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“That’s hard to say,The little girl told me,Wait till she is eighteen,I must marry you……”
Listening to the chat between Little MacDonald and Chen Geng,The crowd around was shocked:A ten year old girl,Yelling to marry Chen Geng?!
Although no one knows the Paris that Chen Geng and Mr. MacDonald said·What is Hilton,But can have a chance to meet little Macdonald、And chatting with him for so long,Can my background be simple??It must be the daughter of a big family in America,Such a daughter……Uh,Is it too small??
Chen Geng sniffed at what little MacDonald said:“She said to marry me, just marry me,Let’s not say whether I want to marry her,Little girl only now10year old,Also8Young18year old,How are you sure of this8I won’t get married during the year?”
“It doesn’t matter if you get married,”Little Macdonald chuckled,Look at the lively expression:“The important thing is,Little Paris is coming to China to see you in a few days。”
“what?”Chen Geng is confused:“She is coming to China?”
Little MacDonald looked disapproving:“China is developing so well now,How could their Hilton family ignore?That old guy Barron told me personally,They are going to China for inspection,Prepare to invest and build a luxurious five-star hotel in China。”
Realize this,Many people are entangled in their hearts:The richest Americans、big family,Really entangled each other,I am in you、You in me,Ugh……
Wonderful book house
First954chapter Don’t underestimate the little girl
See Cheng Chen Geng,Wang Xiaodong is as happy as meeting his long-lost brother,Learn the habits of foreigners,Come up and give Chen Geng a strong hug:“Mr. Chen,You are welcome to visit us and guide our work。”
“Manager Wang, you’re welcome,”Chen Geng’s modest way:“I’m not here to investigate,I just accompany Mr. Macdonald Jr. to see our development。”
Although that is the case,But Wang Xiaodong and other Xifei leaders dare not care。
Everyone knows what Mr. Macdonald Jr did when he came to Xifei:Fokker of COMACF100After a few years of project foundry, the fuselage parts,this time,Chen Geng will fly west、Shen Fei、Several companies, such as Shaanfei and Chengfei, who gave COMAC OEM airframe components recommended to McDonnell Douglas。

Monkey King said with a smile,Then grabbed with the left hand,A jug of wine on the stone table flew into the hands of Monkey King,This wine is not a fairy wine,Spirit wine,But the monkey wine brewed by his people,Although not comparable to fairy wine,But it also has a special flavor。

