Four-stage counting method for young children

Four-stage counting method for young children

Step 1: Physical counting The thinking of a 3-year-old child is at the original level, and the specific image thinking is placed on the floor. At this time, counting must rely on physical objects.

  When my grandson Yuanyuan started to learn counting, I often used fruits and other real objects for teaching.

I put 3 apples and 5 apples in a pile, and asked him how many of them were, and how few of them?

Yuanyuan can accurately distinguish between a pile of 5 and a pile of 3, but it is not clear how much the two apples differ.

  I first taught him to count two piles of apples and then compare them. He could take out the two more apples and say that there were two more.

I asked him to put two piles of apples together and count them together, and he counted them one by one, saying eight.

I told him to take one of them for grandma and asked how many were left.

He counted them one by one and said that there were 7 left.

Through this method, Yuan Yuan learned to calculate the number within 10 in the process of number physical measurement.

  Step 2: Counting the Substitute After the child learns to count the real thing, the independence of thinking begins to sprout, and gradually relies on the physical prototype when counting, and then the substitute counting training can be performed.

  Without a physical prototype, I asked Yuan Yuan: “4 apples plus 3, how many in total?

“I took out the blocks and let him calculate. He counted 4 blocks instead of 4 apples, and then 3 blocks instead of 3 apples. Then he put the two stacked blocks together and counted them, telling me it was 7Apples.

In this way, Yuanyuan can always use bricks and other substitutes to count what kind of objects are always counted.

  Step 3: After symbolic counting learns physical counting and surrogate counting, children can further increase their dependence on physical objects, and use the physical representations and counting tools reproduced in their heads to perform symbolic counting.

  Symbolic counting is the transition from alternative counting to abstract counting.

In teaching Yuanyuan’s abstract calculation of addition and subtraction within 10, I adopted two progressive methods: ◆ Finger counting tool: finger. After Yuanyuan learned to count with substitutes, I taught him to use his fingers.The first digit represents a number up to 10 to learn addition and subtraction up to 10.

At the beginning, Yuan Yuan is still in the counting stage. For example, when asked how many times 5 plus 3 equals, he will symbolize 5 fingers with one hand and 3 with the other hand, and then count down one by one to get the answer of 8.

Later, you can slowly develop to not count the fingers, you can immediately say the number when you see the fingers, and you can say the sum of the fingers indicated by two hands.

This symbolic counting improves the abstraction of the number in the child’s head, a step further than physical counting and surrogate counting.

  ◆ Comparison counting tool: The diagram first uses a piece of cardboard (the colors on the front and back are different) to make two identical ones, each representing 1?
10 step-shaped charts, then cut one of them into 10 to represent 1?
10 pieces of paper.

  With these two small teaching aids, you can use the graphic comparison method to teach children to add or subtract within 10 years.

For example, ask 3 + 4 =?

Take out the piece of paper representing 4 and place it behind the position marked with 3. This will clearly grind the length of the piece of paper 3 + 4 and the size of the piece of paper marked 7 so that the child can say 3 + 4 = 7.

How about 8-2 =?

Just turn the paper block representing 2 and cover the end marked with 8. The child can clearly grind the length of the paper block 8-2 to be exactly the same as the paper block marked 6. The result is 6.

  Step4: Counting the child’s abstraction Through the above three stages of learning, the parent has initially formed the original concepts of cardinality and number sequence. Parents still need to teach repeatedly to improve the abstraction of the original cardinality and number sequence concepts in the child’s mind, so that he can completely overcomeDependence on things, to obtain a higher degree of generalization and abstraction.

The child understands the actual number that each number within 10 represents and its own position in the sequence in order to perform an abstract count.

  When Yuan Yuan was 4 years old, the actual number represented by the numbers within 5 was very clear.

I said 4, he can imitate 4 fingers at once, and can perform abstraction counting within 5 additions.

For example, I asked him: 2 + 3 =?

He doesn’t need to count and can answer 5 right away.

After such training, Yuan Yuan can fully calculate the addition and subtraction within 10 by the abstract count at the age of 4 and a half.

Old people should not go backwards fitness

Old people should not go backwards fitness

Mr. Wang: Every morning when I go to the park for morning exercise, I can see many old people walking backwards to exercise, but I have heard that “going backwards” is not suitable for the elderly.

Excuse me, should the elderly should go backwards to exercise?

  Wang Aicheng, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine: Although there are many advantages in going backwards, elderly people and people with cardiovascular diseases are not suitable for going backwards.

If you go backwards, you need to stand upright or slightly back, so that the spine and back muscles will bear the gravity and movement force than the usual fractures, so that the spine and back muscles that are not able to move forward can be exercised, which is beneficial to blood and blood.Smooth.

People who work or study at the desk all day can effectively eliminate fatigue and back pain.

  In addition, when retreating, the legs should be straight and straight, and the alignment can not be bent, thereby increasing the strength of the knee joint and the femoral muscle, thereby causing the muscles, ligaments and femoral muscles around the knee joint to be exercised.

Because the back of the toes is a virtual ground, mainly relying on joints and heel bones, and the function of these corresponding parts has been exercised.

  However, it is not a matter of going backwards, it has a lot of precautions.

