People who have lost their weight or are shocked by an impact should not take a bath immediately after injury, otherwise it will aggravate the pain.

After the pain is relieved, soak in 40 degrees of hot water for 10-20 minutes, causing anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

Low back pain caused by insufficient kidney gas can be washed back and forth in the waist with hot water, and appropriate lumbar flexion and extension exercises can also be relieved.

Although the six methods are simple, the effective bathing method can prevent a variety of diseases in the body. Have you learned the bathing treatment method?

Autumn and winter tonic is not suitable for everyone


Autumn and winter tonic is not for everyone

The best tonic seasons fall autumn season means the advent of the golden season, but the incorrect tonic method can not receive the expected effect, and sometimes it will damage health.

  In the autumn, what to eat ginseng, bird’s nest, lotus seeds, sesame seeds. Faced with a variety of tonics, some consumers feel awkward, what do you eat in the fall?

Now recommend the following foods to ordinary tonics: Lily: There are lungs, lungs, clear heart and nerves, and eliminate fatigue.

Lotus seed: It can absorb the heat and nourish the body.

Yam: It has a wide range of applications. It can be eaten regardless of the age of men, women and children.

White lentils: porridge or decoction, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, increase appetite.

藕: Cooked spleen can spleen appetizer, suitable for autumn tonic.

Beef and mutton: In the fall, eating beef and mutton can warm the blood.

Chestnut: It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and strengthening the kidney and strengthening the bone.

Jujube: Jujube can nourish yin and moisten dryness, and benefit lungs and qi.

  High-grade tonics such as ginseng and bird’s nest are not suitable for all tonics. These supplements are best taken under the guidance of a doctor.

In autumn, you should eat more nourishing and moisturizing food.

Such as white fungus, sesame, black-bone chicken, pig lungs, soy milk, honey and so on.

Eat these foods regularly, can prevent autumn dryness and injury.

In addition, dairy products, beans and fresh vegetables, fruits should be eaten more, these foods are rich in carbohydrates, protein and multivitamins, is a good tonic.

  For the elderly and those with weak constitution, it is necessary to determine the tonic method according to the physical condition, and do not blindly tonic.

Consult a professional physician before choosing food or medicine.

  Due to the cold foods and foods in the summer, the spleen and stomach of the people have not fully recovered in the early autumn, so it is not advisable to eat too much greasy food.

The autumn temperature is dry, people are easy to get angry, so the autumn diet should be less onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and other spicy food to pay attention to the “four bogey”.

Avoid more and better: Any overdose is harmful.

It is unscientific to think that it is unscientific to “eat more tonics, cure diseases, and have no disease and strengthen the body”.

Excessive tonic will increase the spleen and stomach, and the liver will bear.

In the summer, people eat cold drinks, often eat frozen products, and more spleen and stomach function is weakened. At this time, if suddenly a lot of tonic, it will suddenly increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and the liver, making it difficult for the long-term weak digestive organs to endure, leading to digestive organs.Dysfunction.


Avoid taking medicine instead of food: The practice of heavy medicine and light food is unscientific, and many foods are also good tonics.

If you eat more leeks, you can treat high blood pressure; eat more radish, you can stomach and digestion, and you can eat yam and spleen and stomach.

Walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, red dates, and lentils are also tonic for daily consumption.


Avoid the more expensive the better: each person’s physical condition is different, so the supplements that are compatible with it are also different.

Expensive tonics such as bird’s nest, ginseng and the like are not suitable for everyone.

Each tonic has certain objects and indications, and should be based on practical and effective nourishing principles.


Avoid boil only meat: After the summer, because the spleen and stomach have not fully recovered to normal function, too much greasy food is not easy to digest and absorb.

In addition, excessive accumulation of lipids, sugars and other substances in the body may cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, they can provide a variety of vitamins and trace elements to the body while properly consuming beef and mutton.

