Sit back after meals is good for liver care

Sit back after meals is good for liver care

Sit and rest for 10 to 30 minutes after eating, then go to a nap, take a walk or do something else, which is very necessary for the maintenance of people ‘s liver, especially for people with liver disease.

  Experts explain that after people eat, the blood inside the body is concentrated in the digestive tract to participate in food digestion activities. When the body goes from lying down to correction, the blood flow into the liver will be reduced by 30%.At this time, blood flow into the liver will be reduced by more than 50%.

If the liver is in a state of insufficient blood supply, its normal metabolic activity will be affected.

  Keep your eyes closed for 10-30 minutes after meals, and allow the blood to flow to the liver appropriately to supplement liver cell oxygen and nutrients.

Watch TV to measure your personality

Watch TV to measure your personality

Translation: Which of the following is the most suitable for you to watch TV?


People who like to watch snacks on TV b.

People watching TV regularly c.

People who like to watch new rooms or documentaries d.

Analysis of the results of people who like to watch comedies or performances: Choice a: It turns out that you are an obsessive optimist. You are easy-going and always see only the good side of things.

  Option b: Your life is organized, rational, generous, and reliable.

  Choice c: This kind of person likes to know everything, and loves to participate, and does not like to be a bystander. You are a curious and excellent analyst and talker.

  Choice: You are a person who is good at using your free time, has a great sense of humor, is good at balancing life, and enjoys enjoying family life.

Chronic pharyngitis is treated with these four remedies

Chronic pharyngitis is treated with these four remedies

Click to buy Chronic laryngitis commonly known as “larynx paralysis”. Some friends always feel that the throat has a foreign body sensation, and it is dry and painful. This is the symptom of chronic laryngitis. Today, I compiled four traditional Chinese medicine recipes for chronic laryngitisLet ‘s take a look.

  Chronic pharyngitis uses these four remedies to treat 16 g of remedy one yuan ginseng, three fat seas, 3 g of ginseng leaves, and 3 g of licorice.

Boiled water, 2 daily?
3 times.

  16g of retort flavescens, 16g of Fritillaria chuanxiong, 3g of licorice.

Decoction for tea.

  Recipe Miki Butterfly 15g, West Green Fruit 15g, Honeysuckle 9g, Licorice 3g.

Decoction for tea.
  Recipes 4 grams of leaves, 10 grams of Luo Han Guo, 3 grams of persimmon.

Beverage in water, once a day.

  How to prevent chronic pharyngitis 1 to avoid repeated episodes of acute pneumonia.

  2. Carry out proper physical exercise, maintain a healthy and regular schedule, take a light diet, keep your mouth clean, avoid tobacco and alcohol stimuli, and maintain a good attitude to improve your overall immunity.

  3. Avoid contact with dust, harmful gases, irritating food, poor air quality environment and other irritating factors to the pharynx.

  4. Actively treat local related diseases that may cause chronic laryngitis: such as chronic diseases of the nasal cavity, sinuses, and nasopharynx; chronic rhinitis, deviated nasal septum, chronic sinusitis, adenoidal hypertrophy, rickets and other complication diseases;Chronic tonsillitis; oral inflammation; gastroesophageal reflux.

  5. Actively treat systemic related diseases that may cause chronic pharyngitis: such as anemia, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rheumatism, liver, kidney disease, etc.

  6. Avoid long-term excessive sound.

  7, try to avoid contact with allergens that cause chronic allergic pharyngitis.

