“And Lin Hongbin,hThe most influential expert of the younger generation in the field of Chinese brain science,I heard that he went to study abroad,I didn’t expect to see him here。”

“Look quickly,Ye Shuran,hThe best head nurse in the country,I received an award at CCTV the year before,This is my goal。”
surgery doctor
Follow prestige,I saw these people the hospital staff exclaimed,Accompanied by the dean,Walk quickly to Jiang Yan’s ward。
He can’t help being shocked。
these people,Usually the dragon sees the head but not the end,It’s hard to see one,And now,But appear here together,Just for that girl?
if it is like this,Don’t talk about transfer,Just go to the ravine。
When I want to ask this young man next to me,But found that Qin Feng had already reached the stairs of the corridor,Disappeared in a blink of an eye。
Yes,Those are the experts Qin Feng asked Yunxiang to invite to treat Jiang Yan,Although I didn’t know the result of Jiang Yan’s surgery,He is obligated and necessary to do this。
After Qin Feng left the hospital,Randomly found a restaurant on the side of the road to deal with dinner,Then I went to the base camp for personal work in Qingshui Village,Green Bamboo Garden。
(End of this chapter)

This can only show,This black and thin boy has a strong game talent,Really strong!

By contrast,Lu Menglin still seemed calm,But the black and thin boy seemed to be exhausted,The whole person is lying on the machine。
“you,What is your name?”Lu Menglin turned his face,Asked softly。
“I?My name is Zhou Zhuojun,They all call me kid。”The thin black boy hesitated,Still answered calmly。
“Child?Could it be that legendary kid??”Lu Menglin’s mind is a bit confused,Cranky。
text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One Warm heart
? Zeng Zhuojun,Famous Chinese fighting game player,1989Born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,nickname“Child”,Mainly the King of Fighters and Street Fighter series,Six-year-old was exposed to arcade fighting games,Won the first King of Fighters in Guangzhou at the age of twelve2000Competition champion,Afterwards, he won many championships in national competitions.,famousKOFRandom player,He has profound knowledge in the research of many game characters,Person“Dongsheng Jishen”with“King of Question Marks”。
Although this and“Child”The black thin boy with the same nickname and Lu Menglin’s memory“Dongsheng Jishen”Only one surname,And the age is not right,But it still gave Lu Menglin a sense of trance in a dream。
Lu Menglin even secretly thought,Will it be my own rebirth,Cause butterfly effect,And this one before“Child”Cause and effect error,Latitude was born early at this time?
anyway,At this moment,When Lu Menglin heard“Child”When this nickname,An inexplicable sense of familiarity made him no longer hostile to others,On the contrary, there is a smell of sympathy。
at this time,Child Zhou Zhuojun has one character left,And Lu Menglin has two more characters。
“do not fight!I can’t beat you。”The child shook his head and smiled bitterly。
There was an uproar all around,Although I knew he was no match for Lu Menglin,But without a fight,It doesn’t seem to fit the character style of this kid。

