The 4 most effective summer soups in the summer

The 4 most effective summer soups in the summer

“Small summer, big summer, cook on top of the steam,” due to the increase in air humidity, the weather changes from dry to sultry.

We are about to change from “hot barbecue” to “high-temperature cooking.” In this weather, I just want to eat and drink at home every day.Tonic.

  So here comes the problem.

What should I eat and drink in summer?

How does the summer heat eat the most?

  In midsummer, the sun heats down, the sun evaporates the water on the ground, the water vapor rises, and the moisture is flooded, so before this summer, feel the erosion of the wet evil.

In Chinese medicine, wetness is yin and evil, its sex tends to decline, its turbidity is sticky, and it is easy to block the Qi machine and damage the yang. The medicinal diet is to strengthen the spleen and stomach, and clear the heat and relieve heat.

  Indica rice has a long history of cultivation in ancient times, and it is one of the ancient and ancient medicines.

In medicine, it is believed that barley is cold and enters the spleen, lung and kidney.

It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and spleen, nourishing the lungs, clearing heat and soaking the temperature, and is also good for balancing blood pressure and blood lipids.

  The “Compendium of Materia Medica” mentioned indica “to strengthen the spleen and stomach, tonify the lungs and clear the heat, to expel wind and dampness, to maintain a beautiful face, and to prolong life”.

  Indica rice is eaten in a variety of ways, and most people use it to cook porridge.

Since it was a health food that was later introduced, there are many methods for making it.

Generally speaking, they are supplemented with other health-care ingredients based on their physical condition.

  1. Indica rice + red beans and red beans, good in nature, can clear heat and dampness, reduce swelling and detoxification, clear the heart and trouble, and nourish blood.

And red bean itself contains transient high, transform active ingredients such as potassium, phosphorus, selenium, etc., is a typical high potassium food.

  In summer, sweating a lot, too much potassium ion is lost. Eating red beans can add potassium well.

Adzuki beans can clear one’s heart and make up for it.

It is rich in crude fiber and clinically helpful in lowering blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiac activity and other functions; at the same time, it is sufficient for iron, can Qi and blood, and is very suitable for women with insufficient blood.

  [Barley Red Bean Porridge]Ingredients: 10 grams of indica rice, 20 grams of red beans, 5 grams of osmium, 2 grams of wolfberryAfter the red beans are boiled in the pot, cook on low heat for 30 minutes, add ginger and continue to cook on low heat for about 40 minutes. Finally, when the porridge becomes warm, add sugar or honey and serve.

  2, barley + mung bean mung bean taste sweet, cold, have heat clearing and detoxifying, heatstroke, diuretic, acne effect.

According to “Compendium of Materia Medica”, mung beans: “thick intestines and stomach, pillow, eyesight, cure headache and headache, remove vomiting, cure acne poison, and swelling.”

  [Barley mung bean porridge]Ingredients: barley, mung bean Method: Wash and soak the barley overnight, add the washed mung beans and soaked barley into the pot together, add water and boil until it is cooked and add honey or rock sugar to eat 3, barley + winter melonIt is believed that winter melon is sweet, slightly cold, has heat-clearing toxicity, urinates, quenches thirst, relieves anxiety, and relieves dampness and relieves heat, and is a good daily food to relieve heat and heat.

Cooking the soup with the skin together is more effective.

  [Barley Winter Melon Pork Ribs Soup]Ingredients: Winter melon, pork ribs, some indica rice, salt, ginger, spring onion, water Practice: ① Wash the pork ribs, put them in boiling water for 2 minutes to remove the blood, drain the pork ribs and rinse them in water; Soak the barley in water for 15 minutes.

  ② Don’t peel the melon, wash the melon and cut into pieces together; cut the ginger into 2 pieces.

  ③Put the ribs into the soup pot, inject a sufficient amount of water at one time, and then boil the wine after the high heat, put the rice, and change the ginger slices to low heat and continue to cook for one and a half minutes.