“Since the Monkey King group members are so bold,I was disrespectful。”
Dryad grandma looked at Monkey King who was tasting there,Said with a smile,Although her appetite is very indifferent now,but,The delicacies Sun Wukong took out made her feel that if they were eaten,Can help one’s own practice,therefore,After thanking,The dryad grandma began to taste the food on the stone table。
“Thank you Master Monkey King for the gift。”
The thousand-year tree demon respectfully said,Food on the stone table in front of you,She has never seen,therefore,She was grateful to Master Monkey King for his kindness,I also noticed the monsters,Also different,In her world,Powerful monsters are reckless,It’s rare to see such a generous patriarch of the world monster clan,Makes the Thousand Year Tree Demons feel deeply。
“No problem,Just food,Nothing,in those days,I have fought against countless Taoist monks who wanted to kill demons in the human world,That battle killed a river of blood,Corpses everywhere,but,Unfortunately,Even if there are more human races,Can’t hurt my hair。”
After Monkey King took a sip of monkey wine,Said in a leisurely tone,Drink,He will think back to his prosperous years,That life and death fight,The experience of blood flow,Let him learn a lot。
“So Lord Monkey King is so good?So many human races,You can’t hurt the Monkey King’s hair。”
The Thousand-Year Tree Fairy said in surprise,Admiringly glanced at Lord Monkey King,As expected, he is the patriarch of a world monster clan,Not only bold and generous,Still so good,I also admire the Millennium Dryad。
“It’s more than,That battle,The masters of the entire human race were almost slaughtered by me,Just when I thought I could go back to sleep well,Heaven,Shot。”
Monkey King said with a smile,After a leisurely sip of monkey wine,Looking at the Millennium Dryad and the Dryad Grandma who were obviously surprised by what I said in the past,Monkey King didn’t care,Then said。
“Heaven thinks I am a demon?My Monkey King is the King of the Demon King,The strongest among the monsters,Some celestial soldiers want to kill me?joke,then,I went straight from the world to the heaven。”
“In heaven,I was stopped by millions of soldiers and generals,Those celestial soldiers want to kill me,unfortunately,All their gods underestimated me。”
“I don’t know how long I killed in Heavenly Court,I only know that as long as there are still gods in the heavens alive,I just keep going,I just picked up the knife like this,Hand up and down。”
“Heaven,The blood that was killed by me flows into a river,Dignified emperor,Hiding in the High Hall of Heaven and dare not come out,I smashed the gate of the High Heaven Palace with one punch,Looking at the emperor hiding under the table。”
Sun Wukong closed his eyes and recalled his own prosperous years,Talking about the battle in a leisurely tone,Fight to the madness。
“later,Just when I wanted to kill the emperor,Buddha Tathagata suddenly shot,Take advantage of me,Sneak attack on me。”
“but,who am I?I am the King of the Demon King, Monkey King,Even the old Tathagata can’t kill me,Can only imprison me,that’s it,I was imprisoned for five hundred years。”
“In these five hundred years,I am not discouraged,because,I know,One day sooner or later,I will break this seal,Go find the old Tathagata to settle accounts。”
“therefore,I devote myself to creating a magical power,Monkey Palm Mountain。”

