Then he took the key to open the handcuffs to Qin Feng,The latter did not resist。After all, Director Hou’s posture has been put very low,I am a kind person,Shouldn’t be too arrogant。

“Do not!”
After Director Hou sent Qin Feng away,Wang Mengcai shouted。He can’t accept such a decision。
“correct,Get help!”He doesn’t know what Qin Feng is,But even if Director Hou treats Qin Feng respectfully,,Wang Meng doesn’t care anymore。Because if you lose your identity as the detective captain,He just fate。
As the saying goes, barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes。He wants revenge,Find someone to solve the problem。
“Hey,Zhang Yong。”
“Yo,Captain Wang Meng,What can I do for my brother??”
“Qin Feng left the game,Released by the chief。Do something for me,Resolve Director Hou and Qin Feng。otherwise,I can’t help you anymore!”Finished,Wang Meng directly hung up the phone。
“Hey?”Zhang Yong was very angry when he hung up,“TMof,I received so much money when I received it,I can’t do anything right now。Still let me do it?”
“What’s the matter husband?”Chen Yunxi was taken aback when Zhang Yong was angry。Although she dyed her hair and became a sister-in-law,But this big brother’s woman is not so good。At least Chen Yunxi found,Zhang Yong’s temper is a lot more grumpy than before。
“Humph,That Wang Meng charged me a lot of money,But now it’s alright,Let him do something!”
“All right,do not be angry!”Chen Yunxi walked behind Zhang Yong and helped him pinch his shoulders。This way, Zhang Yong can relax。
No one thought,At this moment, the door of their house was kicked open。


Ingmar·Spotnor is silent,After half a minute,He finally spoke again:“You continue。”
This time,Ingmar·Spotnor used“you”This title。
“As long as KLM under Fokker24frameF70Orders,So that Fokker can sustain it for the next two yearsF70Basic production,These onesF70Workers do not have to be disbanded,And two years later,I’m sure to giveF100、F120as well asF150Get more orders,These workers can be transferred directly,”Chen Geng promised、Speak for words:“You know,The profit of a big airplane is much larger than that of a small airplane,Which means two years later,Fokker can pay more taxes for the Netherlands every year。”
Why did the idea hit KLM’s head??
Because KLM is a large、International airline,The company has various aircraft120Multiple racks,Although with Delta、The size of super-class aviation giants such as Lufthansa is still worse than that,But it is also considered a top-tier airline,The overall scale ranks 13th or 4th among airlines in the world。
What’s more rare is,Because Queen Beatrix is also the majority shareholder of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,The airline’s position in the industry is very detached,All governments must give them some face,Even the US government is no exception……What kind of company can become a top-end or second-rate top company??It doesn’t matter,No background,It’s a second-rate midstream airline such as Air Argentina or Air Portugal.。
There is such a big flag right here,If you don’t use it well,Chen Geng feels too panic。
Ingmar·Spotnor is obviously not that easy to fool,He hesitated,Dismiss yourself and the Dutch royal family first:“This one……The Dutch royal family will not interfere in the elite activities of Royal Airlines,I can only ask your Majesty for instructions at the right time,Can you give a suggestion to Royal Airline,and also,What if you still have to lay off employees??”
There is no strength in this statement,It’s like a kiln@Sister’s desire is still welcome。
Hear Ingmar·SPOTNO said so,Chen Geng’s heart is immediately like a mirror:The Dutch royal family is heartened!
As long as there is money,What does not interfere with business,absolutely okay“Make a suggestion”Well,If the major shareholder、Great Backer“Made a suggestion”,Even KLM’sCEOReally a fool,Does he dare to listen to the greetings of major shareholders??
Facing Ingmar·The last question of Spotnor,Chen Geng did not answer directly,But asked him back:“Mr. Spotnor,Do you think I have to deceive Her Majesty because of such a small hour、Do you offend Her Majesty??”
Ingmar·Spotnor reacted immediately,Left and right2000More mouths to eat,Even if Chen Geng spent money to raise it,How much is it in a year?
This little money is compared with deceiving Her Majesty Beatrix,Which is more important?
Really annoyed the queen,With Her Majesty’s energy throughout Europe,Give him Fernandez·Chen find some trouble,He has lost more than this money。

Jack·Welch was surprised:“Do you think the monthly sales of those three new cars can reach1.2Ten thousand?”