I really went back to before liberation!.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was,Keiko’s wanton celebration caused Qiao Tianyu to laugh on his back,Everyone is creepy,Even Keiko stopped celebrating,Looking at Qiao Tianyu with a dazed expression。
“Hey,My dear nephew,Are you mad??”Keiko cat crying mouse fake mercy,Falsely hushing cold and asking for warmth。
“Is not,Haha,Aunt,Haha,You make me laugh for a while.”Qiao Tianyu kept smiling,Tears are all laughing。
“broken,Stupid stupid,The successor of Lao Qiao’s family was stupid by me,What a pity.”
Keiko said and glanced at Qiao Dahua,Geodahua quickly lowered his head。
“This wimp!I’m afraid of my wife,I am ashamed to claim to be the head of the Qiao family!”Everyone present began to look down on the Qiao family boss。
Regardless of whether Qiao Tianyu is a complete failure,Just say that Qiao Tianyu did it for Qiao’s family,For the entire Fuxing Club and the four major families,Exhausted,Busy all day long。
But you Geodahua,But help outsiders deal with their own people,Digging a hole to frame the Fuxing Society and the four big families,Your conscience is eaten by dogs,Is that woman so you can’t let go??Bastard fucking stuff!
Qiao Tianyu seems to have been clicked by someone,Haha laughing endlessly,I couldn’t stand up straight with tears,But everyone present looked uncomfortable,Even the always expressionless John began to sympathize with Qiao Tianyu。
indeed,The rise and fall of the huge Fuxing Society and the revitalization hope of the four major families,All on a young man in his twenties,And suffer betrayal and troubles from my family,Qiao Tianyu did take on too many things and important responsibilities that did not belong to his age!
Qiao Tianyu bent over and tried to suppress“Laughter”,It took a long time to stop the laughter gradually。
But when Qiao Tianyu straightened up again and looked there“Head of all evil”Keiko,But suddenly put on a murderous expression,It’s a different safety from the previous Qiao Tianyu,Keiko suddenly took two steps back。
“you.What do you want to do?”Keiko was frightened by Qiao Tianyu。
“Dear aunt,I laugh at you!”Qiao Tianyu wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his hands。
“You said it yourself just now,If Arrow Sakura wants to earn that7644The premise of billion dollars isOPECChange the direction of policy,Then you said Prince Shahid listened to you,Still listen to me?Call without me,Prince Shahid will makeOPECChange the direction of policy??”
“Haha,Qiao Tianyu,So you are laughing at this!”

With the help of rain,The number of viewers in the Populus live broadcast room exceeded 700,000,And the amount of attention smoothly reached 300,000。

“Hu Ge,300,000 followers,Can we announce the surprise package now??”
“We want a surprise package!”
“Still Yu sister mighty and domineering,The ancestor of the future god!”
“Maybe it’s a custom god!”To know,Their platform,Player’s highest rank set by the platform,Is the ancestor of god,But spend more than 30 million,Will enter a custom level。
So-called custom,Is to allow players to define a level by themselves。such as,A previous player,I have brushed more than 30 million for my favorite female anchors in just two months,Customize Jiang Taigong。
Hu Yang thanked you again,Also sent a private message,Let her calm down。
He saw the live room,Everyone never forgets the surprise package,then,Smiled:“Ok!Since the goal is reached,Then we will start the draw now,Five friends in the draw,Maybe you need to come to Yangcheng in person。”
Hu Yang is still very happy,Five cars,Only five or six hundred thousand。Compared to intermediate perspective eyes,Really nothing,Even one million,Even ten million,He has to be willing。
Go to Yangcheng in person?Big gift?
“puff!Won’t you just invite dinner??Hu Ge,Don’t make trouble!”
“Hu Ge,Let me talk to everyone first!what exactly is it。”

In fact,There are many imitations of Yuhuang,Everyone has seen a lot of this jade,I don’t think the piece that the little boy took out is so good。

Before the Tang Dynasty was the original period of Yuhuang,Left a lot of precious relics。After Tang,The production of Jade Huang was transferred to the ancient period,There is basically no creation of new jade,Almost all works imitated his previous dynasty。
“If this is fake,That’s funny。”
“Haha!Things on the market,You and me still don’t know?”The person next to him smiled tacitly。
They are all stall owners,How many genuine items are there on my stall,Don’t they still know?How fake the antique market is,They are the boss,Naturally, it is the clearest。
“What vision is Lao Chen,We don’t know,He can see a fart!”Another person also spoke。
Set up a stall here,I will know more or less,What is everyone’s level,Naturally know some。Different from them,Lao Chen who is fighting with Hu Yang is a local,It’s a veteran here,There are many small bosses who know him。
“indeed,And other young people,It looks like a stick cone,Know what?I don’t want to lose face。”Especially young people with women around,Consumption is more impulsive,Don’t want to lose face。Such people,They see a lot。
Populus while acting,Secretly communicate with the little guy,Figure out where the people staring at them are,For police action。
Not long,They figure it out,Two people in total,The location is twenty or thirty meters away,All wearing gray inconspicuous clothes,Relatively low-key。
One of them pretends to go shopping in antiques,The other is posing as a tourist,Not put together。
Capture this information,Plainclothes police have been dispatched。Before Hu Yang and the stall owner can get the result,Quickly and silently arrested two people。
They are sure,There is a big fish behind,So no fanfare,Ready to follow the vine。
Hu Yang and the others met with plain clothes,Let the little guy follow the police,Temporarily hand this case to the police,No longer intervene。of course,Regarding the placement of subsequent little boys,Hu Yang will still pay attention。
This is equivalent to giving the police achievements,The police are also happy,Some requirements for Populus,Also agreed。