[Can milk powder and goat milk powder be mixed]_ goat milk powder _ how to mix

Global version  揂 揂 版 雖 漖 醦 【瀹 濆 喂 啄 勮 勮 緩 兩 覾 屾 兂 礁 椤  瀛 扯 ˉ 鍏 呭 Ao 鈾 戰 到 到 到 到 到 到 別瀛╁瓙鑳藉鏇村姞鍋ュ悍鐨勬垚闀垮拰鍏ㄩ潰鐨勫彂灞曘€傚洜姝わ紝涓嶅皯鐖稿鍠滄灏嗙墰濂剁矇鍜岀緤濂剁矇娣峰悎鐫€缁欏疂瀹濆枬銆傚湪杞ザ鏈燂紝杩欎袱绉嶅ザ绮夋槸鍙互娣风殑锛屼絾鏄嵈涓嶈兘闀挎椂闂存贩鐫€鍠濓紝鍥犱负杩欎笉鍒╀簬瀹濆疂鐨勮偁鑳冿紝涔熷彲鑳戒細瀵艰嚧杩囨晱锛屼笖涓よ€呬笉鑳借揪鍒Mixing and unrecognizing the following problems: the most important thing is that the Mongolian mustard traders have made a version of the original version.娣峰悎鏂瑰紡缁欏疂瀹濊浆濂讹紝鎱㈡參杩囨浮鍒颁竴绉嶅ザ绮夛紝浣嗘槸涓嶈兘闀挎湡娣峰悎椋熺敤鐨勩€備簩銆佺緤濂剁矇鍜岀墰濂剁矇娣峰湪涓€璧峰枬鐨勫壇浣滅敤1銆佹贩鍚堝悆涓嶅埄浜庡疂瀹濊偁鑳冪緤濂剁矇鍜岀墰濂剁矇鍒嗗瓙缁撴瀯涓婁笉涓€鏍凤紝缇婂ザ鐨勫垎瀛愬彧鏄墰濂剁殑1/3 锛屼袱绉嶅ザ绮夋贩鐫€缁欏疂瀹濆悆锛屽瀹濆疂鐨勮偁鑳冧笉鍒╋紝灏辩畻鎹釜鐗屽瓙鐨勫ザ绮夛紝瀹濆疂涔熻閫傚簲2-3澶┿€?It ‘s difficult to make use of the country ‘s economy. It ‘s difficult for you to sell it. It ‘s difficult. It ‘s difficult. It ‘s very difficult. It ‘s not so good. It ‘s not so good.湁鎵€涓嶅悓锛岃繖涔熸槸涓轰綍鏈変簺瀹濆疂鍚冪墰涔冲嚭鐜拌繃鏁忓弽鏄狅紝浣嗘槸杞垚缇婁钩鍚庯紝杩囨晱鍙嶅簲灏遍檷浣庢垨鑰呮秷澶变簡銆傚鏋滀袱鑰呮贩鍚堝杺鍏伙紝瀹规槗寮曞彂杩囨晱3銆佷袱鑰呮贩鍚堝苟涓嶈钀 ュ 吇 鐗 ╄Cracked and feared.搴旗殑杩囩▼锛屽ザ绮変腑鐨勪富瑕佹垚鍒嗚泲鐧借川涔熷睘浜庢椿鎬х墿璐紝鍥犺€屽皢2绉嶄笉鍚屾瘮渚嬬粍鎴愮殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ浉浜掓贩鍚堝苟涓嶈兘杈惧埌钀ュ吇鍚屽寲鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€備笁銆佺墰濂剁矇鍜岀緤濂剁矇鏈変粈涔堝尯鍒?In the altar, there are a lot of people in the altar, and there is a lot of smoke in the altar. Read 4.9%;闄や簡涔崇硸澶栵紝鐗涗钩杩樺惈鏈夊皯閲忕殑钁¤悇绯栥€佸崐涔崇硸鍙婂叾浠栫硸绫汇€傜緤濂朵腑鐨The problem is that the Hook and the Hook are not easy to change, and any change can be made. It ‘s very difficult to distinguish between the different ways. It ‘s different from the others.A lot of remedies are available. Remedies are available. Remedies are available. A lot of people are waiting for you. You will be able to find out how many things are going on.愮棁鐨勬儏鍐佃繙姣旂墰濂惰灏忋€傜Е涔崇緤濂剁矇婀挎硶宸ヨ壓锛屽噺灏戜簩娆℃薄鏌擄紝椴滃ザ鍦ㄥ柗闆惧共鐕ユ垚绮変箣鍓嶅姞鍏ヨ惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝閿佷綇浜嗘柊椴滆惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝淇濊瘉浜嗗ザ绮夌殑鏂伴矞锛屼篃澶уぇ鐨勬彁楂樹簡濂剁矇鐨勭函姝e彛鍛炽€?You can read the manuscripts in the altar, and you will be able to read them in the forum. (Huahuaihuanhuai Ahuanhua 1 Aihe 2 Aijiu 100%)Huaiyin, A, A, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A-4 chains of sorrows and sorrows, and the manuscripts are ready to be read and the dramas are stolen, and the rainbow altar is chopped up 1/5 銆?銆 佺 坛 铂 Doo 酑 铲 铲 史 揲 擲 擲 擲 揲 撖 By the Chuan Chuan  噺 咺 Cui Ningjuan 瘜 緤 淂 Duo 酑 镄 勮 揲 鏏 铏 钖 璖 傺 固 雲 雺 雰 將 幎 幎 幎 幎 幎 幎 幧緤濂朵腑鐨勪富瑕佽泲鐧借川鏄叒铔嬬櫧鍜屼钩娓呰泲鐧姐€傚叾涓紝鐗涘ザ涓殑閰泲鐧戒笌涔虫竻铔嬬櫧鐨勬瘮渚嬬害涓?0 ad?0 Adopted the negative 65:35 Adopted the negative 60:40?