Yes,Jack·Welch knows well about the three new cars the company will launch next,A full sizeSUV,A full-size pickup and a largeMPV,For these three products from my own boss,Jack·Welch has plenty of confidence,but no matter,The boss actually thinks that these three models can’t be reached by cheap new cars anyway1.2Million monthly sales?Too optimistic?
Where is this?,Chen Geng said that we can actually be more optimistic:“I think this number can double in a year。”
Jack·Welch no longer knows what to say,Although he admits that his own boss’s talent in automobile industry design can only be described as guarding the sky,But are you overly optimistic??
It’s easy to flash your tongue when the wind is strong。
It’s just that he can’t say anything to refute。
It’s not that he dare not say,There are too many slaps,Just once or twice,Slapped her face so many times,When your own judgment is inconsistent with the boss’s judgment,Jack·Welch has now formed a conditioned reflex:probably、perhaps、There may be a problem with my judgment?
Like now,When Chen Geng said that these three new cars were launched one year later,Monthly sales are expected to reach2.410,000 vehicles,Jack·Welch hesitated,After all, I decided to trust the boss’s judgment for the time being,But then the problem also comes:“So you think,one year later,Our capacity gap is probably3.3Ten thousand?”
“Yes3.3to3.5Between ten thousand,”Chen Geng corrects:“In other words,future6Months,We have to add210,000 vehicles per month,Future18Months,We must add3.5Million monthly production capacity。”
Jack·Welch:“But our production line is already running at full capacity……”
Chen Geng:“……”
This is the biggest headache for them,Don’t worry about selling your own products,The expansion speed of production capacity cannot keep up,What do you say?
“is it possible……Let Dongying people work for us?”Jack·Welch tentatively said what he thought。
This time,Jack·Welch is racking his brains to figure out any increase in capacity,When it takes time to build a new factory,In jack·Welch’s opinion,Keep givingAMCFoundrymiataThe Dongying car company of sports cars is a good choice to manufacture for itself。
Jack·Reasons for Welch’s hesitation,Because althoughAMCWith Toyota、The cooperation between Mazda seems very pleasant,But it seems that my boss has always had some inexplicable hostility towards Dongying people.,He is not sure whether Mr. Fernandez will agree with his proposal。

Otherwise, he won’t be here today,I won’t tell Qin Feng so many details。

“Do not worry,As long as I’m there,Even the Surgeon who can defeat you with three strokes in your mouth may not be able to deal with you。”
Qin Feng naturally has such confidence to say such things,But now comes the problem。After all, when the Scullers will arrive and when they will act are still unknown.。
under these circumstances,It is difficult for him to guarantee that he can follow Chen Wensen all the time。Thus,How will he choose?
“Can i live here?”Chen Wensen asked。
“Can’t!”Qin Feng refused quite simply。Fortunately, none of the three girls are back,Otherwise, I see a strange man at home,Will definitely cause riots。
“okay,Let’s go!Go to nearby hotels。There is a guest house just outside this community,You live there,It’s only a few minutes since I passed here。If you have anything, we will contact you again。”
“what?but.”Chen Wensen wanted to say,If he just left like this,When the time comes, the scavengers will come,He will lose as long as three moves。Qin Feng can rush over within three strokes?This is obviously impossible!In other words,If the scavenger finds him,Then he ended up being killed。
He doesn’t want to die,So we must save ourselves!
An hour later,The third daughter has returned,I wanted to have dinner together,Who knew the doorbell rang。
Qin Feng opened the door and couldn’t help frowning when he saw that the person was still Chen Wensen。“Didn’t I tell you something to find me?”
But who can think of,The next moment Chen Wensen said, Qin Feng didn’t know how to answer it.,“Oh,Is such that,I am the new guest who moved in next door,Thinking everyone is next door neighbor,So come over and say hello。”
Jiang Yan and others were all taken aback,Then said,“Isn’t Mr. Zhang living next door??”
“Oh,Is such that,Mr. Zhang has something to go abroad,So transferred the property to my name,And now i live next door。”
When Chen Wensen said this, his face was not red and his heart beat,No flaws in lying。
Qin Feng walked out the door,“Mr. Chen and I have something to discuss,Rest first!”