Snow-capped skiing hot springs Changbai Mountain deep snowy love journey

Snow-capped skiing hot springs Changbai Mountain deep snowy love journey

Changbai Mountain Winter View Changbai Mountain is located in the southeast of Jilin Province. It is a giant compound suspended volcano, Songhua River, Tumen River, Yalu River, the birthplace of the Three Rivers, and also the boundary mountain of China and the DPRK.

Changbai Mountain is an international A-level nature reserve, the world’s natural reserve, the first batch of national 5A-level tourist attractions, China’s top ten leisure attractions, Changbai Mountain has four distinct seasons, spring can enjoy snow and flowers, summer can be summer vacation, autumn forests are full of dyed,The winter tour of the snowy kingdom is the most distinctive four-season destination in the Northeast.

  Changbai Mountain has beautiful scenery in all seasons, and the winter scenery is better. The beauty of Changbai Mountain has a unique charm. At this time, visit Changbai Mountain, you can enjoy the unique scenery of the snowy world in the north, enjoy the snow and skiing.The hot spring snow kingdom brings you a journey of love!

Changbai Mountain Changbai Mountain belongs to the temperate continental mountain climate. It has a large snowfall and good snow quality. The snow is up to one month every year. The snow is soft, soft and white. The Changbai Mountain International Natural Ski Park is a unique snow resource in Changbai Mountain.Relying on the streamlined mountains of Changbai Mountain, five natural snow roads with different shortcomings are created. They are non-renewable and cannot be copied. In Changbai Mountain Ski Park, tourists can surf on natural snow, which can make nature return to the original ecology and cold.I used the snow to pick up my hands, thirsty, and I took the snow and tasted it. When I was tired, I lay on the soft snow for a while. To Changbai Mountain, I must experience the volcanic hot springs on the head of the snow.Bath, Changbai Mountain’s volcanic hot springs, too many trace elements and minerals, can treat rheumatism, joint pain and other alternatives, is a must-have item for Changbai Mountain holiday treatment, the hot spring spa center renovation of Lanjing Hot Spring Resort Hotel is open mid-monthIt can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time to bathe and relax. The indoor venues have all kinds of facilities, including the reception hall with local characteristics.The foot bath hall and coffee shop are the best five-star hot spring bathing centers in the Northeast.

  Leisure and health, Damei Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain people invite you to enjoy snow, skiing, hot springs with their warm and sincere service!

Renovated healthy room

Renovated healthy room

How to achieve a set of non-toxic, non-polluting and healthy housing is a problem that everyone who is currently preparing for renovation, is renovating and has renovated their home.

The Indoor Environment Testing and Research Center of China Interior Decoration Association recommends the recommendations of health experts for your reference when decorating your home.

  ■ Pay attention to the choice of furniture and cabinets The unhealthy materials in furniture and cabinets are quite a lot.

Because most furniture and cabinets are made of plywood and high-density boards, these materials contain a urethane coating that releases a carcinogenic formaldehyde.

People with allergies must avoid exposure to formaldehyde, and healthy people should not live in an environment rich in excess formaldehyde.

  To obtain non-toxic furniture and cabinets, experts have the following suggestions: First, you can use all-wood furniture and cabinets, and put the wood products produced by traditional methods for several months to close the level of volatile paint in indoor air.
In general, volatile substances in paint disappear faster (usually within 6 months), while the release of formaldehyde from plywood is slow and often takes several years.

In addition, stainless steel cabinets are available, but these higher cabinets are more expensive.

  ■ The choice of floor materials should pay attention to the carpet should use as little carpet as possible, preferably without synthetic carpet.

Newly laid synthetic carpets release 100 different chemicals into the air. These chemicals are called volatile organic compounds, some of which are suspected carcinogens, and some are susceptible to genetic mutations.

Although the volatile organic compounds are gradually reduced by the use of time, the biological pollutants are becoming more and more, and millions of microorganisms are easily propagated in every part of the carpet.

  If carpeting is used in the home, natural fiber carpets such as wool or cotton carpets can be used instead of synthetic fiber carpets. It is easier to clean and replace the small carpets of natural fibers according to family conditions, and it will take a long time to use.