[Celery and pork stuffing]_How to make_How to make

銆 愯 姯 尓 尓 喓 喓 喓 夓 夐  銆 慱 許 庝 箞 锅 歘 傘 傡 傘 傡 傍 炍 綍 鍍 How to prepare a pot?
澶у骞虫椂濡傛灉鎯宠鍚冮ズ瀛愭垨鑰呮槸鍖呭瓙鐨勮瘽锛岄鍏堝氨闇€瑕佸噯澶囬鏂欍€傞鏂欑殑閫A lot of troubles are happening, and the chains are different, and the chains are different, and the worms are intertwined with each other.銆傝姽鑿滅尓鑲夐灏辨槸涓€绉嶅懗閬撳緢涓嶉敊鐨勮倝棣咃紝涓嶄粎椴滈鍙彛锛岃€屼笖鍋氳捣鏉ヤ篃涓嶅鏉傦紝闇€瑕佺殑椋熸潗涔熼兘寰堝父瑙併€傞偅涔堬紝鑺硅彍鐚倝棣呭簲璇ユ€庝箞鍋氬憿锛熸墍闇€椋Inlaid?銆佽姽鑿溿€侀娌广€佽懕鏈€佸绮夈€佽姳妞掔矇銆佷簲棣欑矇銆佽€佹娊銆佺洂鍒朵綔鏂规硶棣呮枡鍋氭硶锛?銆佸皢鐚倝鍓佹垚娉ワ紝鍔犲叆棣欐补銆佽懕鏈€佸绮夈€佽姳妞掔矇銆佷簲棣欑矇銆佽€佹娊銆佺洂锛屾部涓€涓柟鍚戝厖鍒嗘悈鎷屻€?銆佽姽鑿滄礂鍑€;3銆佸皢鑺硅彍鍒囨垚灏忎竵锛岀敤绾卞竷鎴栫洿鎺ョ敤鎵嬶紝鎶婅姽鑿滈噷鐨勬按鍒嗘尋鍒扮Read more about it?灏介噺鐢ㄥ姏澶氭尋涓€涓嬶紝鍚︿晶棣呬細澶█涓嶅ソ鍖?4 Moguierou embarrassing Toso Moguixunlian community Jing Quguiguolu Juyixiangxiong  Juan  Ren Likuacunjuan  Nanyangcaipang Roujikema Eren Rurongyongma Yun ▼ Juan  お Qian rub Qin濂芥悈鎷岀殑璇濓紝鍙互绋嶅井鍔犲叆鍒氭墠鎸ゅ嚭鏉ョ殑鑺硅彍姘淬€傞潰鐨仛娉曪細1銆佸皢闈㈠拰濂藉悗锛岄ェ涓€浼氬効锛屽皢楗уソ鐨勯潰鍥㈡弶鎴愰暱鏉★紝婊氬垁鍒囨垚鍓傚瓙;2銆佸皢鍓傚瓙鎾掍笂涓€灞傝杽闈紝鐢ㄦ墜鍘嬫墎;3銆佺敤鎿€闈㈡潠鎿€濂介ズ瀛愮毊;4銆佸皢棣呮枡鏀惧叆鐨腑锛屽杈规崗鍚?5 銆 佷 蓱 葎 卒 卒 傒 傒 咒 咖?6銆侀ズ瀛愬寘濂戒簡銆傚皬绐嶉棬锛氳姽鑿滄槸涓嶉渶瑕佺敤寮€姘寸劘鐨勶紝涓€鏄細鍘婚櫎鏈韩甯︽湁This is a simple and easy-to-use, simple and easy-to-use method, and you can click on the button to get it ready. You will be able to use it as a guide, and you will be able to use it.互鍏呭垎鍒╃敤鑺硅彍鏈韩甯︽湁鐨勬按鍒嗭紝鍏嶅幓鍐嶆鍔犳按鐨勯夯鐑︺€傝彍鍝佺壒鑹茬尓鑲夎姽鑿滄按楗猴紝鏈€甯歌鐨勬按楗虹绫讳箣涓€锛岀敱鐚倝 銆?鑺硅彍銆侀娌广€佽懕鏈€佸绮夈€佽姳妞掔矇銆佷簲棣欑矇銆佽€佹娊銆佺洂绛夊仛鎴愩€傝惀鍏讳环鍊兼棻鑺瑰惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱燗銆佺淮鐢熺礌B1銆佺淮鐢熺礌B2銆佺淮鐢熺礌C鍜岀淮鐢熺礌P锛岄挋锛岄搧The following links are available: ⒄Sichuan, Sichuan, China, China, China鏈夎嵂鏁堟垚鍒嗙殑鑺硅彍鑻枫€佷經鎵嬭嫹鍐呴叝鍜屾尌鍙戞补锛屽叿鏈夐檷琛€鍘嬨€侀檷琛€鑴傘€侀槻娌诲姩鑴夌播鏍风‖鍖栫殑浣滅敤;瀵圭缁忚“寮便€佹湀缁忓け璋冦€佺棝椋庛€佹姉鑲岃倝鐥夋寷涔熸湁涓€I am so sorrowful; I am so stupid, I am so stupid, I am so stupid, I am so foolish, I am so foolish綋娲诲姩閲忓皬銆侀ギ椋熼噺灏戙€侀ギ姘撮噺涓嶈冻鑰屾槗鎮eぇ渚垮共鐕ワ紝缁忓父鍚冪偣鑺硅彍鍙埡婵€鑳冭偁锠曞姩鍒╀簬鎺掍究銆傜尓鑲変腑鍚湁缁寸敓绱燘1锛屽鏋滃悆鑲夋椂鍐嶄即涓€鐐瑰ぇ钂滐紝鍙互寤堕暱缁寸敓绱燘1鍦ㄤ汉浣撳唴鍋滅暀鐨勬椂闂达紝杩欏淇冭繘琛€娑插惊鐜互鍙婂敖蹇秷闄よ韩浣撶柌鍔筹紝澧炲己浣撹川锛岄兘鏈夐噸瑕佺殑浣滅敤銆?