Jiang Yan is also really upset,She is also a woman,So she understands this feeling。

No matter what the circumstances,She must be responsible for Qin Feng’s safety。
Exchange your own man’s life for someone else’s life,This is something normal people would not do。
Lin Qingwei’s tears couldn’t stop falling,Then she burst into tears,She really can’t hold it anymore。
To know,She has never been so wronged and desolate in her life。
Which man usually sees her,Isn’t it all looking up to her as a pearl。
But now she begs a man no matter how,She can’t impress each other,In this case,She is also powerless。
of course,Lin Qingwei also thought about using what force to suppress Qin Feng,But she found that there was no way to do this。
On the one hand, Qin Feng is unrestrained,On the other hand, Qin Feng himself is very powerful in the local area。
Although Qin Feng hasn’t realized his power,But his prestige in Bluestone Town is already very high,And many people don’t want Qin Feng’s accident。
Even some people who don’t understand,It’s all knowing that Qin Feng is a policy that benefits everyone,So he gave a lot of people a chance。
If it is replaced by another person in power,Some things are not clear,Once the price of various vegetables soars,At that time, we must say that it will not cause official intervention,This is obviously impossible。
After all, these vegetables are used in daily life,Who dares to fuck,It might be salty fish。
Many times right and wrong really don’t matter,Because as long as it affects people’s livelihood,That is sin。
There was a knock on the door outside。

“What’s wrong with Xiang Chen?”

Xiangyang asked with concern,After receiving the signal from Xiang Chen,Mo Mo could only sigh,Helpless answer Xiangyang,“He didn’t rest well last night!”
Everyone is silent,Right now, Xiangyang’s reaction is slow,Thinking back to Bai Lu’s walking posture,I also know what happened to the two people last night。
Gave Xiang Chen a fierce look,Xiang Yang warned Xiang Chen with his eyes,I asked him to take care of Bai Lu.,But it’s not personal care!
A hundred mouths,Xiang Chen can only endure everything silently,Just because he is a man。
“Your young ones are,I can’t control,I just hope you can treat my daughter well,She suffered too much before!”
Bai Lu’s mother sighed softly,The look in everyone’s eyes is helpless。
“I won’t suffer anymore!”
Xiang Chen’s tone was indifferent,It’s like answering a passerby’s question casually,But Yao Yao and Mo Mo looked at Xiang Chen in surprise。
It seems that he is planning to stand up!Two people thought at the same time。
Bai Lu’s mother didn’t say anything,Weiwei helped her daughter to walk towards her home。
“Bai Lu,if it is possible,I want to see your father?”
Facing Bai Lu’s mother and daughter’s back,Xiang Chen said softly。Bai Lu is a little unsure, so,Bai Lu’s mother feels a little relieved,Then the others cast their eyes on Mo Mo uniformly,Mo Mo just shrugged slightly,To show the eldest father-in-law,I have no shirk!
&nbsp Xiang Yang sighed,My father is finally not single anymore,But what needs to be adapted is,My little mom is the same age as me。
“Next time!”
Bai Lu smiled,Then follow my mother towards home。

I think I’m scary?”The female ninja smiled and said。

“No,how could be,It’s just not the same as I thought。”
I don’t know why I face such a face,And also his opponent,If it’s normal,Even if he is a woman,Qin Feng will be merciless,Give her a good time,I would never say a word to her。
“Ha ha,Men are like this, isn’t it?”The female ninja taunted。
“Hemp egg,I said,I just didn’t expect,Not ready,Just shocked,If you are verbose,I took your skin off。”Qin Feng who has always been skeptical,Take a closer look at the female ninja。
Suddenly found,It turns out that the face in the veil is not the face of the female ninja at all,But wearing a human skin.mask。
If it wasn’t for Qin Feng,Or if it wasn’t for Qin Feng, Qin Feng took a closer look,Really can’t tell。
Qin Feng is more puzzled,Why she made herself so ugly,Not all women like to make themselves beautiful。
Even many women,Obviously I’m pretty enough,But still not satisfied,Still do some plastic surgery,Micro facelift,Just to make yourself on the original basis,More beautiful。
But she who is also a woman,Why do you want to make yourself look scary?
What makes Qin Feng want to know more is,Behind this mask,What kind of face is it。
All unknown,Are all reasons why Qin Feng didn’t want to kill her,It stands to reason as a ninja,Or a tool for killing,So disguise yourself,For what?。
really,After Qin Feng finished speaking, there was a look of surprise in the eyes of the female ninja,Although it was only a moment, Qin Feng saw it。
Also more confirmed,What Qin Feng discovered is true,The face behind the mask,Is the true face of the female ninja。