White Collar Students Studying abroad: To medicine the disease

White Collar Students Studying abroad: To “medicine” the “disease”

The current study abroad market, like the weather, is described in one word, that is, “fire”.
Moreover, after years of continuous adjustment, the study abroad market has gone out of the blind mistakes of the beginning, and improving education and increasing knowledge are gradually becoming the mainstream direction of the study abroad market.
In this new trend, more and more “white-collar workers” appear in the army of students studying abroad.
Unlike students who have not yet achieved success in their careers, “white-collar workers” rarely go abroad to study abroad. Studying abroad is a high-level “charging” in their careers, in order to improve their ability to participate in future job market competitions,For great career prospects.
“White-collar workers” have a high starting point for studying abroad, but the cost of studying abroad is also relatively high. They need to give up the good career foundation and living conditions at the moment. If they choose improperly, they may become “kelp.”
So, how should “white-collar workers” choose their own “road to study abroad”?
In response, Mr. Qian Yongqiang, an MBA graduated from Yale University in the United States, with his unique professional vision and combined with his own experience, has prescribed a “medicine” for studying in three types of “white-collar workers”.
  ● “Big Bull” white-collar workers This type of white-collar career is stable and has a bright future. Students studying abroad often want to “go to the next level” and aim to accumulate “capital” for senior management.
For such “white-collar workers”, study abroad should be cautious, because giving up or interrupting the current career will make the “opportunity cost” of studying abroad high.
This part of the people can’t have the “herd mentality” to study abroad. They only stare at those hot majors, but should be lacking, and try to choose some short-term study courses.
Otherwise, after returning from school, the time will change and you miss the “golden period” of career development. It is very likely that you “lost your wife and lost your army.”
In addition, for this part of the “white-collar workers”, age is also an important consideration.
Most of the successful working people are almost middle-aged, and it is undoubtedly a huge challenge to adapt to a new environment abroad.
  ● “Potential stocks” white-collar workers 虽 Although such white-collar workers have not made a big name in their careers, they have great prospects.
Such “white-collar workers” have greater flexibility and choice in studying abroad, and can make plans for studying abroad based on their age, economic strength, foreign language level, hobbies, etc.
In addition, such people who study abroad can “go ahead, go back, and stay back”. They can focus on the future and greatly improve their professional ability through studying abroad. Even if their choices are wrong, there is room for manoeuvre without loss.
  However, it should be noted that “local experience” is also an indispensable important factor for career development. Especially for those who want to compete in multinational enterprises, “local experience” is just as important as “advanced technology”.
Therefore, it is the best choice for such “white-collar workers” to work solidly for a while, accumulate “local experience”, and then study abroad.
  ● “Xiao Xiong” white-collar workers Such white-collar workers are often not very satisfied with their careers and are not optimistic about the prospects. Most of them study abroad to “change the environment”, and some people even hold a “gamble” mentality.
Such white-collar workers who study abroad often have high expectations and the highest risks.
Studying abroad cannot be taken lightly. If you lack confidence in the future because of unsatisfactory occupations and unsatisfactory environments, you can also change the environment and re-select occupations in China. It is easier to operate and the cost is relatively low.
Studying abroad is not a “magic bullet” that changes people’s destiny. It contains too many unknown factors.
  Even the best universities abroad, including Harvard and Yale in the United States, are just a “channel” to your success. To open the door to success, you need to make your own efforts.
For this group of white-collar workers, they must have a clear “career goal” and a thorough plan before studying abroad, and they must work hard, so that they can make targeted trips to study abroad and truly change their destiny.
And if the decision to study abroad is made lightly just because of a momentary thought, it will most likely end up being a “bamboo basket draught”.

Ziyin Bushen Classic Liuwei Dihuang Wan

Ziyin Bushen Classic Liuwei Dihuang Wan

In the view of our Chinese medicine practitioners, for a pharmaceutical company, inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, inheriting the essence of the ancestors, and making a truly effective ancient recipe for the finished Chinese medicine, for the common people, for the society, this contribution is better than developing a destiny.How many new drugs are much bigger.

