[Can pumpkin and sweet potatoes be eaten together]_Can we eat together_taboo

[Can pumpkin and sweet potatoes be eaten together]_Can we eat together_taboo

Pumpkin is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family that is commonly grown in Asia. Pumpkin can be used as both a vegetable and a food.

Pumpkin seeds have the functions of clearing heat and dehumidifying, deworming, and controlling and killing schistosomiasis.

Sweet potato is also a kind of food that can be used as both a vegetable and a grain. Sweet potato leaves can also be eaten by cooking.

So can pumpkin and sweet potatoes be eaten together?

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes can be eaten together, but it is best not to eat them together.

Although pumpkin and sweet potatoes do not have the same ingredients and are not poisonous, the starch content of pumpkin and sweet potatoes is too high, which can easily stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric acid, which is not good for the stomach. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat pumpkin and sweet potatoes together.

What is the decomposition of indigestion gas that pumpkin and sweet potatoes eat together? Pumpkin and sweet potato steamed pumpkin contain high starch, and a large amount of starch entering the stomach will produce gas during digestion, causing abdominal distension and indigestion of food.

Aggravating stomach diseases Starch enters the stomach to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. A large amount of gastric acid transforms the place where the natural peptic ulcer occurs, which increases the area of the ulcer, so it cannot be eaten together.

Fatty pumpkins and sweet potatoes have a higher starch content. After eating a large amount of starch after normal meals, it will cause excessive conversion. Excessive conversion will be converted into feces in the body, causing excessive symptoms.

What to pay attention to when eating pumpkin 1.

Pumpkin is warm and is a hair product. It is easy to cause old diseases if you eat it, so people with fever and old diseases should eat less pumpkin to avoid discomfort.


Do not eat hot foods when eating pumpkin, such as: mutton, dog meat, lychee, leek, longan, etc. Pumpkin temperature itself has dryness, and eating hot food will aggravate the situation.


Pumpkin’s ascorbate-degrading enzymes can cause ascorbic acid inactivation. Foods that transform ascorbic acid include: hawthorn, lemon, grapefruit, pepper, etc.

Do not eat with pumpkin.


When eating pumpkin, do not eat a lot of high-starch or indigestible food at the same time. A large amount of starch or indigestible substances, such as potatoes, lotus root, broccoli, bamboo shoots, etc., enter the stomach, and it will cause bloating.


Pumpkin has a high content of carotene. Do not eat a lot of foods rich in carotene, such as carrots, persimmons, tomatoes, etc., will cause the accumulation of carotene and yellowing of the skin.

What to pay attention to when eating sweet potatoes 1.

It is best not to eat raw sweet potatoes, cooked starch will be replaced with dextrin during heating, so raw starch is more difficult to digest than cooked starch, and eating raw sweet potatoes is more likely to cause indigestion.


Do not eat sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, it will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, a large amount of gastric acid will stimulate the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort, some people are more sensitive, but also feel the heart is uncomfortable.


Do not eat the black dots on the sweet potatoes. It may be broken. The worms have been crushed. The alkaloids have accumulated. The taste is very bitter. There is also a strange smell, so do not eat it.


Do not eat sweet potatoes in large quantities, which can cause indigestion and bloating.


Sweet potatoes cannot be used for meal replacement, and their protein content is very low. Meal replacement can easily lead to malnutrition, so do not substitute meals, or add some extra protein when replacing meals.

[Can the river crab and beer be eaten together]_Beer_ 同 食

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Chongqing Water Affairs (601158): Withdrawal of impairment affects performance and looks forward to steady development