Hexing Packaging (002228): Revenue slightly under pressure, profitability has picked up, light asset expansion strategy is fully upgraded

Hexing Packaging (002228): Revenue slightly under pressure, profitability has picked up, light asset expansion strategy is fully upgraded

This report reads: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, and its performance was slightly lower than expected.

The decline in paper prices has resulted in a sluggish product quality, the company’s revenue has been slightly under pressure, the cost pressure has eased, and the profit level has increased from the previous quarter.

Investment Highlights: Reduce target 杭州桑拿 price to 4.

4 5 yuan, maintaining a prudent overweight rating.

The 2019 semi-annual report was released. The decline in base paper prices affected product segmentation, and the company’s revenue was slightly lower than expected.

Taking into account the tightening macroeconomic environment at home and abroad, the downstream demand for packaging paper and the low price of corrugated cardboard, reduce the company’s 2019?
Impact of EPS to 0 in 2021.

25 (-0.

03) / 0.

30 (-0.

04) / 0.

34 (-0.

05) Yuan, with reference to peers giving the company 18 times PE in 2019 and lowering the target price to 4.

45 yuan, maintaining a prudent overweight rating.

The interim report performance was slightly lower than expected, and the profit level improved slightly.

The decline in the price of base paper in the first half of the 杭州桑拿 year significantly affected product sales prices, and the company’s revenue in 2019H1 was 54.

8.5 billion, down 6.

15%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.

3.4 billion, an increase of 10.


Benefiting from the decline in raw material prices, the company’s profitability improved and its overall gross profit margin was 12.

66%, an increase of 0 a year.

98pct, net interest rate 2.

65%, an increase of 0 from 2018.

3pct, of which Q2 single quarter gross margin is 13.

06%, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

76 points.

The economic environment at home and abroad is tightening, and packaging manufacturing revenues are under pressure.

The continuous downward adjustment of the upstream base paper price directly affects the development pattern of the industry. The downstream retail consumption boom is affected by macroeconomic changes and affects the overall demand of the packaging industry.