First of all, there must be a reference object. The body of the first-timer leans forward first. When walking, the legs are naturally inclined. You must first use the toe to land and then transition to the whole foot. The center of gravity should be placed in front, so that even if you step on it, you will not fall.Follow the head.
The arm should naturally swing and maintain the overall balance. This way, the waist and leg muscles can be strengthened, and the balance can be enhanced, which is more oxygen-consuming than the positive line.

In places where there are many people with more cars, it is not advisable to walk on low-lying roads to avoid falling and accidents.

Exercise in the park or in the woods, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding trees and stones to avoid falling or hitting.

The infertility diet gives you a little surprise!

The infertility diet gives you a little surprise!

Treating infertility is not the way to take medicine every day, as the saying goes: “Medication is worse than food.

“Diet is divided into yin, yang, cold, heat, warm tonic and clearing diarrhea, so diet therapy is just” tonic “, and there is also a sense of conditioning.

It must be authentic, convenient, affordable, delicious, and have a certain targeted conditioning and nourishing effect.

  The following recommends several food therapy methods that are of practical value to infertility for doctors and patients.

  All kinds of eggs and caviar are the best raw materials for making eggs or sperm after digestion and absorption by the body. They are high in protein and should be eaten frequently.

Eggs 1 per day?
2 only.

The eggs are hot, and the duck eggs are cold. They can be used alternately. If the infertility is cold, you can eat more eggs.

Bet on hot and humid, often urinary tract infection, yellow belt, red belt can enter duck eggs.

According to popular rumors, “Children cannot eat caviar.

“There is really no scientific basis.

Investigate its cause.

It may be that “one fish roe lives one life and has sinned” (according to a Zhejiang Shuru), which is in line with the old mentality of good morals.

  Eat more fish, fish, and other aquatic products, such as sparrows, pheasants, wild ducks, hares, pigeons, silky fowls, boy chickens, beef and sheep pork, and various fish, shrimp, turtles and the like.

These foods are rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially the protein is much higher than vegetarian food.

Flesh and blood sentimental goods, nourish the main axis of flesh and blood sentiment.

As the saying goes: “The smaller the sparrow, the smaller the fiercer.

“” You can’t eat finches away from home.

(One of the stems of the penis is called “tit”, the common saying is “little sparrow”).

Venison is rare, and eating more will raise the sun.

Today, there are more and more people with excess nutrition.

Various aquatic products are mostly flat and cool.

Raw shrimp soaked in wine, nourish yin and kidney, and help to sperm.

Turtles, lobsters, and hairy crabs have doubled in value and do not have to catch up with the trend. The working class has limited income. Pay attention to the price / benefit ratio. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about science and buy as many nutrients for reproduction as possible with limited money.

  Eel and conger eel are delicious, everyday dishes.

It has been used since ancient times, and its taste is flat.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Benefit the kidney, strengthen the deficiency.

“” Experience Collection “said:” If men and women are all fatigued and weak.

“Rihuazi Materia Medica” said: “Qiyang.

“The freshwater river eel is exceptionally tender, and the market price is several times higher than the conger eel. It can be described as a banquet treasure, and the conger eel does not have the disadvantages of” multiple items on the sea “.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that eels and snakes “are similar to each other,” and indeed have the effect of expelling wind and beautifying skin.

“The Outline” still exudes eel blood, ointment, bones and head magical works, which is fascinating, but has always been struggling to refine and refine, and treasure substitutes make the best use of them.

  The Sino-Japanese joint venture Zhenjiang Hehe Healthcare Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., backed by China’s largest freshwater river eel breeding company, Longshan Eel, introduced the most advanced technology from Japan to replace the meat of the “Tongzi River Eel”, a treasure of eels, about 250The essential parts of the brain, liver, gall, bones, etc. use ultra-low temperature to preserve the activity of active ingredients, and scientifically extract all the essence.

Concentrated and refined “He and eel essence” capsules are convenient and suitable for various vitamins, amino acids and minerals necessary for the human body.

The pharmacological research report hosted by Professor Hou Dehui of China Pharmaceutical University proves that “Hehe Eel” capsule can indeed nourish yin and kidney, promote protein assimilation, improve immune function and mating ability, without any complications, and help to increase proliferation ability.

The infertile person can help to conceive.

  Homemade bullwhip cream bullwhip with rare earth pills is more effective.

Wash, chop the sections, boil the water, discard the fishy water, and then carefully remove the hair and sundries. You must use chopsticks to clear the “臊 物” in the urethra.
Add rice wine 500?
1000ml, white wine 250ml, green onion ginger, the trick is to add a spoonful of brown sugar and half a glass of beer, without adding water, add pressure cooker, stew as low as a paste after boiling.
Bullwhip cream is mainly eaten with protein and admixtures (胨, amino acids).

For homemade bullwhip cream, you can also ask Chinese medicine to prescribe a nourishing formula. Mix the Chinese herbal decoction, about 50ml per day, and take it on an empty stomach.

The cost of homemade bullwhip cream is relatively reduced, but the production is cumbersome. There are finished bullwhip cream products on the market for sale. For example, the bullwhip kidney powder produced by Shanghai Caitong Detang Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory is a traditional cream formula with stable quality, rigorous medication and convenient use.
The bullwhip in the prescription has the effect of nourishing kidney yang and benefiting yang qi; Epimedium and walnut meat are convenient to assist.