Rolex’s domestic fame can be described as a household name,Rolex watches are not only durable,Stable travel time,It’s very valuable,Loved by watch fans,Many people want to reflect their distinguished status by buying a Rolex。

Rolex is expensive,Basic money must be more than 40,000,The expensive ones reach the million level。and so,More than two hundred thousand Rolex,In fact, not even a high-end watch。
but,Rolex watches are hardest hit by fakes,And Rolex’s fake watches are of very high quality,Many masters who have repaired watches for many years cannot tell。
This guy,Can buy fakes in brand stores,Also talent。
Seeing that Populus said it well,Ou Quan dare not hold on。
and,This guy kept saying,if it is ture,He lost a new one。It’s a bit attractive,Although he is rich now,But more than 200,000 is not a small amount,Free,Who doesn’t want it?
This watch,He bought it from the official store,How could it be fake?and so,These people must be mistaken。Then,A new watch,Is it already very stable?
“You lose a new one?determine?You have so much money?”He can call the official store right away,Let them send someone to check,Bills and the like are still there,Can’t be ridiculous?
Populus nodded:“As long as it is true,Prove me wrong,A new watch,no problem。of course,If it is fake,In front of everyone,Apologize to my two girls。”
No matter what、Xiaoxiao and the others,Or the audience in the live room,All want to laugh。
Ask Brother Hu if he has any money?This is a joke。Not long ago,Brother Hu sent a batch of famous watches,Although they are all smuggled watches of 30,000 to 50,000,But that handwriting is not something ordinary people can give。
“Haha!This one made fun of me。”
“just kidding,Brother Hu can’t afford a watch。”
“This person doesn’t look like a good person,Too frivolous。Belongs to a little money,Just float,Look down on people。”
“Brother Hu is so rich,Did he show off?This kind of person who has made a small fortune,I don’t know what my ancestor’s name is。”
Ou Quan got an accurate reply from Hu Yang,Call the official store immediately,Ask them to visit,The suspicion list is fake。otherwise,He will poke the matter to the media。
The official store was also taken aback,Hurriedly sent someone to inspect、Identification。

The neat army slowly left the camp,With the help of moonlight,Toward the base of Qicheng。

At this time, the Qicheng commanders don’t know,There will be a war about to break out,New City Lord,Young,Do not understand the rules,Often willful in the big camp of Qicheng,At this time, he was still drinking in Qicheng Camp,Look like a leader without a bit。
Qi Dongliang’s appearance makes Qi Er and the others really chill,So that the early days and so on on weekdays are almost abandoned,In addition to the capable officers and cronies of the original old city owner Qishuang,Those elders who are foreign aid have not moved anymore。
“Go on like this,I’m afraid Qicheng is going to be dangerous!”
Qi Er sits helplessly in his room,Even if the foundation of Qicheng is solid,But now the whole army has actually fallen apart,The trusted city lord can’t convince the crowd,The senior officials in Qicheng don’t put their minds on their daily work.!
“Tiger father and dog son,Poor the name of the old city lord!”
Qi Shuang can suppress the city of forged sword without temper,Naturally a ruthless person,only,Ruthless,Internally,I’m too indulging in my child,Qi Dongliang is like this now,The mud can’t support the wall!
“The lord hasn’t slept yet?”
Qi Er looked at the guard next to him,This is the top master among the forces he raised,Usually it is responsible for monitoring the movements of everyone in the entire device city camp。
“The lord is drinking,I found a few women!”
There is no expression on the guard’s face。
“It’s midnight,Rest and go!Inform the elders of today’s vigil,Let him not let his guard down!”
Qi Er shook his head helplessly,Waved。
The guard disappeared in this small room,Turned to the frontline military account,Just this elder,I was drinking and having fun,Dismissed the guard with just a few words。
“Moonlight tonight,How could those guys dare to come and attack??”