Chongqing Water Affairs (601158): Withdrawal of impairment affects performance and looks forward to steady development
Event: The company announced its 2018 annual report.During the reporting period, the company’s operating income and net profit attributable to the mother were 51.71 ppm and 14.22 trillion, an increase or 杭州桑拿 decrease of 15 each year.64% and -31.23%, lower than the original expected net profit of 300 million yuan. Key points of investment: Increase in production capacity, slight rise in comprehensive water prices, and operating income in line with expectations.During the reporting period, in terms of water supply: Chongqing’s main urban area (water volume +10.67%, water price -4.45 minutes / 10,000 cubic meters), Chongqing Hechuan District (water volume +6.97%, water price +21.8 points / 10,000 cubic meters), Chongqing Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone (water volume +2.09%, water price is 0.64 points / 10,000 cubic meters).Sewage treatment business: Chongqing City (water volume +9.35%, water price is flat), Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu (water amount -12.68%, the price of water is flat), Dazu District, Chongqing (the amount of water is flat, the price of water is flat).Currently, the company’s total water supply capacity is 218.60,000 cubic meters / day, all located in Chongqing; the company’s total sewage treatment capacity is 292.440,000 cubic meters / day, supplementing 47.550,000 cubic meters / day; the company’s daily water supply capacity is 243.600,000 m3 / day, an increase of 250,000 m3 / day.Revenue from water supply and wastewater treatment business increased by 13 respectively.61%, 12.54%, total 38.1.6 billion, accounting for 73% of revenue.81%.In addition, the installation business increased significantly, and the company’s construction revenue increased rapidly during the reporting period, increasing by 63 per year.07%.In the end, the company’s main business income increased by 15 per year.38%. The consumption of drugs for upgrading and upgrading has increased significantly, and the profitability of sewage treatment has decreased.During the reporting period, due to the increase of costs such as drug consumption, the company’s gross profit margin of the wastewater treatment business, which accounted for 48% of its revenue, decreased6.98 levels, the final company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 41.77%, compared with the same period last year4.34 units.The 17-year concentrated forecast of returns affects non-recurring gains and losses.In 2017, the company received a one-off refund from Chongqing’s centralized fiscal procurement of wastewater treatment services during the period from July 2015 to December 20163.57 billion, excluding the above factors, net profit (excluding minority shareholders’ profit and loss) decreased by 16 compared with the same period of the previous year.96%.Impairment was provided and performance was lower than expected.Jiulong Tanggu Power, a subsidiary of the company, is the legal entity of Jiulu County Ruluku, Zhonggu, Tanggu and other three small-scale cascade hydropower projects. The company has decided to terminate the Jiulong hydropower project investment.With respect to the impairment value of the relevant assets of the Kowloon Company, the provision for impairment in 2018 reduced the profit2.990,000 yuan, resulting in 2018 results lower than expected. The project construction is progressing in an orderly manner, and the sewage production capacity is expected to be put into operation in 20199.50,000 m3 / day, the dividend rate is high.Currently the company has put into operation tap water 243.60,000 m3 / day, the report may increase by 250,000 m3 / day, 75 m3 / day under construction, and 55 capacity utilization.37%, the commissioning of subsequent projects and the transfer of trial projects to stable operation will increase water supply.The company is operating a sewage treatment capacity of 292.440,000 m3 / day, 9 under construction.50,000 m3 / day (Chongqing 80,000 m3 / day, Hubei 1.50,000 m3 / day) and is expected to be put into production in 2019.The company’s dividend payout ratio is 94.55%, with a closing price 成都桑拿网 of 6 on March 22, 2019.4 yuan / share calculation index reset 4.4%. Investment rating and estimation: According to the project situation of the company, it is assumed that subsequent projects will progress steadily.The 20-year attributable net profit forecast is 18 respectively.4.8 billion, 20.8.6 billion (was 18).25, 18.800 million), plus net profit attributable to mothers in 202122.6.5 billion.Corresponding to 16 times PE in 2019, the proportion of dividends is high, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The overall net redemption was 832.

7.2 billion cargo bases have suffered serious “blood loss”

The overall net redemption was 832.

7.2 billion cargo bases have suffered serious “blood loss”

Original title: Overall net redemption 832.

7.2 billion copies of the cargo base were “blood-shed”. China Fund Daily reporter Xiang Jing reported that the fund made a good profit in the third quarter, but was still redeemed by more than 83 billion copies.

Equity-type, mixed-type, and index-type funds received different quotas of purchases, but the redemption ratio was not small; debt-based, QDII and FOF received a net inflow of funds; money funds suffered “blood loss”.

  The overall net redemption was 832.

7.2 billion Tianxiang Investment Gu statistics on the fund’s three quarterly reports show that in the third quarter, the total subscription share of the fund was 12.

4 trillion copies, with a total redemption of 12.

49 trillion copies, net redemption of 832.

72 billion copies.

  Affected by falling yields and new asset management regulations, the size of money funds continued to shrink.

Redemption in the third quarter was as high as 11.

55 trillion, an overall reduction of 2046.

95 billion copies.