Bullwhip helps Yang Yijing.

Nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening the strong bones and strong bones; alfalfa, mature ground, Cuscuta chinensis, Ligustrum lucidum can astringent essence and nourish liver and kidney; Huang Jing, Dangshen, Huai yam, Poria, can nourish the spleen, nourish qi and regenerate Jin;The function of nourishing yin, tanning, clearing heat and blood, and blood makes the whole formula tonic, not greasy, warm but not dry.

Applicable to kidney yang deficiency, kidney qi failure, impotence nocturnal emission, waist and knee weakness, chills and cold limbs.

Six ways to make your baby no longer partial to eclipse

Six ways to make your baby no longer partial to eclipse

Every baby has a different temper, and their eating habits and tastes are different.

But if the baby has a serious partial eclipse and even affects the baby’s health, the mother must be extremely careful.

  Be patient enough to wait for “After eating these green bamboo shoots, my mother will give you a drink.

“This kind of promise can only make the baby like the drink and dislike the green bamboo shoots, and let him gradually learn to bargain:” Mom, you take the drink first and I eat this.

“In fact, there is no need to use other foods that your baby likes as bait. As long as you keep putting green bamboo shoots on the table with other foods, you do n’t have to be particularly embarrassed or” threatening “.Okay.
  Don’t give your baby too many choices. Moms know that in many cases, you can’t give your baby too much choice and eat.

If you ask your baby, “Baby, what do you want to eat today?

The baby’s answer must be the food he is familiar with.

But if you ask your baby another way: “Want to eat pumpkin porridge or polenta tonight?

“Let your baby only choose between these two foods, and he has less room.

  Correctly estimate the baby’s food intake Although the baby has a large amount of activity, he has a small appetite and cannot have too high expectations for their food intake.

In fact, sometimes a baby eats a quiche, and he can already provide him with enough cereal and protein.

  The happy babies that let your babies try their hands are mother’s little helpers. When you are busy preparing meals in the kitchen, you can let your babies “labor” properly.

For example, you can open the refrigerator to get your own yogurt, help your mother get vegetables, and stir cold dishes.

If parents can look after their baby while cooking and teach them how to avoid danger, the kitchen is a happy place for the baby.

Here, not only enriched the baby’s game, but also cultivated his interest in labor, and he could enjoy the fruits of his labor while eating.

  Every baby loves to play games with the game guide, and mothers can use this feature of the baby to enjoy “eating”.

For example, guide your baby to eat greens through a nursery rhyme before eating.

“Little white rabbit, white and white, loves radish and greens” and so on, subtly changes the baby’s bad diet structure.

  My mother is a “chef”. My mother needs to practice her “internal skills”. If you have tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, beans, etc. every day, the practice is very monotonous. Fried, steamed, stewed, and even adults will get tired, let

The 4 most effective summer soups in the summer

The 4 most effective summer soups in the summer

“Small summer, big summer, cook on top of the steam,” due to the increase in air humidity, the weather changes from dry to sultry.

We are about to change from “hot barbecue” to “high-temperature cooking.” In this weather, I just want to eat and drink at home every day.Tonic.

  So here comes the problem.

What should I eat and drink in summer?

How does the summer heat eat the most?

  In midsummer, the sun heats down, the sun evaporates the water on the ground, the water vapor rises, and the moisture is flooded, so before this summer, feel the erosion of the wet evil.

In Chinese medicine, wetness is yin and evil, its sex tends to decline, its turbidity is sticky, and it is easy to block the Qi machine and damage the yang. The medicinal diet is to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and clear the heat and relieve heat.

  Indica rice has a long history of cultivation in ancient times, and it is one of the ancient and ancient medicines.

In medicine, it is believed that barley is cold and enters the spleen, lung and kidney.

It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and spleen, nourishing the lungs, clearing heat and soaking the temperature, and is also good for balancing blood pressure and blood lipids.

  The “Compendium of Materia Medica” mentioned indica “to strengthen the spleen and stomach, tonify the lungs and clear the heat, to expel wind and dampness, to maintain a beautiful face, and to prolong life”.

  Indica rice is eaten in a variety of ways, and most people use it to cook porridge.

Since it was a health food that was later introduced, there are many methods for making it.

Generally speaking, they are supplemented with other health-care ingredients based on their physical condition.

  1. Indica rice + red beans and red beans, good in nature, can clear heat and dampness, reduce swelling and detoxification, clear the heart and trouble, and nourish blood.

And red bean itself contains transient high, transform active ingredients such as potassium, phosphorus, selenium, etc., is a typical high potassium food.

  In summer, sweating a lot, too much potassium ion is lost. Eating red beans can add potassium well.

Adzuki beans can clear one’s heart and make up for it.

It is rich in crude fiber and clinically helpful in lowering blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiac activity and other functions; at the same time, it is sufficient for iron, can Qi and blood, and is very suitable for women with insufficient blood.

  [Barley Red Bean Porridge]Ingredients: 10 grams of indica rice, 20 grams of red beans, 5 grams of osmium, 2 grams of wolfberryAfter the red beans are boiled in the pot, cook on low heat for 30 minutes, add ginger and continue to cook on low heat for about 40 minutes. Finally, when the porridge becomes warm, add sugar or honey and serve.