Monkey King said with a smile,Then grabbed with the left hand,A jug of wine on the stone table flew into the hands of Monkey King,This wine is not a fairy wine,Spirit wine,But the monkey wine brewed by his people,Although not comparable to fairy wine,But it also has a special flavor。

“Since the Monkey King group members are so bold,I was disrespectful。”
Dryad grandma looked at Monkey King who was tasting there,Said with a smile,Although her appetite is very indifferent now,but,The delicacies Sun Wukong took out made her feel that if they were eaten,Can help one’s own practice,therefore,After thanking,The dryad grandma began to taste the food on the stone table。
“Thank you Master Monkey King for the gift。”
The thousand-year tree demon respectfully said,Food on the stone table in front of you,She has never seen,therefore,She was grateful to Master Monkey King for his kindness,I also noticed the monsters,Also different,In her world,Powerful monsters are reckless,It’s rare to see such a generous patriarch of the world monster clan,Makes the Thousand Year Tree Demons feel deeply。
“No problem,Just food,Nothing,in those days,I have fought against countless Taoist monks who wanted to kill demons in the human world,That battle killed a river of blood,Corpses everywhere,but,Unfortunately,Even if there are more human races,Can’t hurt my hair。”
After Monkey King took a sip of monkey wine,Said in a leisurely tone,Drink,He will think back to his prosperous years,That life and death fight,The experience of blood flow,Let him learn a lot。
“So Lord Monkey King is so good?So many human races,You can’t hurt the Monkey King’s hair。”
The Thousand-Year Tree Fairy said in surprise,Admiringly glanced at Lord Monkey King,As expected, he is the patriarch of a world monster clan,Not only bold and generous,Still so good,I also admire the Millennium Dryad。
“It’s more than,That battle,The masters of the entire human race were almost slaughtered by me,Just when I thought I could go back to sleep well,Heaven,Shot。”
Monkey King said with a smile,After a leisurely sip of monkey wine,Looking at the Millennium Dryad and the Dryad Grandma who were obviously surprised by what I said in the past,Monkey King didn’t care,Then said。
“Heaven thinks I am a demon?My Monkey King is the King of the Demon King,The strongest among the monsters,Some celestial soldiers want to kill me?joke,then,I went straight from the world to the heaven。”
“In heaven,I was stopped by millions of soldiers and generals,Those celestial soldiers want to kill me,unfortunately,All their gods underestimated me。”
“I don’t know how long I killed in Heavenly Court,I only know that as long as there are still gods in the heavens alive,I just keep going,I just picked up the knife like this,Hand up and down。”
“Heaven,The blood that was killed by me flows into a river,Dignified emperor,Hiding in the High Hall of Heaven and dare not come out,I smashed the gate of the High Heaven Palace with one punch,Looking at the emperor hiding under the table。”
Sun Wukong closed his eyes and recalled his own prosperous years,Talking about the battle in a leisurely tone,Fight to the madness。
“later,Just when I wanted to kill the emperor,Buddha Tathagata suddenly shot,Take advantage of me,Sneak attack on me。”
“but,who am I?I am the King of the Demon King, Monkey King,Even the old Tathagata can’t kill me,Can only imprison me,that’s it,I was imprisoned for five hundred years。”
“In these five hundred years,I am not discouraged,because,I know,One day sooner or later,I will break this seal,Go find the old Tathagata to settle accounts。”
“therefore,I devote myself to creating a magical power,Monkey Palm Mountain。”

But he still can’t refute,Capitalist countries all over the world,One by all、Including the fact that the banker himself recognized:Must lend money to the rich,At the same time, you must never lend money to the poor。