  Liuwei Dihuang Pill is one of the classic representative prescriptions. It consists of Rehmannia glutinosa, Hawthorn, Chinese yam, Alisma, Mudanpi, and Poria. It is named after the rehmannia glutinosa, and Liuwei Dihuang Pill is placed in the famous prescription of Zhang Zhongjing.”Gold is missing kidney and gas” and the group, Zhang Zhongjing has created a system of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, which provides an inexhaustible source of thought for the development of Chinese medicine in later generations. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “the medical door is the Zhongjing and the Confucianism of the Confucianism”.
  Liuwei Dihuang Pill is a classic prescription for nourishing yin and tonifying kidney used by traditional Chinese medicine. It is used for five upset fever caused by kidney yin disease, dizziness, tinnitus, weak waist and knees, hot flash of bones, night sweats, nocturnal emission, thirst, etc.Various symptoms of yin deficiency.

  Liuwei Dihuang Pills are exquisite, and the prescription is rigorous and scientific: among them, Rehmannia glutinosa is used to replenish kidney yin, fill the marrow and replenish the marrow, and the liver and kidney are complemented by yam, yam and spleen and kidney, and achieve the purpose of supplementing the celestial spleen.Yellow, with diarrhea and kidney turbidity, peony bark with hawthorn to diarrhea liver fire, 茯苓 茯苓 yam to benefit spleen dampness, six-flavored medicinal herbs three supplements and three diarrhea, supplement in the vent, the drug is peaceful, suitable for long-term use.

  With the continuous deep clinical research of Liuwei Dihuang Pills in the past, its efficacy has been continuously expanded.

Like the common diabetes in the elderly, hypertension, menopausal syndrome, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, senile pruritus, etc., as long as accompanied by dizziness, five upset heat, hot flashes, night sweats, kidney yinSymptoms, it has obvious therapeutic effects.

Moreover, the modern Chinese medicine clinic also found that long-term use of Liuwei Dihuang Pill also has the ability to improve disease resistance, prevent senile dementia, and delay aging.

It is also the unique effect of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan to get its powerful vitality!

Growth story of the frog Flogg

Growth story of the frog Flogg

Not long ago, I accompanied my daughter to participate in an antique “growth summer camp” on the grassland.

In the bag, we stuffed a copy of “White Horse of Sukh” and a set of “Frog Frog’s Growth Story”.

The former is a legend that happened in the Mongolian grasslands, and the other is her daughter’s favorite book recently.

  The journey along the way was more arduous, and it was catching up with the cold and rainy grasslands.

In the evening, her daughter curled up in a quilt’s quilt. She said several times that she was homesick. I didn’t know what her mother was doing and what her puppy was doing.

I could only take out the books and read them one by one. In the familiar story, she finally fell asleep.

  The daughter finally insisted on it. She left a little reluctantly when she left the camp.

On the return train, she and a few of my accompanying children gathered around me to listen to the story. I deliberately picked up a copy of “Frog’s Trip”.

  Frog Frog, ducklings, piglets, hares and mice live in a quiet mountain forest, and they are all good friends.

  One day, the mouse decided to travel.

He filled his backpack with supplies and food needed for the journey, and was anxious to explore.

Frog, the frog, saw it and must follow it.

The rat stunned, but had to take him.

Two good friends went to the outside world.

  From the beginning, Frog was so excited that he felt everything was fresh.

But after walking for a while, Frog hesitated a little. He was choking for food for a while, and then asked, “Is the outside world coming soon?

“” When can I go home?

“. At the insistence of the mice, they continued on.

  At night, lying on the open grass, Flogg always seemed to hear the sound of a lion or a tiger, and couldn’t sleep at all; during the day, they crossed the mountains and trekked across the mountains.

  Frog fell on the barren hill, and the mouse had to carry him on his back.

  Frog didn’t stop: “The piglet may be baking a cake.

Don’t know what ducklings and hares are doing?

“In the end he sat on the grass and refused to leave anymore, crying to the mouse and saying he was ill.

The mouse said that he was just suffering from homesickness and would be okay as soon as he got home.

So the good friends decided to go home.

  Frog no longer needed a human back. He ran ahead and ran towards his home. He just wanted to return to the pigs, ducklings and Ye Meng earlier.