  ■ Pay attention to the choice of paint, wall paint and adhesive in the decoration. Most of the finishing products in the decoration like paint, varnish, adhesive will release various volatile organic compounds, if there are pregnant women, children, the elderly and patients at home.In particular, be careful because they are more difficult to endure the danger of being poisoned.

The initial product is less volatile organics than the solvent product, so people are willing to choose this type of product, but these products also require a certain period of exhaust, after the decoration needs to be static shift, and then can be safely occupied.

  ■ After the renovation, the indoor air purification and ventilation room should be installed in time and the air purification and ventilation device should be installed in time.

Different air purifiers and ventilation units can be selected depending on the situation of different rooms.

Use a purifying air purifier in the living room and bedroom, and replace the filter regularly.

The bathroom can be equipped with an exhaust fan that can be connected to the bathroom light and provide a considerable amount of ventilation when it is running.

It should be noted that if the house is constructed quite closed, the exhaust fan will cause structural decompression.

  Finally, experts point out that healthy housing is becoming more and more popular, and our proposed recommendations do not result in a substantial increase in renovation costs, and these measures will certainly improve indoor air quality.

Of course, just as people would rather spend more money to buy healthy foods, more people will be willing to spend more money on healthy housing.

Old man’s house is too big, empty heart

Old man’s house is too big, empty heart

I have seen such a painting, which is a white-haired old lady who sighs and guards a magnificent house.

The old man has worked hard all his life, and he should have lived a good life, and he will live comfortably and live in a spacious house.

However, good intentions sometimes do bad things.

According to foreign media reports, some elderly people have caused depression because they lived too big.

Why is this?

  Psychologically, loneliness has a lot to do with spatial distance. Oversized houses do have the risk of inducing depression and worrying about bad emotions.

  First of all, when people are far away from all kinds of things around them, the more sense of alienation felt by subjective feelings, the less intimacy they feel, and the more they fall.

In essence, driven by the innate sense of security, the old man feels more uncontrollable factors in the empty space and more cranky thoughts.

Studies have shown that the house is expected to have more imagination.

Once again, the old man’s movements are more sluggish, and the house has greatly increased the difficulty of taking things and operating housework.

  Therefore, in general, the area of the house where the elderly live is suitable for about 50-90 square meters.

What if I have already lived in a big house?

In some European and American countries, elderly people with tight houses generally rent out and find a few families of the same age to live together. They are happy and have solved the problem of lack of companionship.

Another way is to turn the house into a bridge room, a chess room and other public events, so that the crowd can repel aging.

So can you fill the room with it, or brush it to make it look smaller?


Old people are prone to irritability, dark colors will make them more depressed, on the contrary, cold green will help to improve mood.

In addition, the cumbersome furnishings will add to the bad mood, and the furniture is best based on simplicity.

Awareness of food cognition

Awareness of food cognition

Myth #1: All foods containing cereals are healthy foods. Although a lot of research has found that foods that replace cereals can effectively fight cancer, cancer and many other diseases.

But experts also said that only the processed grains can be supplemented with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin E and magnesium.

Once processed into flour, these nutrients are lost.

  Hariman, head of a non-profit consumer organization in Boston, said: “Unfortunately, most of the food residues on the market today are labeled “cereals”, and in fact there is not a whole grain.

“So, when buying such products, be sure to look carefully at the nutrition label and make sure that the grain you need is listed first or second.

  Myth 2: Vitamin drinks are very healthy Now bottled water has become a “nutrition concept stock”, presenting a variety of vitamins, as well as the “essence” of Chinese herbal medicines, which will make skin care more concerned about health.

But is Elizabeth, the consultant of Prevention magazine?

Sommer has advised everyone to “see your wallet”, these bottles of water are rich in impurities.

Take a well-known brand of drinks as an example. A whole bottle of water contains 125 calories, and the vitamin C content is not as good as two strawberries.

Therefore, when you are thirsty, choose to exclude all pure water.

If necessary, it is not bad to eat a multivitamin every day.

