“it is good,it is good!you’re good too!Is this your classmate?”Huang Yuanshun really dare not say anything,I had to force the topic to others。

I don’t know that the plump sitting upright suddenly raised his neck and said:“Do not!I’m not Lu’s classmate,I am a bodyguard,Professional bodyguard,I have to accompany Brother Lu to school every day。”
If you say this from others,Maybe just listen to it as a joke,But who is Fatty??His serious and serious look,Suddenly bluff Huang Yuanshun again。
Someone thinks,Obediently!What kind of character is this little Lu son??There are professional bodyguards around?His father is Lu Youshan,It shouldn’t be there.?What the hell is going on?Did Lu Youshan pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?,Actually there is energy behind?
Huang Yuanshun can’t figure it out the more I think about it,The expression on his face became more and more frightened。
He remembered before returning to Liufang,Those words that Lu Menglin deliberately talked to him,Click to pull him back to Liufang to build momentum,Now it seems,There is someone up there,How else would you get Lu Youshan to be the factory manager?。
“This is your transcript?nice!Make progress!Your kid got the hang of it!Worthy of my son!”Lu Youshan looked at the report card on the coffee table,He touched his son’s head with relief。
At this moment,Mother Lu brought out the sweet and sour pork ribs from the kitchen。
“not enough time,I have to go to work later,You try first,If the taste doesn’t work,I’ll add some more salt!”Mother Lu smiled。
Lu Youshan waved his hand,Tao:“Huang Gong,Let’s drink?”
Huang Yuanshun nodded quickly,Smiled:“it is good,it is good!I have a few drinks with Director Lu。”
“What’s the director,I haven’t officially taken office yet!”Lu Youshan is proud,Ha ha smiled。
Huang Yuanshun has a chance,Continue the conversation just now,Said:“Brother Lu,Your appointment documents have been sent,So humble!From now on, the second factory will rely on you to lead the team!”
Lu Youshan laughed,Arched hands,Tao:“Organizational trust,I must work hard。”