  Funds move significantly on active stock funds. Hybrid and stock fund purchases and redemptions are relatively large, but the total redemption share is still larger.

Data show that the net redemption of the aforementioned fund varieties in the third quarter was 118.

1.3 billion copies and 290.

1 billion copies.

  Bond-type, commodity-type, QDII and FOF all obtained net purchases in the third quarter.

Among them, the debt base is the most favored. With more than 400 billion copies being redeemed, there is still a total purchase of 560 billion, a net purchase of about 147.7 billion, and a net purchase ratio of 4.


Commodity funds, QDII and FOF each received 56.

22 billion copies, 75.

400 million copies and 13.

8.2 billion net purchases, with a net purchase ratio of 58.

82%, 10.

41% and 6.


  Among 杭州夜网论坛 bond funds, BOC Fenghe and Dingkai obtained the most net purchases, reaching 238.

60 billion copies.

Penghua enjoys 6 months, and Caitong Hongyi Medium and Short-term Debt C, Xingye Yuheng Bond and other funds have net purchases of more than 55 billion.

  In the third quarter, only five money funds made more than 10 billion net purchases.

CCB Cash and Profit B surpassed Tianhong Yu’ebao currency, becoming the most popular base for net purchases, with a net purchase quantity of 217.

2.6 billion copies, with a net purchase ratio of 34.

63%; Yingbao to 212.

Net purchases of 6 billion were close behind, but the net purchase ratio dropped to 2.


The net purchase ratio of SPDB Riichifeng Currency D is as high as 222.61%, also received nearly 15 billion net purchases during the same period.

  It is worth mentioning 武汉桑拿社 that 25 active equity funds made net purchases of more than 1 billion copies. It is worth mentioning that in the third quarter, 25 active equity funds made net purchases of more than 1 billion copies, of which 2 were ordinary equity funds and 23 were hybrid funds.

  China-Europe Times Pioneer A and Guangguang have increased their net purchases of more than 1 billion shares in two ordinary equity funds. The former attracted nearly 3.2 billion total purchases in the third quarter, with a net purchase volume of 13.

8.9 billion copies; the remaining net purchases were 11.

1.4 billion copies, the ratio reached 41.


  Of the 23 hybrids with net purchases of more than 1 billion, 12 had net purchases of more than 1.5 billion and 6 had more than 2 billion.

The highest net purchase is Ruiyuan Growth Value A. At the beginning of the third quarter, the fund had a total of 50.

2.9 billion copies, with a total subscription share of 37 during the period.

6.3 billion copies, with a total redemption of 5.

4.9 billion copies, with a net purchase of up to 32.

1.5 billion shares, with a net purchase ratio of 63.


  Changan Yuteng Elastic C is a “dark horse”.

In the third quarter, the fund made a net purchase of 31.

8.5 billion copies, with a net purchase ratio of 360.


However, by dividing A shares, fund C shares generally do not recognize the purchase fee, so its institutional investors’ interests.

  Funds ranked third to sixth in net purchases are E Fund’s blue-chip mixed, booming trends. Chang’an Xinyi Enhancement C and Qianhai Ruiyuan’s steady increase in C. The net purchases of the above-mentioned funds in the third quarter all exceeded 2 billion.Investors’ favor.

In addition, the net purchase of funds such as Caitong Asset Management Consumption, Hua’an Configuration, Anxin’s Steady Appreciation A, Wells Fargo Innovation and Technology, Tim Fortune Innovative Medicine, and Huaan Media Internet can also exceed 1.3 billion.

  From the perspective of the fund company, if the C share of the fund is excluded, of the 22 active equity funds with net purchases of more than 1 billion shares, Huaan Funds account for 2 of them, Xingquan, Huitianfu, and Invesco Great Wall.Fund companies have also been shortlisted.

  The fund received a clear net purchase, excellent performance, star fund manager management and the company’s outstanding investment and research brand are the leaders of these funds welcomed by investors.

Watch TV to measure your personality

Watch TV to measure your personality

Translation: Which of the following is the most suitable for you to watch TV?


People who like to watch snacks on TV b.

People watching TV regularly c.

People who like to watch new rooms or documentaries d.

Analysis of the results of people who like to watch comedies or performances: Choice a: It turns out that you are an obsessive optimist. You are easy-going and always see only the good side of things.

  Option b: Your life is organized, rational, generous, and reliable.