  2, barley + mung bean mung bean taste sweet, cold, have heat clearing and detoxifying, heatstroke, diuretic, acne effect.

According to “Compendium of Materia Medica”, mung beans: “thick intestines and stomach, pillow, eyesight, cure headache and headache, remove vomiting, cure acne poison, and swelling.”

  [Barley mung bean porridge]Ingredients: barley, mung bean Method: Wash and soak the barley overnight, add the washed mung beans and soaked barley into the pot together, add water and boil until it is cooked and add honey or rock sugar to eat 3, barley + winter melonIt is believed that winter melon is sweet, slightly cold, has heat-clearing toxicity, urinates, quenches thirst, relieves anxiety, and relieves dampness and relieves heat, and is a good daily food to relieve heat and heat.

Cooking the soup with the skin together is more effective.

  [Barley Winter Melon Pork Ribs Soup]Ingredients: Winter melon, pork ribs, some indica rice, salt, ginger, spring onion, water Practice: ① Wash the pork ribs, put them in boiling water for 2 minutes to remove the blood, drain the pork ribs and rinse them in water; Soak the barley in water for 15 minutes.

  ② Don’t peel the melon, wash the melon and cut into pieces together; cut the ginger into 2 pieces.

  ③Put the ribs into the soup pot, inject a sufficient amount of water at one time, and then boil the wine after the high heat, put the rice, and change the ginger slices to low heat and continue to cook for one and a half minutes.

  ④ Put the winter melon slices and cook for another hour.

  ⑤ Season by adding an appropriate amount of salt.

  4, barley + bitter gourd bitter gourd flat, bitter and sweet, can clear heat, relieve heat, Shengjin, Qingxin, eyesight.

Traditional medicine believes that bitter gourd is cold and ripe is warm.

Raw food clears summer heat, relieves heat and relieves annoyance; cooked food nourishes and nourishes the liver, nourishes the spleen and kidney, removes evil heat, relieves fatigue, clears eyesight, strengthens qi and yang.

  [Barley Bitter Melon Pork Ribs Soup]Ingredients: Indica rice, pork ribs, bitter gourd, ginger, and green onionsAdd casserole, add a few drops of white vinegar, add enough water at once, turn to low heat for about 2 hours after turning on the high heat, add bitter gourd for about 20 minutes, and season with salt.

Ten ways to crack the flower man

Ten ways to crack the flower man

If he is a fancy man, he must be reluctant to take you to his house, and even if you ask him to do so, he will refuse to support him.

  Crack: I went downstairs to his house, called him, explained that he happened to pass by shopping, and then asked to visit his parents.

If he panicks and refuses, it must be a ghost in his heart, even if it is not fancy, it is difficult to trust, and he should be careful when dealing with him.

  2.Huaxin man will only be affectionate when you are alone, and even ask for an offside. In public, he will pretend to be a modest gentleman and keep a distance from you, not to introduce you as a girlfriend to his friends.

  Crack: If you happen to meet his friend when you are together, ask him to introduce you, pay attention to the title and expression that he used when introducing you.

If this trick doesn’t work, find an opportunity to do some intimate moves with his friends in front of him, and watch his reaction. If his friends know that he has an affair with other women, he will be embarrassed.

In order to have time to date with other women, carefree men often lie that they are busy with work, need to work overtime, or have other entertainment in the business.

  Crack: Call his unit and see if he is really busy at work.

This matter can also let your good friends do it, which is more secure.

If you think he lied, then you need to know this man again.

It should be pointed out that this article is absolutely prudent, and it cannot be finalized based on this article alone.

  4.Huaxin men often fight multilaterally, so he will try to fix the date with you, so that no conflict will occur, and errors and misunderstandings can be avoided.

  Crack: Choose a time that you don’t date often, don’t say hello, and suddenly appear in front of him.

If he is surprised, it means that he loves you deeply and looks forward to your presence at any time.

Once he appears embarrassed or panicked, even if you are a stupid woman, you must know what is going on.

When you have just finished fooling around with another woman and come to your side, the flowery man will also feel guilty. From this, he will give you a lot of diligence for no other reason, help you do the laundry, or give you a small gift.

  Cracking: Thank him and linger with him. When he thought he was brilliant and excited, he screamed softly in his ear: “Yesterday, a friend of mine saw you .” If he had a ghost in his heart, He will surely get excited, and hurriedly asked, “What happened to see me?

“This trick has been tried and tested.

  6.Caring for a man is not easy, it is a very expensive thing, so even if his income is not a small amount, he will still be shy from time to time, and almost occasionally shows a mismatch that does not match his income.

  Crack: Do not ask questions, observe silently, pay attention to where his money goes.

If there is no large-scale shopping recently, but his wallet is empty quickly, it is necessary to check it.

Maybe he has a receipt in his pocket. The truth is self-evident if it is a place that is especially suitable for dating between men and women.

  7.Men are easily affected by the women around them, so they choose clothes with different tastes and interests, different brands of cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Once he suddenly changes his habits, it is likely that there are other women around him.

  Crack: Buy him a string of necklaces and subscribe to order every minute and every second.

If he is dating another woman, he will definitely take off this necklace, which is called a jewelry sent by a woman to be intimate with another woman. After all, it is a taboo, and even he will exchange it for another woman.Necklace, it is difficult to avoid oversight, you just need to observe quietly.