  Myth #3: Dehydrated vegetables are far more popular than potato chips. Dehydrated vegetables are getting more and more popular, from dehydrated carrots to mushrooms and onions.

But these seemingly healthy snacks still have a loss of nutrition.

Moreover, a pack of 120 grams of carrots contains about 600 calories per second, which is quite similar to Le Shi potato chips. Is it very surprising?

When you want to eat a small snack, it does not hinder the selection of a small nut, which is mixed with cellulose, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to satisfy your desire to chew.

If you want to choose an absolutely healthy product, the original vegetables are the best: carrot, celery, cucumber are good.

  Myth 4: Fruity snacks are healthier. The photo of the beautiful fruit on the top, called all products are from fresh fruit – even then, you must not use it to replace the source of the nutrients you need every day.

  “Concentrated grape juice or pear juice sounds very healthy. In fact, their raw materials are just fructose and water.

Professor Gail of Food Science and Human Nutrition at General State University said.

These small foods contain almost no cellulose, and some even contain saturated fat that can cause arterial embolism.

“These often contain a lot of impurities – almost all from the added sugar.

“If you treat such a small snack directly as a fruit, it is better to eat less.”

If you’re looking for some quick and easy ways, maybe a bag of raisins or some other dried fruit is a good choice.

  Myth 5: Bottled milk is more fresh. Glass bottled milk has a short shelf life, which makes people think it is more fresh.

actually not.

Transparently packaged milk, some nutrients will be lost.

Calcium in milk is relatively stable, but vitamins and amino acids break down under the light.

A Cornell University study found that when milk is packaged in plastic containers and exposed to fluorescence for 16 hours, its vitamin A content is reduced by 32%.

Light will oxidize the adult in the milk and the taste will be worse.

  It is best to choose milk in an opaque container.

In this case, the nutrients in the milk can be stored for more than 10 days.

  Myth 6: Drinking is bad for the body. More than 100 studies have confirmed that people who don’t drink alcohol can cite a moderate dose of about 1/3.

Drinking alcohol during meals can be inserted into the blood to increase the alcohol content, and at the same time accelerate the metabolism of the body, which can alleviate the effect of blood pressure.

A small amount of alcoholic beverages at mealtime has another benefit: alcohol is an effective ingredient that can prevent arterial embolism and cardiovascular disease, and these diseases are usually prone to occur after a big meal.

  Myth 7: Eat a little bit of mint peppermint after a meal. The cool taste is suitable to relieve the greasy after the meal, but in fact, this will bring a lot of trouble.

The National Center for Digestive Diseases Information Center found that mint can cause heartburn, and it is possible to cause gastric juice to flow back to the esophagus to cause burning.

The reason is that the muscles of the lowest appetite of the mint are relaxed, causing reflux.

  If you have a heart-burning feeling, it is a good choice to take a large glass of white water after a meal and take a walk.Walking can keep you upright and transfer gravity to return the stomach acid to the esophagus.

Fall in love with bubble bath pneumonia waiting for you

Fall in love with bubble bath pneumonia waiting for you

When I saw the soap bubbles in the tub, I wanted to lie down in the United States and the United States for a few hours. Music, taking a nap is a pleasant thing, and enjoying this modern lifestyle will bring harm.

  It is reported that through the improvement of quality of life and housing conditions, more and more families are using the bathtub, and the unreasonable use of the bathtub has caused the disease to rise. The 28-year-old Miss Zhu has caused pneumonia due to excessive washing of the bubble bath.Into the first hospital in Nanjing, at present, after a week of controlled infection treatment, Miss Zhu quickly recovered health.

  Once a month, Xiao Zhu’s home was decorated. When a colleague helped her introduce a bathtub with a stylish size and a massage function, Xiao Zhu was very excited and quickly installed it in his own home.

Since I installed this tub, Xiao Zhu’s first thing to go back every night is to take a bath, put a little bubble powder, then put in the water, and lie in the bubble-filled tub for two hours, sometimesI will still fall asleep inside. After a few months of bubble bath, not only did I not get rid of fatigue, but I couldn’t afford to go to work every day, and I was particularly vulnerable to colds.