Why is United Community Bank crying now、Holding Chen Geng’s thigh and yelling to Dad?Not because Chen Geng is really the father of United Community Bank,But because Chen Geng can bring huge profits to United Community Bank,But in turn,Once someday in the future,The cooperation with Chen Geng threatened the interests of United Community Bank,Or as Brian Moynihan said,Chen Geng has anything to do with the United Community Bank to help……By then, United Community Bank must be the fastest one。
But for capitalists,As long as you can make money,It doesn’t matter what the face is,Brian Moynihan looked at Rosemary pleadingly,I hope Rosemary can say something nice for herself。
Face his once boss,Rosemary is not polite at all:“Bryan,United Community Bank is now a listed bank,If Fernandez abandons the united community,Turn over to Wells Fargo Bank,Guess how much the share price of United Community Bank will fall?”
Brian Moynihan’s face changed suddenly!
As a listed commercial bank,The total assets of United Community Bank have reached4One hundred million U.S. dollars,But once the news that my core customer was poached,I dare not say that the stock price fell by 20 to 30%,But a 10% drop is absolutely relaxing and playful……If you see the poor performance after losing the core customer of Fernandez,The stock price can only continue to fall。
“and so……”
As the boss, Chen Geng is not suitable to say,But Rosemary is fine:“Want Fernandez to stay at Union Community Bank,no problem,As long as the United Community Bank promises us one condition,That’s not a problem。”
“Could you please tell。”Although I feel very bad in my heart,But Brian Moynihan still had to bite the bullet and say。
“Fernandez wants to take a stake in United Community Bank。”
After playing, Brian Moynihan who didn’t expect to be such a result suddenly stood up:“This is impossible……This……The board cannot agree……”
“Nothing impossible,”Rosemary’s kind words:“Bryan,You may have forgotten,The outstanding shares of United Community Bank account for the total share capital46.75%,So the board agreed or not,That’s not a problem at all,It depends on mebossHow do you want to hold this9.99%Shares of。”
Brian Moynihan fell into a chair,Can’t say a word。
Yes,Like Rosemary said,As a listed commercial bank,Do the shareholders of United Community Bank agree that Chen Geng holds shares in the bank?,This doesn’t affect anything at all,What if the entire board and all shareholders disagree?Fernandez can completely buy the outstanding shares from the stock market,Although it’s a bit cumbersome to put nearly one-fifth of the outstanding shares into one’s hands,The price is not small,But as long as Chen Geng is willing to spend a little time and energy,This is not a problem at all。
Once Chen Geng successfully holds the United Community Bank9.99%Shares of,He will transform from the core customer of United Community Bank to the third largest shareholder of United Community Bank plus core customers,This is no longer a question of quantitative and qualitative changes,This is another qualitative change after the qualitative change。

After talking, he shook his head,Continue speaking contemptuously:“It seems,We can’t get along with the rich,Why don’t you come to our department‘Aura’Smarter person?”

Li Shujun said:“Our department does not have,Doesn’t mean we won’t go to other departments。”
Zhou Qingqing said again:“Hey,Don’t you say,The more inconspicuous the person, the more not to be underestimated,Maybe it’s just pretending to be humble!”
Li Shujun stunned,Recognition road:“Maybe that’s the case,Makes sense。”
Zhou Qingqing concluded:“Let’s observe first。”
Li Shujun seemed a little disappointed to sigh the conclusion of his own judgment:“I think Xie Xiaomei and Ye Xingkong,Two humble people,Why is it not connected with the children of senior management?。”
Zhou Qingqing continues to stick to her point of view,Said:“Not afraid of ten thousand,Just in case,People can’t look。”
Li Shujun said:“I hope one of them is from the senior management’s child。”
Zhou Qingqing said:“Ok,Hope,Let us feel extravagant。”
Two people talk strangely,Emoji too“cream of the crop”。
Ye Xingkong’s success in entering the workplace,It’s just a case,In the workplace, not everyone is easy to see each other as an enemy,Ye Xingkong who can’t speak at least,Will not pose a threat to the promotion and future of other employees,There is no conflict of interest,So let other employees relax their vigilance。
after get off work,Li De opened on time.Car to pick up Ye Xingkong。
Try to ensure the convenience of Ye Xingkong commuting to and from get off work,This is Chen Limu’s special care for Ye Xingkong。
After Li De received Ye Xingkong,And didn’t go back to the Mid-Levels apartment,But drove him to the training ground,Ask the coach to teach him to train。