  Choice c: This kind of person likes to know everything, and loves to participate, and does not like to be a bystander. You are a curious and excellent analyst and talker.

  Choice: You are a person who is good at using your free time, has a great sense of humor, is good at balancing life, and enjoys enjoying family life.

What are the ways to break the deadlock?

What are the ways to break the deadlock?

There is a deadlock phenomenon in social interpersonal communication, which specifically manifests the following four types.

  1. However, some people of my sole esteem put themselves at the center of social affairs, and have a rigid attitude in communication. With me as the axis, I hope that the other party will follow the rules, obey ourselves, and not make light gestures and make friendly expressions.Communication, indifferent “rigid” situation.

  2. People who value difference There are various differences among each other in rank, level, rich and poor, knowledge, and ability.

At this time, the party in the superior class will feel good about themselves and be accustomed to looking down at people; the party in the inferior position will live a proud and unyielding attitude.

The relationship between the two parties cannot communicate and develop.

  3, under the general situation of sexual annoyance, the communication situation will not appear “stiff” phenomenon.

Just as the communicative relationship is about to deepen and develop, the actions of the other party will cause Party B’s negative reactions, which will cause sexual anger, close heart palpitations, and turn negative attitudes. The relationship that could have developed smoothly will cool down.

  4. Repulsion. Certain relationships in nature are attractive, and some relationships are disturbing.

This is also true of interpersonal relationships. Some people are naturally speculative and harmonious together, while others seem to be naturally opposed. Past enemies are dissatisfied with each other and are not pleasing to the eye. There is no way to develop relationships.

  How to break through the deadlock in communication?

Here are the main methods: 1. Overcome self-awareness and establish an open mind.

Examining the phenomenon of “stiffness” in communication will notice the fact that this phenomenon usually occurs in two types of people: one is arrogant and the other is introverted and arrogant.

Their distinguishing characteristics are self-righteousness, strong self-esteem and self-closing.

To break the “stiff” situation of communication, we must first overcome self-awareness, establish an open mind, dilute the word “I”, and take the initiative to communicate.

  2. See the essence through perspective.

The communication “stiffness” phenomenon is a bit of a small family, no one wants to face it, and no one admits to be surrounded by it, but sometimes it really exists.

If we can understand this essence clearly, the merger will laugh for our stupid and absurd behavior, leading us to take a proactive approach and consciously communicate with each other.

  3. Pay attention to methods and skills, and pay attention to delicate relationships.

The “stiff” situation of communication is to be broken, but it is very delicate in itself, and there may be some relationships that are difficult to elaborate.

Therefore, the methods and skills at this time are particularly important: the appropriate methods and rounded skills can achieve the goal satisfactorily; otherwise, it may cause abruptness or be counterproductive.

  4. Show personality charm and gain respect from each other.

Breaking through the “rigid” situation of communication is a matter for both parties, which cannot be achieved by one party alone.

It is true that being proactive and developing style, it is necessary and positive that you take the initiative first.

But it is also to evoke the response of the other party, to give the other party shock and inspiration.

Simple Three Red Soups for blood and health

Simple “Three Red Soups” for blood and health

Sanhong soup refers to red dates, red beans, peanut clothing, and the three flavors boil soup together, which has good effects on nourishing blood and is simple and easy to make.
  ”Three red soup” composition: seven red dates, red beans 50g, peanut red clothing amount.
The three flavors boil the soup together and eat it together.
Applicable to general anemia or iron deficiency anemia.
  Jujube is sweet and flat, can nourish the spleen and nourish qi, improve blood deficiency and chlorosis, and the polysaccharide component in jujube can promote hematopoietic function.
  Adzuki bean is flat, sweet and sour, can diuretic, swelling, and spleen.
Adzuki beans contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially iron and vitamin B12, which have the function of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation.
Female menstrual blood loss often appears dizzy, pale, etc., often drinking hot red bean soup with brown sugar, can replenish blood and improve the symptoms of anemia.
  Peanut taste is sweet and flat, beneficial to qi and spleen, nourishing blood and bleeding.
The dual effect of peanut hemostasis and blood supply is mainly peanut clothing (red clothing of peanut kernels).
Peanut clothing can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, increase the content of platelets and improve the quality of platelets, while also promoting bone marrow hematopoietic function.
Therefore, peanut clothing is effective for both bleeding and anemia caused by bleeding.
  90% of anemia is iron deficiency anemia, and food therapy is safer and more effective than medication for anemia.
The three foods mentioned above all have the function of nourishing the spleen and blood, which is effective when used alone and combined with the three flavors, which can enhance the effect of nourishing blood.