When dating a woman, if another woman calls, it is a headache, so the veteran of the fancy men will turn off the sound of the pager and mobile phone, and change the vibration.

  Crack: When dating you, if his cell phone doesn’t ring, but he slips on the balcony to answer the phone alone, he will probably have something to tell.

Find an opportunity to pay attention to the messages and calls on his mobile phone or pager, you may find something.

  9.Women generally have their favorite perfume brands, so if one day you have unfamiliar fragrances left on him, then he is likely to be infected with other women.

This is an old authentication method, but it works.

  Crack: Huaxin man pays great attention to hiding the fragrance of other women on his body. If you find that he violates the usual lazy habits, replace the clean clothes that he has just worn, or simply put them in the washing machine to wash, it must beThere is a problem.

It is easy to find. The key is countermeasure. You can call him when he is drunk or fall asleep, and let him guess who you are.

Flowery men are extremely error-prone.
  10.Flowery men are cunning, sometimes disguised as disguise, so you can’t find them.

But if another woman he meets is familiar with you, then a flaw will appear.

  Crack: The attack appears on the woman you know.

Women have an exclusive desire to share the same man with others is a very painful thing, so you will find in some details and small things, she is careful and gentle to Huaxin men, but dodges against you, and even resists, leaving behindA few not so beautiful white eyes.

There is nothing better than this.

Elaborate on 16 possible babies’ moves

Elaborate on 16 possible babies’ moves

Mothers all want their babies to grow up healthy and happy. Below, I will give some examples of some parents’ confused practices in the process of babies.

  Confused move 1: Eat more eggs, the better. Some parents think that eggs are rich in the high protein that your baby needs most for growth and development, so you should not be afraid to eat as many eggs as possible for your baby.

  A wise move: Take babies 6 months ago as an example, their digestive system is not yet mature, albumin in eggs enters the blood directly through the intestinal wall, stimulates the body to produce antibodies, triggers eczema, allergic enteritis, and wheezing bronchiInflammation and other adverse reactions.

In addition, eating too much eggs will increase the burden on the digestive tract, make the body’s protein content too high, cause blood ammonia to rise, at the same time increase the kidney burden, and easily cause protein poisoning syndrome, abdominal distension, tightness and other discomfort.

  Nutrition experts believe that babies between 1 and 1 and a half years old are best to eat only egg yolks, not more than one per day; babies between 1 and a half to 2 years old eat 1 whole egg every other day, and can eat 1 whole day after 2 years oldegg.

  Confused move 2: Eat more fish pine nutrient is good. Some parents think that fish pine nutrient is rich in nutrition, and the taste is very suitable for the baby. You should eat more for the baby.

  Wise: Research has shown that the content of fluoride in fish pine is very high.

Baby if eat 10 every day?
20 grams of fish pine, will it absorb fluoride 8?
16 mm.

In addition, the amount of fluoride absorbed from drinking water and other foods may reach about 20 millimeters per day.

However, the safety value of fluorine inhaled by the human body every day is only 3 to 4, 5 mg.

If it exceeds this safe range, fluoride will accumulate in the body. Over time, it may cause fluorine poisoning, which seriously affects the growth and development of teeth and bones.

You can usually use fish pine as a condiment for your baby, but don’t give it to your baby in large quantities for a long time.

  Confusion 3: Eat more liver supplements with vitamin A. Some parents feel that animal livers are very nutritious and rich in vitamin A. The more you eat, the better.

  A wise move: Studies have shown that the liver is highly permeable, and most of the toxic substances in the blood enter the liver, so animal livers have several times more toxic substances than muscle.

In addition, the animal liver also contains special binding proteins, which have a high affinity for poisons. It can take away the poisons that have been bound to proteins in the blood, allowing them to be stored in liver cells for a long time, which has a great impact on health.
In fact, only a small amount of animal liver is enough to store a large amount of vitamin A in the liver.

In general, babies under the age of 1 need 1,300 international units of vitamin A per day.
5 years old needs 1500 international units per day, which is equivalent to about 12 to 15 grams when eating animal liver every day.

  Confusion 4: Chicken soup is more nutritious than chicken. Parents believe that when eating chicken for babies, drink more soup and eat less meat. Chicken soup has better nutrition than chicken.

  Wise: Nutritionists point out that this claim is not scientifically justified.

Although the chicken soup is very delicious, the protein in the chicken soup is only 10% of the chicken meat, and the trace and mineral content is not much.

However, although the nutrition in chicken soup is not as good as chicken, soup can stimulate gastric secretion, increase appetite, and help digestion.

Therefore, the most appropriate method is to eat soup with chicken.

  Confusion 5: The more vitamins and minerals are absorbed, the better. Some parents believe that the more vitamins and minerals the baby is better, the more vitamins A and D are added.

  A wise move: Although vitamins and minerals are very important for infants and young children, they should not be absorbed or replaced in excess by the baby, otherwise the baby’s body will have adverse effects, harm and vitamin A and D poisoning.

Vitamin C has many vitamins to the human body, but long-term intake of large amounts, the concentration of vitamin C in plasma has been in a saturated state, and young children are prone to produce oxalate urine.

There are many oral nutritional supplements specially formulated for children on the market, which contain a large amount of vitamins, traces, proteins and sugars, which have high nutritional value, but cannot be taken in large amounts for a long time, otherwise it will cause indigestion and bloating.Symptoms such as diarrhea have hindered the growth and development of children.