  A few hours later, the good friends met again.

Frog told everyone excitedly: “The outside world is so beautiful!

“He said a lot of thrilling things, lions, tigers . of course, there are beautiful scenery all the way.

  Piggy invites everyone to eat cake.

Frog sighed while eating a delicious cake: Although the outside world is beautiful and exciting, there is no place like home!

  After reading this story, everyone laughed happily.

The children one after another said, “I miss home too!”

“Yes, so do I.

Sharing this lovely story, people who listened to the story tied their hearts together.

At the time, I couldn’t help thinking of the phrase written by Austrian writer Nesteringer in “The Dog Is Here”: “If you have never been to a vast world, people will feel very sorry and regret;, People will also feel very sorry and regret.

“Nestlinger is a writer who won the International Andersen Prize in 1984, and Flogg’s creator Max.Versius was the painter who won the award in 2004.

These great masters of literature and art have found such lovely stories for children, which are superficial on the surface, but the stories contain their rich wisdom of life.
The story guides the children to travel in the imaginary world, leads them to swim, and reminds them.
  So, even while traveling, try to share these lovely books with your children.
Choosing the right work will add a lot to a trip and leave very good memories.
  I remember when my daughter was more than 4 years old, we went to Hangzhou for a spring tour together and climbed the rebuilt Leifeng Tower the day before.
On the top level of the tower, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there are 6 large-scale woodcut works on the ring wall, deducing the story of Bai Niang and Xu Xian.
My daughter entangled me in telling this story. With the help of woodcut drawings and my memories, I barely told the story, but I couldn’t remember many details.
I was lucky that day. When I went to the small bookstore in front of the museum in the afternoon, I actually found a very simple “White Snake” comic book!
For the next few days, we carried it with us. As long as we sat down and rested, even if it was only a short while, my daughter must listen to this story.
At that time, her daughter was addicted. She fell in love with Bai Niang’s story and also fell in love with West Lake.
The day before I left, she pulled me back to the Leifeng Tower and again appreciated those woodcut works.
At that time, she was almost able to memorize the story of The White Snake.
  If there is always such an opportunity, how can children not fall in love with books and this beautiful world?
  Read Q & A Q: My baby is two and a half years old. I have bought the “Cute Rat” series for a long time, but I do n’t know how to read it. Should I just read the text in the book, or should I mean the meaning of the picture book?Tell her?
  A: It seems that you are a serious mother, hoping to find the best way to read for your child.
However, in parent-child reading, the inherent “best reading” does not exist.
Because the situation of each adult and child is different, the situation of each book is different, and the occasion of reading is different, so the specific method can be freely grasped.
But you can grasp the principle that the most natural and happiest way of reading for adults and children who participate together is the best way.
  Reading picture books for children, adults reading text, and children reading pictures are the most common reading methods.
But in the process of reading, we can continue to adapt, work with the children to ponder the picture, and discover the story in the picture together, which is also very interesting.
  Specific to “Lovely Rat”, because the translator takes great pains to grasp the language and handles the text just right, there is no problem for adults to read the text directly.
But if you encounter a picture book that is not very sophisticated in language processing, or the text in the book exceeds the child’s ability to understand at that time, adults can tell stories in their own language.

What are the taboos for crabs to avoid?

What are the taboos for crabs to avoid?

Persimmons: Crabs and persimmons are two things that can be eaten in the fall, but they cannot be eaten together.

The reason is: crab meat is rich in protein, and persimmon is rich in sulfuric acid. The two kinds of substances will react with each other to form a substance that solidifies into a mass, and it is difficult for our stomach to digest this substance.

Therefore, someone who eats crabs and eats persimmons can cause discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Strong tea: Chinese people like to drink tea, but when eating crabs, the best drink is warm yellow wine, it is best not to drink tea before and after eating crabs.

There are two reasons for this: 1.