  Last week, Miss Zhu just fell into the tub and felt chest tightness, unable to breathe, and kept coughing. She coughed and faintly pained. She hurried to the first hospital in Nanjing and found through X-ray examination of the lungs.The two lungs have two shadows of the size of copper coins. The initial diagnosis is acute pneumonia. The hospital is admitted to hospital for infection control. At present, Xiao Zhu has recovered.

  Respiratory physicians have introduced that using a bath tub under appropriate pressure to eliminate fatigue is a source of physical discomfort.

Taking a bubble bath in the indoor tub, the lungs will absorb a “non-tuberculous mycobacteria” bacteria that cause pneumonia.

  Most of these non-tuberculosis bacteria are present in the hot water and air in the bathtub of the patient’s home. The bacteria are released from the bubbles in the water or directly into the lungs from the water vapor.

At the same time, non-tuberculous mycobacteria are most likely to grow in the residue of organic matter, such as the film left by soap, body secretions, skin debris, hair and body wash, etc. These dirt and other substances will form jelly-like things in the water., stuck to the bathtub and its accessories.

Experts recommend that people wash the tub and disinfect daily to achieve the purpose of eliminating the bacterial growth environment.

Is it good to drink brown sugar water during menstruation?

When is the best time to drink?

Is it good to drink brown sugar water during menstruation?
When is the best time to drink?

Every time my aunt reported that the girl who had a pain in her life must have been an angel who had been afflicted with a needle in her stomach. In this life, she left behind the sequelae once a month. Once a girl is hurt, she will give herself a “first aid” to treat the brown sugar water as an analgesic.When is the medicinal brown sugar water the best effect? What is the best time to drink brown sugar water? Li Shizhen also recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: sugar (brown sugar) “and spleen and liver”, “blood, blood circulation, sputumAnd row of lochia.”

Chinese medicine believes that the warm-blooded brown sugar plays the role of blood supplementation through “warm and make up, warm and pass, warm and scattered”.

Brown sugar contains ergometrine, which can promote uterine contraction, help the discharge of congestion, and has the function of warming the palace.

It can be seen that brown sugar water, as a common food, has many advantages for detoxification, blood, whitening and the like.

Not only can you drink during menstruation, but you can also drink a little.

But don’t let the brown sugar water cool down and drink it. This may cause problems with menstruation, some dysmenorrhea, stomach aches and so on.

In addition, don’t add anything to the brown sugar water, which is easy to produce some reactions.

When does brown sugar water drink the best brown sugar? When to drink, it should be treated differently according to the differences in individual constitution and conditions: 1 Most people who have dysmenorrhea during each menstrual period are mostly cold-deficient people, when they calculate their menstrual period,Do a good job in health care in advance.

These tasks include drinking brown sugar water in advance, warming up the epidemic prevention measures, and not over-tiring, standing for a long time, not to go swimming or taking a cold bath, etc., to keep warm, to make the uterus drain the menstrual blood more smoothly and smoothly, not to causeDysmenorrhea.

In the menstrual period, you should also maintain the habit of drinking brown sugar water to continue the warmth of the palace to ensure the effect of dysmenorrhea prevention.

2 For some reasons, the people with dysmenorrhea are in a certain group of people. Because of some unsuitable behaviors before menstruation, there is not too much overlap in dysmenorrhea. If dysmenorrhea is caused by accidental cold, you can hold hot water bottle when you feel pain.Warm the uterus, assist in the recovery of uterine obstruction with brown sugar plumbing palace, do not need to drink extra, do not need to drink every time.

3 Some people who start dysmenorrhea in the later period of menstruation will start dysmenorrhea at the end of the menstrual period, so there is no need to drink brown sugar water in advance, and the effect may be better when the menstrual period begins.

Brown sugar water is suitable for all ages. The sugar contained in brown sugar has fast release energy, high absorption and absorption, and can quickly replenish physical strength.

Children with problems such as lack of gas, loss of appetite, malnutrition, etc., can be mixed with brown sugar water on a regular basis.