  Confusion 6: Breast milk is not as nutritious as milk powder. Parents feel that breast milk looks thin and not as thick as milk from milk powder, so give up breast milk replacement and replace it with milk.

  A wise move: Breast milk replacement has many benefits for babies. Breast milk contains antibodies against many diseases. It has been proven that babies replaced with breast milk are less ill; breast milk is mixed with milk and contains more comprehensive and adequate nutrients.Healthy; breast milk is easier for your baby to digest and absorb, and has the highest absorption rate.

For mothers, breast milk replacement is more convenient, saves money, does not require disinfection, and the temperature is appropriate; breast milk replacement mothers recover faster and are less susceptible to breast disease.

  Confusion 7: The pacifier is better than the nipple for newborns. Some parents think that it is better to feed the baby with a pacifier before the baby is used to sucking breast milk.

  A wise move: Eating milk with a pacifier is less labor-intensive than sucking breast milk.

But if the baby is used to the pacifier, it will refuse to suck the mother’s nipple, and the mother’s breast milk volume will decrease.

Therefore, before the baby is not used to sucking breast milk, do not feed the baby with a pacifier at random, let alone use a soother.

  Confused move 8: Fresh milk is better than formula milk. Some parents believe that using fresh milk instead of formula to reach babies under 2 years of age is wise: for the baby, milk other than breast milk, such as cow’s milk and goat milk, haveAcute defects, such as casein in cow’s milk protein, are too high, which is not conducive to baby’s digestion; high levels of protein, calcium, sodium, and potassium in cow’s milk are not compatible with the baby’s immature kidney ability.

Therefore, babies under the age of 2 are best to choose formula milk instead of fresh milk.
  Confusion 9: Supplementary food supplementation is more important than breast milk replacement. Some parents believe that starting from 4 months, supplementary food supplementation is more important for baby’s development. At this time, breast milk has no nutrition!

  Be wise: Give your baby fluid food for 4-6 months.

After 4-6 months, the baby needs to add some non-dairy foods, including liquid food such as fruit juice, vegetable juice, rice noodles, puree, vegetable puree and other paste-like foods, as well as soft rice, rotten noodles, small pieces of fruit, and vegetablesWait for solid food.
Food supplements and breast milk may be equally important at this time.

Adding can master the following principles: Gradually add one food to a variety of foods. Do not add 2-3 foods in 1-2 rotations to prevent your baby from indigestion or allergies to food. During the addition process, if indigestion or allergic symptoms occur, you shouldStop feeding this food, wait for it to return to normal, and start over with a small amount.

If you still have allergies, you should temporarily stop using them and consult with medical staff. When your baby is sick or the weather is hot, you should temporarily add new varieties to avoid indigestion.

  Confused move 10: Eating colostrum and protein powder can improve the baby’s immunity Some parents believe that: eating colostrum and protein powder can improve the baby’s immunity, and the baby is less likely to get sick.

  A wise move: It is inconclusive whether feeding colostrum and protein powder to babies can improve the immunity of infants and young children. It cannot be used instead of breast milk instead of babies.

Protein powder is too high in protein purity, and it is easy to increase the burden on liver and kidneys when eating. Parents should not give protein powder to their babies, let alone replace dairy products.

  Confusion 11: Soy products are vegetables Some parents think: Let your baby eat more vegetables, soy products are vegetables.

  A wise move: In fact, soy products are edible amaranth. The main ingredient is vegetable protein, and there are no vitamins and crude fibers caused by vegetables.

So usually don’t treat soy products as vegetables, you still need to eat some vegetables after eating soy products.

  Confusion 12: Children need to eat bananas for dry stools. Some parents think that if they have constipation, it is best to eat bananas. Hemp oil can help digestion.

  A wise move: Eating these doesn’t work. The most important thing is to develop good defecation habits for children, and the time to defecation should be fixed.

When the food digestion reaches the large intestine, the main function of the large intestine is to absorb water and move the food waste out of the body; if you can develop a daily defecation habit and timely discharge food waste out of the body, dry stool can be relieved.

The longer food residues remain in the large intestine, the more thoroughly the water is absorbed.

  Confusion 13: Snacks are harmful to health Some parents believe that snacks are harmful to health. Children eating these junk foods will affect growth and development.

  Wise: Snacks are not the same as junk food.

High-content and low-nutrition food is junk food.

For some nutritious snacks, experts suggest that children can be taken in appropriate amounts to supplement their nutritional components without affecting meals.

Especially for small children, it is best to give him snacks after dinner until they go to bed.

Children in elementary school can also use this method to enhance development.

  Confusion 14: Vegetables, fruits, peeling and eating are hygienic. Many parents think that the skin of vegetables and fruits is unhygienic and always want to remove the skin and eat.

  A wise move: I don’t know that when you remove the skin, you also remove a lot of nutrients.

In fact, the vegetable-skinned soup is very nutritious. Vegetable leaves are more nutritious than vegetable stems, and apple peel contains a lot of iron.

The correct approach should be: After cleaning the skin of vegetables and fruits, eat it together.

  Confusion 15: Milk + eggs are the best nutritious breakfast. Some parents believe that milk + eggs are the best nutritious breakfast. Just eating these two can supplement the nutrition.