And Lin Yoona can hear it,When Xiao Fan said these words to her,The words are apologetic。

Lin Yoona knew that when she was just now,May be a little too anxious,So just after Xiao Fan said this to her,On the contrary, it comforted Xiao Fan:“All right,All right,Xiao Fan,You can say it quickly now,Let’s stop struggling with this problem,good or not?”
“Ok,it is good,Listen to you。”Xiao Fan nodded heavily and said。
“and so,You speak,What happened again?”Lin Yoona didn’t plan to keep hiding it this time,Asked bluntly。
“Is it the thing I went out in the morning?,Mom told me that the people at your grandfather’s house wanted me to drive to the station to pick them up,He asked me if I have time?”Xiao Fan said cautiously。
“Say what,We need to drive to the station to pick them up,Why did they lick their faces??”as expected,After Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan say such a sentence to him,The whole person is like eating**same,It just exploded。
“Yoona,Don’t get excited!When we were just now,Isn’t it already said?,When I told you about this,Don’t get excited。”Xiao Fan quickly spoke to Lin Yuner。
Lin Yuner heard this,Also took a deep breath,Then just breathe in、After exhaling several times,She is completely calmed down。
“that,What do you mean?”Lin Yuner asked patiently。
“I?Didn’t I come to ask your opinion??”Xiao Fan said。
“Ask for my opinion,When my mother told you this morning,,That’s what you told her,Said you want to ask for my opinion,is it?”Lin Yoona suddenly opened her eyes and said。
“Is not,Is not,Why am i so stupid!?”Xiao Fan said with a smile。
“I don’t think you can be that stupid,Then tell me,What did you say?”Lin Yuner asked with a smile。
She knew,This Xiao Fan is horrified,Won’t do such a stupid thing?
“me,Didn’t I happen to be going out to talk to Shen Xiaoya today??and so,When mom mentioned this to me,I told her,I can’t decide if I have time?And then dragged mom,This is not,Did I come to you?”Xiao Fan said smugly。
Seems to be in Xiao Fan’s eyes,His strategy is very powerful!
At this moment,More like a child waiting for Lin Yoona to praise。
“Who is Shen Xiaoya?”

Tian Lu turned and stopped at the outer wall of the restaurant,Fascinated by the phone。Young man,Always used to flipping through the phone,Check if there are any messages on the communication software。

She couldn’t wait to go back to the room and check her message on her phone,I want to see if Ye Xingkong sent her a message。
I heard that the word Tian Lu was suddenly mentioned in the conversation,She is very excited about her name,I didn’t hear the first half of the sentence,Can only hear“Tian Lu”,So I put my ears up and listened。
But it must be emphasized,She didn’t mean to listen“Wall”,Just listen to her name。
The two inside continue to talk。
“Tian Lu is very simple,It’s not like the girls in the outside society have a flamboyant personality,Fancy。”Practical evaluation of George。
“It seems,You still know a lot about Tian Lu。”Chen Limu has eye penetration,She said suspiciously。
“I have dealt with her,Is for the magazine,Several themed campaigns planned by her,Still quite satisfied,She is very dedicated,There are not many employees like this at present。”George explained,Afraid of Chen Limu thinking“crooked”Their relationship。
Tian Lu heard this,A little pride in my heart,Be able to be evaluated like this behind the heavyweights,Why not happy in my heart。
About to take a step away,I can hear my name again,Simply stop,Keep listening。
Chen Limu finished the meal in his mouth,Set down the chopsticks gracefully。George thoughtfully handed the tissue to Chen Limu。
Xiaoyun waited for the family waiter to come over immediately to clean up the food,Quickly clean up on the desktop。
Not long,Chen Limu stood up and moved his chair。Tian Lu quickened his pace and walked away like a thief。
Chen Limu felt that talking about other people’s right and wrong,It’s better to avoid suspicion,After all, there are still many family waiters present。
Chen Limu and George talked and walked outside the restaurant。Chen Limu mentioned Tian Lu,I feel like opening the words clip。
“I don’t feel bad about Tian Lu,And no special favors,Since it is a friend of the stars,Then it is my friend of Chen Limu。”Chen Limu lowered his voice。
“It seems,You have recognized Tian Lu as a special person around you。”George Road。
“otherwise,how is it,Can’t hurt Xingkong’s heart?。”
Tian Lu didn’t have time to avoid,Hid on the other side of the wall,I heard them talking at all。original,Mrs. Ding has always been good to me for Ye Xingkong’s sake,It’s not because I personally have some friendship with her,It turns out I’ve always been self-righteous,So shameless、It hurts self-esteem。
She is most afraid of the previous guess,But confirmed,Suddenly inexplicably sad。