Crab feet, crabs can not help but have a little bacteria, drink vinegar can kill them, our stomach juice also has a certain bactericidal ability, but after drinking tea, insert gastric juice to dilute, the sterilization effect is greatly reduced;

Tea, like persimmon, also contains fermented acid, which can cause stomach upset; pear: pear is a cool food, with the cold crab crab, it will damage the spleen and stomach, causing indigestion.

Spleen and stomach deficient people should pay special attention to; ice water, ice cream: the same reason, crabs are already very cold, and then eat cold iced food, can lead to diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders; lamb: mutton is sweet, while crab crabs are cold, at the same timeAfter eating, the warming effect of the mutton is greatly reduced, and the spleen and stomach are hindered. For patients with yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, it is easy to cause dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, and the robes affect the vitality of the human body;

What kind of fish can effectively prevent cancer?

What kind of fish can effectively prevent cancer?

The latest “Netherlands Health Prevention Guide” specifically quantifies the health status of adults, which specifically recommends eating fish at least twice a week, each 100?
150 grams, at least once for high-fat fish.

  Adults eat half a catty of fish every week. Ma Guansheng caused by the nutrition and food safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Chinese residents ‘dietary guidelines also advocate that we eat more fish and shrimp. Generally, we recommend eating 50?
100 grams, about half a catty of fish and shrimp a week for adults is a basic amount, especially deep-sea fish.

  Fish contains animal protein and calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D, B1, and B2, which are higher than animal meats such as pork and chicken.

The protein contained in fish meat is completely protein, and the amount and ratio of essential amino acids in the protein are similar to those of the human body. It is most suitable for the needs of the human body and is easily digested and absorbed.

  In addition, protein is rich in vitamin D, omega 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are all good antioxidant and anti-cancer substances. It can lower cholesterol and triglycerides and prevent blood clotting.

  Eat auntie fish to reduce the risk of cancer. Researchers at Karolinska Medical College in Sweden have questioned and analyzed the dietary habits and conditions of more than 60,000 women who have undergone mammograms.Fish, the risk of kidney cancer can be reduced by 74%.

  High dungfish mainly include: salmon, parasitic fish, sardines, and herrings that live in the deep sea. Low-fat fish include cod, sea bass, and tuna. High-dung fish contain 5 times higher vitamin D, and deep-sea fish oil.Omega-3 fatty acids are about 20 times more abundant.

  Even if there is no condition to eat more high-faecal fish, eating more freshwater fish is also good for your health.

To cure irregular menstruation, find the root cause first

To cure irregular menstruation, find the root cause first

Menstruation is the exfoliation of the endometrial cycle under the action of estrogen secreted by the ovaries.

Normal menstruation includes normal menstrual cycle, menstrual flow, color, and physiological response. Any abnormality of any element is a menstrual abnormality, which is often referred to as “irregular menstruation.”

Experts point out that irregular menstruation is a common gynecological disease, and the cause may be organic appearance or dysfunction, especially the irregular menstruation caused by the organic nature. Delayed treatment will lead to aggravation of the condition.

  Irregular menstruation and non-trivial diseases do not affect women’s health in a timely manner1.

Prolonged menstrual flow, irregular uterine bleeding can lead to hemorrhagic anemia, bleeding, dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, palpitations, shortness of breath and other phenomena.


Organic menstrual disorders such as uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, etc., cause irregular menstruation, if not treated in time, it will lead to aggravation and deterioration.


One or more of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis dysfunctions will lead to anovulation. This is one of the pathophysiological basis of menstrual disease and one of the causes of infertility. Some patients have ovarian corpus luteum function despite ovulationInsufficiency can also cause infertility.


Irregular menstruation affects women’s physical health, which may cause abnormalities such as skin stains, roughness, dullness, dullness, and even irritability.

  Experts point out that the occurrence of menstruation is the result of the combined effects of many factors, and that women alone can’t accurately identify the root cause of irregular menstruation due to their own lack of professional medical knowledge. It is best to go to gynecology to find out in time.