The whole body of the crab is a treasure, in addition to the delicious, there are four major health effects.

The whole body of the crab is a treasure, in addition to the delicious, there are four major health effects.

The taste of the crab is very delicious, especially its meat quality, smooth and refreshing, fresh and fragrant crab, and endless aftertaste.

Crab meat is also rich in nutrients, so do you know the nutritional value of crabs?

The nutritional value of crab 1. Crab contains super rich vitamin crab. It is rich in vitamins. Vitamin A is higher than other terrestrial and aquatic animals. Vitamin B2 is 5-6 times higher than meat. It is higher than fish.6-10 times, 2-3 times higher than eggs.

Vitamin B1 and phosphorus are 6-10 times higher than normal fish.

The edible portion of each 100 grams of crab contains protein 17.

5 grams, 姨 2.

8 grams, 182 mg of phosphorus, 126 mg of calcium, 2 iron.

8 mg.

2, crab contains a special “chitin”: anti-cancer efficacy studies show that the crab shell contains a substance called chitin, from which a substance can be extracted, called ACOS-6, its natureIt is a low-toxic immune activation that inhibits the effects of cancer.

3, crabs are rich in protein and trace elements. The protein content and the content of cool elements in crabs are also very rich, which has a good nourishing effect on the body.

At the same time, crabs also have anti-tuberculosis effects, and eating crabs will greatly benefit the rehabilitation of tuberculosis.

4, the moisture of the crab: eating the average weight loss per 100 grams of crabs is about 95 calories, this conversion is relatively low, but still pay attention to not eat too much when losing weight, every 100 grams of crabsIf the amount of absorbed is to be consumed, we need to swim for about 5 minutes, or skip the rope for 13 minutes, or jog for 9 minutes.

Great cold nourishing kidney the most important point

Great cold “nourishing kidney” the most important point

The great cold is here. This is the last solar term of the year. The weather is cold, and the cold first hits the kidneys.
Great cold and kidney are vital.
What to eat kidney?
What are the food for kidney?
Xiaobian recommends 5 kinds of “black food” for kidney.
The most important point of the Great Cold “Yangshen” is that five kinds of black foods strengthen the kidneys and nourish the heart. Great cold is the golden period of nourishing the kidneys.
At this time, if you can do good kidney maintenance work, you can effectively prevent cold and keep fit.
Therefore, it is very important for the body’s metabolism to do a good job of nourishing kidney and nourishing kidney.
Great cold is the best time to protect the kidneys. It can not only enhance the body’s ability to resist the cold, but also improve the body’s immunity and resistance to disease.Protect the sun and the kidneys.
anti aging.
  5 kinds of black foods
黑芝麻  黑芝麻是补肾的“佼佼者”,富含对人体有益的不饱和脂肪酸,其维生素E含量为植物食品之冠,可清除体内自由基,抗氧化效果显著,对于延缓衰老、治疗消化不良And treatment of gray hair have a certain effect.
Black fungus Black fungus is common in Chinese dining tables, and its health effect is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
Studies have shown that black fungus colloids have strong adsorption and can clean the stomach and intestines. In addition, black fungus also contains nucleic acids and lecithin, which has bodybuilding, beauty, and anti-aging effects.
Black jujube and black jujube are also very rich in nutrients, including protein, sugars, organic acids, vitamins and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other nutrients.
Chinese medicine believes that black jujube is warm and sweet, and has kidney and stomach effect.
Black rice and black rice have the effects of strengthening the spleen, warming the liver, nourishing blood and nourishing qi.
Its vitamin B1 and iron content is 7 times that of ordinary rice.
Consuming it in winter is very helpful for supplementing trace elements in the human body. It should be noted that when using it to cook Babao porridge, do not put sugar.
Black beans and black beans have the effects of warming the stomach, promoting blood circulation, and hydrolyzing poisons.
It also moisturizes skin and black hair.
Rich in high-quality protein, vitamins B and vitamin E, also contains riboflavin and melanin.
It is helpful for anti-aging, anti-aging, enhancing vitality and beauty.