Chen Geng smiled:“Thank me?I haven’t said the most important thing yet。”

“The most important thing is not said yet?”
“Yes,”Chen Geng said:“Don’t you realize,China can even take advantage of this cooperation opportunity,Realize a certain industry、At least it is also the technology upgrade and iteration of some companies?”
Like a flash of lightning across my heart,Ding Haijun was stupid on the spot:original……Is this the most important meaning of this project??
next moment,He nodded heavily in his heart:Yes,This is the most important meaning of this project。
First178chapter Deep participation
“Some of our comrades,Thoughts still stay at the level of the previous class struggle,For a job,They are not considering whether they can contribute to economic development、Raise the income level of the people,But to consider some messy things,Go online at every turn!”
At a high-level meeting,The elderly to the country andDSome irregularities within were criticized anonymously,He even quoted a passage that Chen Geng and Ding Haijun once said when chatting:“Our little friend Chen said,Is it necessary to do something,Don’t look at those messy things,Can be simpler,Depends on it helps liberate productivity、Conducive to strengthening the country’s comprehensive national strength、Conducive to improving the living standards of the people,As long as it meets this‘Three good’,This thing can be done,on the contrary,Then can’t do it。
That’s good,Although simple,Can be profound。I think the child Chen is humble,Not in line with this‘Three good’Can do,But as long as it meets this‘Three good’,We have to do!do not forget,We are a country where the people are the masters,weDWhat is the purpose of?Is to serve the people wholeheartedly!
How can we serve the people well?What kind of party can be regarded as a party that satisfies the people?Of course it can make the people live well、Better party of life。
Even children like Chen Geng who live in capitalist countries know the truth,Wouldn’t our own comrades think?I see,Some comrades are not unexpected,But the brain has not been converted,Haven’t soberly realized,Class struggle is a thing of the past,The main contradiction in our country is not class struggle,It is the contradiction between the growing material and cultural needs of the people and the backward social production,Comrades must correct their attitude、Change ideas,Put energy into new work……”
The old people’s respect for Chen Geng、In other words, it’s obvious!
After this meeting,Chen Geng is completely hung up on it,Although everyone remembered Chen Geng before this,But this time is obviously different,Chen Geng is no longer“Wealthy patriotic Chinese overseas Chinese”,But upgrade to“Patriotic Chinese and overseas Chinese that the elderly have been paying close attention to”,Although it seems that the difference is not great,But the actual difference is big。
Chen Geng did not know that his status in the country and the treatment he enjoyed had been upgraded to“An old friend of the Chinese people”the height of,Chen is watching closely now“family”——Yes,After intensive testing and preparation,“family”Going to market soon。
For Chrysler Automobiles, which is on the verge of bankruptcy and liquidation,“family”This model is really important,“family”Not even just a strategic model of Chrysler,It is also the key to whether Chrysler can turn losses into profits,to make sure“family”Can hit it off、Reversing the severe financial situation facing Chrysler,Lee·Iacocca even specially invited Chen Geng over,Let Chen Geng participate“family”In the publicity and promotion seminar before the listing。
After seated,Chen Geng didn’t talk to Li·Alacocca is polite,The good and bad selling of this model,Directly related to your own income,He directly addressed Li·Iacocca asked:“Mr. Iacocca,Dear sirs,You are sure‘family’Is there any market terminal guidance price??”
Lee·Iacocca glanced at everyone,To Chen Geng:“What everyone mean,Is to increase the price1000USD。”