The company’s packaging manufacturing business revenue also fell by 10.

31%, gross margin increased by 0 in the short term.

73% to 15.

46%; in terms of products, the company’s carton, cardboard and buffer packaging materials business revenue fell by 7 respectively.

86% / 11.

36% / 20.

57%, gross profit margin increased by 1.

37% /-2.

01% / 3.
Driven endogenously and synchronously to achieve the strategic upgrade of asset-light expansion.

After the acquisition of Hezhong Chuangya in 2018, it enriched the company’s customer structure. In January 2019, “United Packaging Network” 2.

Version 0 was officially launched to promote the deep development of the PSCP project.

The existing platform has about 1,600 customers, an increase of about 300 compared with the end of 2018, and achieved sales revenue of nearly 1.5 billion US dollars. The light asset expansion of the packaging industry chain is smooth.

Risk reminders: macroeconomic risks, market competition risks, raw material price fluctuation risks

American credit card debt innovation hits record high of more than $ 1 trillion tomorrow’s money

American credit card debt innovation hits record high of more than $ 1 trillion “tomorrow’s money”
The way Americans spend tomorrow’s money today has made them the world’s most famous 四川耍耍网 credit card slaves. Recently, their card debt has reached a new high.CBS data quoted by the Federal Reserve Board reported that the total debt of US credit card holders has exceeded $ 1 trillion (about 6).7 trillion yuan), exceeding the record set before the 2008 financial crisis.  According to Matt Schultz, a senior analyst for credit cards on credit card information websites, this situation should serve as a wake-up call for Americans. Even if you think you can still afford credit card debt, you may be one step away from real trouble.  According to the website data, each family currently pays an average of 9,600 US dollars (about 63,965 yuan), accounting for 17% of the average family income.Since the average interest rate on credit cards is 16%, and some credit cards have an interest rate of about 24%, the credit card debt of each family increases by 1,600 US dollars (about 10658 yuan) to 2,300 US dollars (about 15,320 yuan) each year.  Despite the huge debts, most Americans believe that the current economic situation is stable and the unemployment rate remains at a certain level, so they are optimistic 厦门夜网 about the future.However, Schultz warns that people will never know when the limit will be reached, and the situation may not yet reach a critical point, but it will not be too far a day.Unemployment, emergency medical treatment, and rising interest rates are all factors that could cause the crash.  Schultz advised people to reduce debt when the economy is good and try to pay off their debts on a monthly basis. At the same time, beware of hidden credit card charges such as late fees, withdrawal fees, overseas transaction fees, annual fees, etc.(Gao Linlin) Original title: US credit card debt hits record high, spending more than $ 1 trillion “tomorrow’s money”

Ziyin Bushen Classic Liuwei Dihuang Wan

Ziyin Bushen Classic Liuwei Dihuang Wan

In the view of our Chinese medicine practitioners, for a pharmaceutical company, inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, inheriting the essence of the ancestors, and making a truly effective ancient recipe for the finished Chinese medicine, for the common people, for the society, this contribution is better than developing a destiny.How many new drugs are much bigger.

  Liuwei Dihuang Pill is one of the classic representative prescriptions. It consists of Rehmannia glutinosa, Hawthorn, Chinese yam, Alisma, Mudanpi, and Poria. It is named after the rehmannia glutinosa, and Liuwei Dihuang Pill is placed in the famous prescription of Zhang Zhongjing.”Gold is missing kidney and gas” and the group, Zhang Zhongjing has created a system of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, which provides an inexhaustible source of thought for the development of Chinese medicine in later generations. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “the medical door is the Zhongjing and the Confucianism of the Confucianism”.
  Liuwei Dihuang Pill is a classic prescription for nourishing yin and tonifying kidney used by traditional Chinese medicine. It is used for five upset fever caused by kidney yin disease, dizziness, tinnitus, weak waist and knees, hot flash of bones, night sweats, nocturnal emission, thirst, etc.Various symptoms of yin deficiency.