  Be wise: A nutritious breakfast must include 4 parts: cereals, animal foods, milk, vegetables or fruits.

A breakfast consisting of three parts is of average quality, and a breakfast consisting of only one or two parts is of poor quality.

Cereals, such as steamed buns, noodles, porridge, etc., play an important role in a child’s height development.

Vegetables and fruits provide a morning supply of vitamins.

  Confused move 16: Give your child more calcium supplements. Some parents believe that if you want to grow taller, you must always add calcium.

  A wise move: If infants and young children are guaranteed the replacement of dairy products, then they will not lack calcium in their bodies, but vitamin D, which will continuously absorb calcium.

It is better to add some cod-liver oil to your child with calcium tablets, or do more outdoor activities and bask in the sun.

What to eat in the spring

What to eat in the spring

What should I eat in spring?

In spring, the temperature is erratic and the pollution is serious. Our lungs are easy to be injured, so we need to nourish our lungs and clear our lungs.

How to clear the lungs?

The original editor recommended some good Chinese medicine meals for clearing the lungs, let’s take a look together!


Those who are often asthma can choose to nourish the lung and kidney medicine (1) 30 grams of Codonopsis, 30 grams of yam, 30 grams of walnut meat, 4 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of ginger, and eat with rice porridge.

The prescription has good effect of nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, qi and asthma, and is suitable for spring prevention and recuperation in elderly patients with hypertension and emphysema.

  (2) 10 grams of American ginseng, 15 grams of purple river carp, 30 grams of astragalus, 1 pair of toad (head and foot removed), 10 grams of perilla, 20 grams of psoralen, 5 grams of agarwood, washed, wrapped with gauze, andRice cooked together with porridge has good effects of nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, nourishing lungs and preventing asthma, and is convenient for patients with recombined pulmonary heart disease who are prone to complicated asthma.


Those who often catch colds can choose to nourish qi and nourish lungs, dispel medicinal herbs for removing wind and cold (1) 30 grams of astragalus, 6 grams of ginger, 10 grams of windproof, 10 grams of jujube, 12 grams of Suye, and Jiantang as tea.

The prescription has the effect of nourishing qi and dispersing cold, expelling wind and preventing sensation, and regular drinking in spring has a good effect of preventing colds, which is suitable for the prevention of the elderly and children who are physically weak.

  (2) 30 grams of Pseudostellaria heterophylla, 15 grams of Polygonatum sibiricum, 15 grams of lotus leaf, 10 grams of Paeonia lactiflora, 12 grams of Gongzhong, washed, wrapped with gauze, cooked with porridge and rice in the past, has a good effect of nourishing Qi and protecting tuberculosis and influenza, Convenient for the physically weak to prevent colds and nurses.


Those who often cough can replace the medicinal diet for expelling wind and pharyngeal drugs. (1) 15 grams of Nansha ginseng, 12 grams of mulberry leaves, 10 grams of chrysanthemums, 10 grams of almonds, 5 grams of lisianthus 5 grams of raw licorice, decoction or tea.The function of larynx clearing lung and cough is suitable for the prevention of cough in patients with chronic laryngitis.

  (2) Nepeta 10 grams, almonds 10 grams, cow seeds 10 grams, gelatin beads 10 grams, dead silkworms 10 grams, ginseng 12 grams, perilla leaves 10 grams, perilla seeds 10 grams, washed, wrapped with gauze, andRice cooked together with porridge has a good effect of nourishing the lungs, expelling the wind, declaring the lungs and coughing, and it is suitable for the prevention and treatment of those who have chronic bronchitis and easy to cough.

  (3) 100 grams of white fungus, 200 grams of candied tangerine, white sugar.

First remove the white fungus, add white sugar and an appropriate amount of water. When the white fungus flakes are expected to be soft, add canned orange petals, cook a little, and serve as a snack.

It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing kidney, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

Applicable to lung cough, dry cough, and blood in sputum.

  (4) 35 grams of honey and 1 egg.

First boil the honey with 300 liters of water, boil it, beat it into eggs, cook until it boils slightly, take it, and take it on an empty stomach sooner or later.

It has the effect of moistening lungs and relieving cough.

Suitable for dry cough and dry cough.

  (5) 120 grams of carrots and 40 grams of red dates.

First wash the red dates, soak them for 2 hours, wash the carrots, put them into the casserole with the red dates, add water, and cook for about 1 hour. Take the red dates as the degree, take 1 dose daily and take 2 times in the morning and evening.

It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing qi, relieving qi and relieving cough.

It is suitable for the symptoms of cough caused by insufficient qi and yin, inverse lung qi, dry mouth and spontaneous sweating, and mental fatigue.

  (6) 60 grams of lily and 2 eggs.

Wash the lily first, add it to the pot with the washed eggs, add an appropriate amount, cook until the eggs are cooked, remove the shell, take 1 dose daily, drink soup, eat eggs and lily.

With lung and nutrition effects.

Suitable for lung deficiency and long cough.

  (7) 30 grams of North American ginseng, 30 grams of lily, 150 grams of fat duck meat.

Wash the North American Ginseng, Lily, and Duck Meat separately, add them to the pot together and add an appropriate amount.

First boil with wuhu, then stew with simmer until the duck is cooked and eat the duck.