People who suffer from cold and abdominal pain and have a cold when menstruation comes can also use brown sugar ginger soup to chill.

For the elderly, especially those who have recovered from serious illnesses, brown sugar also has excellent therapeutic effect. The elderly can eat some brown sugar and can also spread blood stasis, relieve bowel and relieve liver and eyesight.

6 feasible methods of brown sugar 1 ginger brown sugar tea practice: 15 grams of ginger, brown sugar right amount.

Kaishui brewing on behalf of tea can effectively alleviate the pain of dysmenorrhea in women with cold and blood stasis.

2 brown sugar medicine soup practice: medicine red bean 30 grams, 12 grams of salvia, brown sugar right amount, decoction juice, add brown sugar, eat beans and soup, adhere to supplement, make full use of moisturizing.

3 ginger brown sugar water practice: cut a piece of washed ginger into a very fine silk, put it in a small pot with water, boil, add brown sugar, then change to simmer for a few minutes, wait for ginger juiceIn the sugar water, you’re done.

4 mung bean barley brown sugar water practice: 50 grams of mung beans, some brown sugar, seasoning, 25 grams of raw coix seed.

Wash the mung beans, add the raw coix seed, and simmer 3 to 5 bowls. It will be a good time for brown sugar, substitute tea, and drink after each meal.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, relieving heat and reducing fever, and helping the appetite.

5 strong tea brown sugar drink practices: tea, brown sugar, the right amount.

Boil a cup of strong tea, go to the residue, put the brown sugar and dissolve it.

Once a day, the function is clear.

6 Hawthorn brown sugar drink practices: 50 grams of raw hawthorn meat, 40 grams of brown sugar.

The hawthorn water is fried to the residue, and it is poured into brown sugar and hot drink.

Non-pregnant people take more than before, menstrual blood also from the bottom, function and blood circulation.

Brown sugar water on women’s 7 major effects 1 external application detoxification moisturizing brown sugar water can also be used for external application, also has the effect of detoxification and moisturizing, most of the older generation experienced children have been stung by bees, the wound is red and swollen, painUnbearable, then the parents will take a high concentration of brown sugar water to the redness, and the pain can be relieved, and the redness will gradually fade.

2 It relieves the itching of the skin, which is often dry and causes itching of the skin. It can also be washed with brown sugar water and cleaned, which can effectively alleviate the feeling of dry itching.

3 warming effect has a lack of gas, loss of appetite, malnutrition and other problems children, usually can be mixed with brown sugar water.

People who suffer from cold and abdominal pain and have a cold when menstruation comes can also use brown sugar ginger soup to chill.

For the elderly, especially those who have recovered from serious illnesses, brown sugar also has excellent therapeutic effect. The elderly can eat some brown sugar and can also spread blood stasis, relieve bowel and relieve liver and eyesight.

4 Adjusting menstrual brown sugar water can also help women’s menstrual smoothness, can make the body warm, increase energy, activate blood, accelerate blood circulation, and menstruation will be discharged a lot.

If you feel bad spirits afterwards, you may drink a cup of brown sugar water about 20% before the Chinese meal every day.If you have severe symptoms, you can add another drink before dinner. It can be improved for one week.

5 Conducive to the special molasses contained in the metabolism of brown sugar, has a powerful “detoxification” effect, can convert excess melanin from the dermis layer, implanted through the whole body of lymphoid tissue, and prevent the formation of melanin from the source.

In addition, carotene, riboflavin, niacin, amino acid, glucose and other components contained in brown sugar have strong anti-oxidation and repair effects on cells, and can rapidly grow after subcutaneous cells are detoxified.

6 Supplementary energy pregnant women have more blood loss after childbirth, physical strength and energy consumption, in the postpartum 7?
If you drink some brown sugar water in 10 days, it can replenish energy and increase blood volume, which is conducive to the recovery of postpartum physical strength, and also has obvious promotion effect on contraction, recovery of postpartum uterus, discharge of lochia and milk secretion.