  Liuwei Dihuang Pills are exquisite, and the prescription is rigorous and scientific: among them, Rehmannia glutinosa is used to replenish kidney yin, fill the marrow and replenish the marrow, and the liver and kidney are complemented by yam, yam and spleen and kidney, and achieve the purpose of supplementing the celestial spleen.Yellow, with diarrhea and kidney turbidity, peony bark with hawthorn to diarrhea liver fire, 茯苓 茯苓 yam to benefit spleen dampness, six-flavored medicinal herbs three supplements and three diarrhea, supplement in the vent, the drug is peaceful, suitable for long-term use.

  With the continuous deep clinical research of Liuwei Dihuang Pills in the past, its efficacy has been continuously expanded.

Like the common diabetes in the elderly, hypertension, menopausal syndrome, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, senile pruritus, etc., as long as accompanied by dizziness, five upset heat, hot flashes, night sweats, kidney yinSymptoms, it has obvious therapeutic effects.

Moreover, the modern Chinese medicine clinic also found that long-term use of Liuwei Dihuang Pill also has the ability to improve disease resistance, prevent senile dementia, and delay aging.

It is also the unique effect of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan to get its powerful vitality!

Tell you 5 minutes to enhance the effectiveness of the mask


Tell you 5 minutes to enhance the effectiveness of the mask

Teach you to maximize the function of the mask, it only takes five minutes, learn it!

  Tips1 After applying the mask, do MMs have the habit of applying the mask after taking a hot bath? It turns out that this is the best time to apply the mask, because the pores on the skin are fully opened, and the skin is full of moisture.

In the same way, MMs can wash their faces with hot water before applying the mask, the effect is very good.

  Tips2 It is best to use the essence before applying the essence to the mask, because it creates the essence that penetrates the leading mask and enhances its effect.

For example, you can apply whitening mask on the whitening essence first, or you can take a moisturizing essence and then apply a moisturizing mask.

  Tips3 The MM in a hurry to apply the peripheral mask may put the mask in front of the mask when the mask is applied, even if it is done, but the effect is very poor.

When applying the mask, you should apply the mask around the middle bridge of the person, smooth out the mask paper from the inside out, and push out the air in it. Part of the mask must be applied, otherwise it is easy to rise because the mask paper is dry.

  Tips4 cover with a towel and heat. If the MMs put the mask in the refrigerator to cool down or heat it with hot water, it may damage the nutrition of the mask.

The best way is to first prepare a dry towel, put it on the back of the film, it can increase the tightness and enhance the absorption effect.

  Tips5 Massage with the mask under the mask. In fact, every time the mask is applied and removed, there is still a lot of essence left on the face that is not absorbed.

At this time we can gently massage the face, massage for 3 to 5 minutes to help it absorb, the effect can be doubled.

  Tips6 after applying the lotion lock and water mask, you can finish it.

Finally, we need to apply a lotion. The lotion will form a protective layer of oil content, which helps us lock in moisture and nutrients just absorbed by the skin.

  Tips7 After applying the face to the neck, the mask will retain a certain amount of nutrient solution. MMs can exert their best use to apply it on the neck.

This can avoid the problem of increasing skin difference between the face and neck.

  Tips8 Mask Bag Essence MM will notice that there are still some essences in the mask bag, why not use it well.

We can use it on our hands and feet to absorb the essence together!

Test: Do you know enough about the opposite sex?

Test: Do you know enough about the opposite sex?

Want to know how much you know about the differences between men and women in love, please do the test below.


Women are more romantic than men.

  Yes or No 2.

Women are more likely to fall in love than men.

  Yes or No 3.

Men usually feel more in love than women.

  Yes or No 4.

Broken relationships hurt women more than men.

  Yes or No 5.

Women in love are more likely to express deep feelings than men.

  Yes or No 6.

In sex, men are usually more active than women.

  Yes or No 7.

Women are awake from love more slowly than men.