  ④ Put the winter melon slices and cook for another hour.

  ⑤ Season by adding an appropriate amount of salt.

  4, barley + bitter gourd bitter gourd flat, bitter and sweet, can clear heat, relieve heat, Shengjin, Qingxin, eyesight.

Traditional medicine believes that bitter gourd is cold and ripe is warm.

Raw food clears summer heat, relieves heat and relieves annoyance; cooked food nourishes and nourishes the liver, nourishes the spleen and kidney, removes evil heat, relieves fatigue, clears eyesight, strengthens qi and yang.

  [Barley Bitter Melon Pork Ribs Soup]Ingredients: Indica rice, pork ribs, bitter gourd, ginger, and green onionsAdd casserole, add a few drops of white vinegar, add enough water at once, turn to low heat for about 2 hours after turning on the high heat, add bitter gourd for about 20 minutes, and season with salt.

Eye Psychology: Leaking Deep Secrets

Eye Psychology: Leaking Deep Secrets

Eyes are the window of mind, and mind is the source of eyes.

The sensitive cornea behind the eyeball contains 1.

3.7 billion cells transmit the received information to the brain.

These photoreceptors process 1.5 million pieces of information simultaneously and briefly at any time.

This shows that even the fleeting eyes can send out tens of thousands of messages, express rich emotions and intentions, and become a secret in the bottom of my heart.

Therefore, the rotation of the eyeballs, the expansion and closure of the eyelids, the speed and direction of the shift of sight, the cooperation of eye and head movements, and the wonderful and complex eyebrows and expressions are all conveying information and communicating.

  Modern research finds that the eye is an extension of the brain in the orbit, and there are tertiary neurons at the bottom of the eyeball. Like the cerebral cortex cells, it has the ability to analyze and synthesize. The changes in the pupil and the movement of the eyeball are directly controlled by the brain nerve, So the natural feelings can be reflected in the eyes.

The change of the pupil can not be controlled by people. The enlargement and contraction of the pupil truly reflects the complex and changeable psychological activities.

If a person feels happy, loved, and excited, his pupils will expand four times larger than usual; on the contrary, when he is angry, annoying, and negative, his pupils will shrink very little;Change means that he is indifferent or bored with what he sees.

  In fact, expressing feelings through eyes is a common psychological phenomenon.

  The psychology of eye contact is particularly prominent in the relationship between the sexes.

In ancient times, when the two sexes fell in love, there were words such as “hearts and eyes become successful” and “hidden autumn waves” to express their love and affection.

Today, more vocabulary is used, such as “brrows and eyebrows”, “with emotions”, “brows and eyes”, “love at first sight” and so on.

Therefore, although the eyes are not sound language, they seem to spread with thousands of words.

Any young lover must have twinkling beautiful eyes and deep eyes, from which they can peep at each other to understand the deep mysteries inside each other.

As the ancient Roman poet Ovit said, “In the silent eyes, there are often sounds and words.

“There are various ways for men and women to use their eyes to express their feelings.

A person who only looks at the opposite sex and intentionally looks away shows that they desire to associate with the opposite sex. This is the opposite effect of psychology.

Any woman who keeps her eyes on the other person without looking away reveals that there is a secret hidden in her heart.

Men and women look at each other from time to time, which is to guide each other to their own hearts, and to communicate emotionally.

In the use of eyes, women often suffer from men. As long as she changes her expectations, she can convey that “we can go together”.

It is full of emotions, without saying a word, it can be said that “silence is better than sound at this time”.

The man’s long-term gaze and careful observation of the woman’s body shape and appearance were looking for a psychologically close fusion.

The woman uses her flirtatious eyes to capture the good news hidden in the man’s eyes. Sometimes she will use her eyes to make up to enhance its effect.

The two sides watched deeply, the pupils would dilate rapidly, and they would be excited by each other’s charm.

Romantic dates are often in darker places. The pupils on both sides of the armor are dilated, which allows the two hearts to be touched, penetrated, intertwined, and fused.