  The treatment of irregular menstruation and non-severe diseases requires symptomatic treatment according to different “root causes”. The symptoms of irregular menstruation are obvious, and women can quickly discover that they generally do not develop to a very serious degree.

However, the cause of irregular menstruation is multifaceted, and correct and effective treatment must be given to different causes.


For organic lesions such as uterine fibroids and endometrial polyps, surgical treatment should be performed for the primary disease.


Cycle disruption: Cocoa uses different treatment options depending on age.

Adolescent girls with menstrual disorders can use estrogen, progestin mimics ovarian function, that is, artificial cycle treatment has a good effect; and women of reproductive age, menopausal menstrual irregularities must eliminate lesions in the vagina, uterus, uterus, uterus, etc.After excluding organic arthritis, treatment for different causes.


Infertility: Different ovulation-promoting drugs can be selected according to the patient’s condition to improve ovarian function or replace some functions of the pituitary and hypothalamus.


Hemorrhage and anemia: Due to the long menstrual period and heavy menstrual flow, in addition to general hemostasis measures, hormones or curettage can be replaced as needed to stop bleeding.

What are the ways to break the deadlock?

What are the ways to break the deadlock?

There is a deadlock phenomenon in social interpersonal communication, which specifically manifests the following four types.

  1. However, some people of my sole esteem put themselves at the center of social affairs, and have a rigid attitude in communication. With me as the axis, I hope that the other party will follow the rules, obey ourselves, and not make light gestures and make friendly expressions.Communication, indifferent “rigid” situation.

  2. People who value difference There are various differences among each other in rank, level, rich and poor, knowledge, and ability.

At this time, the party in the superior class will feel good about themselves and be accustomed to looking down at people; the party in the inferior position will live a proud and unyielding attitude.

The relationship between the two parties cannot communicate and develop.

  3, under the general situation of sexual annoyance, the communication situation will not appear “stiff” phenomenon.

Just as the communicative relationship is about to deepen and develop, the actions of the other party will cause Party B’s negative reactions, which will cause sexual anger, close heart palpitations, and turn negative attitudes. The relationship that could have developed smoothly will cool down.

  4. Repulsion. Certain relationships in nature are attractive, and some relationships are disturbing.

This is also true of interpersonal relationships. Some people are naturally speculative and harmonious together, while others seem to be naturally opposed. Past enemies are dissatisfied with each other and are not pleasing to the eye. There is no way to develop relationships.

  How to break through the deadlock in communication?

Here are the main methods: 1. Overcome self-awareness and establish an open mind.

Examining the phenomenon of “stiffness” in communication will notice the fact that this phenomenon usually occurs in two types of people: one is arrogant and the other is introverted and arrogant.

Their distinguishing characteristics are self-righteousness, strong self-esteem and self-closing.

To break the “stiff” situation of communication, we must first overcome self-awareness, establish an open mind, dilute the word “I”, and take the initiative to communicate.

  2. See the essence through perspective.

The communication “stiffness” phenomenon is a bit of a small family, no one wants to face it, and no one admits to be surrounded by it, but sometimes it really exists.

If we can understand this essence clearly, the merger will laugh for our stupid and absurd behavior, leading us to take a proactive approach and consciously communicate with each other.

  3. Pay attention to methods and skills, and pay attention to delicate relationships.

The “stiff” situation of communication is to be broken, but it is very delicate in itself, and there may be some relationships that are difficult to elaborate.

Therefore, the methods and skills at this time are particularly important: the appropriate methods and rounded skills can achieve the goal satisfactorily; otherwise, it may cause abruptness or be counterproductive.

  4. Show personality charm and gain respect from each other.

Breaking through the “rigid” situation of communication is a matter for both parties, which cannot be achieved by one party alone.

It is true that being proactive and developing style, it is necessary and positive that you take the initiative first.

But it is also to evoke the response of the other party, to give the other party shock and inspiration.