  Yes or No 8.

Women who want to escape will win the interest of the men around them.

  Yes or No The drama answers “No” to 1 point for each question, and then calculates the total score.

  Exciting at 4 or above: You are a master and you know the opposite sex well.

  Wonderful at 2?
3 points: You have a general understanding of love and the sexual response under the influence of love.

  Wonderful at 0?
1 point: I don’t know about the opposite sex.



Studies of romantic behavior in courtship have found that men are generally more romantic than women.

They are more likely to agree with such views: “Love is very magnificent” or “True love can last forever.


Is Cink at Branders University?

Professor Rubin designed many questionnaires about love, which provided the basis for subsequent research.

Rubin found that, in proportion to women, men fell in love and recovered, waking up slowly from love.


Women are more likely to feel the pain and ecstasy of love than men.

Women are more likely to feel nervous and dizzy, as if standing on a cloud.

This evidence is confirmed by physiological measurements of the female sympathetic nervous system.

Rubin and other researchers have found that the pain that men endure after a broken relationship may be because men are less likely to talk to someone about their feelings than women.

The degree to which men and women are willing to express their feelings in intimate relationships is not much different.

However, the way of speaking is different.

Men are more willing to show their strengths than weaknesses.

Women, on the other hand, are skeptical about their strengths, especially if they feel they threaten the men they want.

Women are more likely to reveal their weakness, interests and feelings about others.


Either way, whether subtle or obvious, the evidence shows that men and women have the same initiative in sex and that they are as likely to take the initiative as men.


As explained in question 2, men are awake from love more slowly than women.


It is generally believed that women who seek to seduce themselves pose more challenges to men and therefore seem to be easier to overcome.

But researchers have found that in the early stages of sexual relations, this may sometimes be the case, but not in the long run.

It is most suitable to adjust the air conditioner to 26 ℃ in summer

It is most suitable to adjust the air conditioner to 26 ℃ in summer

On a hot summer day, many people turn on the air conditioner when they get home. Once I went to a friend’s house, and they adjusted the temperature to a very low temperature. I was sweating outside. Once I entered their house, I felt like I had entered the followingIt was cool in the ice cellar, but it was cool, but I got a cold after coming out of their house.

Then you see that I have an air conditioner remote control, and the cooling can be as low as 16 ° C. How much should we adjust the air conditioner temperature to?

Tell you, it is best to set the air conditioner at 26 ℃. Why?

  The first is the benefit to human health.

The comfort of the human body depends on temperature and humidity in addition to other factors such as color, lighting, and a sense of blowing.

According to scientific statistics, the general temperature is 24?
The human body feels most comfortable between 28 ° C.

Some people like to lower the room temperature too low. Although this will make the human body feel no heat at all, I will tell you that the sensitivity of your body’s thermal response is relatively reduced at this time.You ca n’t tell whether you should wear one piece of clothing or two pieces of clothing. Maybe you ‘re still wearing short shorts. At this time, many colds and fever will find you. “Air-conditioning disease” is often caused by this.It is especially bad for the elderly and children.

  In fact, setting the air conditioner at 26 ° C also has economic benefits.

Taking Beijing as an example, if the current set temperature of the air-conditioned room (24-26 degrees) is increased to 26-28 degrees: it is called for individuals and household air-conditioning users, one for one.

If the temperature of a 5-hp split air conditioner is increased by 1 ° C, running for 5 hours a day will save 0.

3 kWh, calculated by 4 months in summer, can save 36 deg. Electrons, or about 15 yuan.

Beijing’s summer air-conditioning period can save air-conditioning power consumption of more than 4 billion to 6 billion kilowatt-hours; while saving electricity, it can selectively sulphur dioxide of about 2400 tons to 3500 tons and carbon dioxide of about 400,000 to 60 feet.

Therefore, appropriately increasing the indoor temperature is good for families, individuals, and the country.

Therefore, appropriately increasing the indoor temperature is good for families, individuals, and the country.