It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

It is suitable for cough, expectoration, dry mouth and dry throat, tuberculosis cough caused by lung heat and yin deficiency.

  (8) 30 grams of fresh lily, 30 grams of fresh lotus root, 30 grams of fresh lotus root, starch, sugar, moderate, sweet-scented osmanthus.

First wash the fresh lotus root and cut into slices. Add the lily and the lotus root into the pot and boil. Add the appropriate amount of starch when it is cooked and mix into the lotus root.It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, clearing heat and relieving cough.

It is suitable for dry and hot lung injury, insufficient lung yin, and dry cough caused by heat deficiency and chest disturbance.

Eye Psychology: Leaking Deep Secrets

Eye Psychology: Leaking Deep Secrets

Eyes are the window of mind, and mind is the source of eyes.

The sensitive cornea behind the eyeball contains 1.

3.7 billion cells transmit the received information to the brain.

These photoreceptors process 1.5 million pieces of information simultaneously and briefly at any time.

This shows that even the fleeting eyes can send out tens of thousands of messages, express rich emotions and intentions, and become a secret in the bottom of my heart.

Therefore, the rotation of the eyeballs, the expansion and closure of the eyelids, the speed and direction of the shift of sight, the cooperation of eye and head movements, and the wonderful and complex eyebrows and expressions are all conveying information and communicating.

  Modern research finds that the eye is an extension of the brain in the orbit, and there are tertiary neurons at the bottom of the eyeball. Like the cerebral cortex cells, it has the ability to analyze and synthesize. The changes in the pupil and the movement of the eyeball are directly controlled by the brain nerve, So the natural feelings can be reflected in the eyes.

The change of the pupil can not be controlled by people. The enlargement and contraction of the pupil truly reflects the complex and changeable psychological activities.

If a person feels happy, loved, and excited, his pupils will expand four times larger than usual; on the contrary, when he is angry, annoying, and negative, his pupils will shrink very little;Change means that he is indifferent or bored with what he sees.

  In fact, expressing feelings through eyes is a common psychological phenomenon.

  The psychology of eye contact is particularly prominent in the relationship between the sexes.

In ancient times, when the two sexes fell in love, there were words such as “hearts and eyes become successful” and “hidden autumn waves” to express their love and affection.

Today, more vocabulary is used, such as “brrows and eyebrows”, “with emotions”, “brows and eyes”, “love at first sight” and so on.

Therefore, although the eyes are not sound language, they seem to spread with thousands of words.

Any young lover must have twinkling beautiful eyes and deep eyes, from which they can peep at each other to understand the deep mysteries inside each other.

As the ancient Roman poet Ovit said, “In the silent eyes, there are often sounds and words.

“There are various ways for men and women to use their eyes to express their feelings.

A person who only looks at the opposite sex and intentionally looks away shows that they desire to associate with the opposite sex. This is the opposite effect of psychology.

Any woman who keeps her eyes on the other person without looking away reveals that there is a secret hidden in her heart.

Men and women look at each other from time to time, which is to guide each other to their own hearts, and to communicate emotionally.

In the use of eyes, women often suffer from men. As long as she changes her expectations, she can convey that “we can go together”.

It is full of emotions, without saying a word, it can be said that “silence is better than sound at this time”.

The man’s long-term gaze and careful observation of the woman’s body shape and appearance were looking for a psychologically close fusion.

The woman uses her flirtatious eyes to capture the good news hidden in the man’s eyes. Sometimes she will use her eyes to make up to enhance its effect.

The two sides watched deeply, the pupils would dilate rapidly, and they would be excited by each other’s charm.

Romantic dates are often in darker places. The pupils on both sides of the armor are dilated, which allows the two hearts to be touched, penetrated, intertwined, and fused.

Shopping receipts and plastic drinking glasses may cause cancer

Shopping receipts and plastic drinking glasses may cause cancer

Many of the things that people use in their daily lives are actually potentially dangerous.

In this way, the United States “Rodale Health Network” invited radiology practitioner Cuomo summarized some common carcinogens that are easy to ignore.

  Drinking glass, shopping voucher.

Severe overdose of BPA may cause cancer.

It is found in most canned foods, canned beverage bottles, and in some shopping slips and plastic containers, including plastic water bottles labeled “7” on the bottom of the bottle.

It is recommended that everyone consume fresh food.

Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers.

After touching the shopping voucher, you should wash your hands and try not to touch them continuously, especially when your hands are sweaty or have oil.

  Face oil, cosmetics.

Preservatives have estrogen properties and may stimulate the growth of retinal cells.

It is best to avoid personal care products that contain preservatives in the ingredients list.

Care should also be taken when selecting processed meat products, health products, snacks and sweets.

  Dry cleaning clothes.

The process of dry cleaning laundry is actually very dirty.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has listed perchlorethylene, a chemical solvent used in dry cleaning, as a “probable carcinogen.”

Therefore, it is better to give up dry cleaning and replace wet washing.

Many clothes marked “only dry clean” are actually safe to wash with water.

  Mobile phone.

The international tumor research institute lists the radio frequency waves used by mobile phones as possible human carcinogens. It is indeed safe to use them less for safety reasons.

Minimize the number of times you make a phone call. If you make a call, we recommend using the speakerphone or wearing a headset.