What color you hate determines your character

What color you hate determines your character

Pick a color you hate the most and you can polish your hidden character: A.

Red B.

Black C.

Yellow D.

Pink E.

Green F.

Blue G.

Purple H.

Brown results analysis hate brown: people who hate brown take a laissez-faire attitude in love.

Likes active, direct and strong love to do anything, good relationship, this will make your lover uneasy.

You spend more time with your friends than your lover, so your lover will one day leave you.

  Hate Red: People who hate red don’t like others being too close to him.

Because of this, you will escape from the sudden and persecution-type love.

In fact, you are eager for intense love in your heart, but because of this contradictory personality, you have been going up and down on the road of feelings. These ups and downs also make you more entangled in love, so that you miss the good destiny.

  Hate Black: A person who hates black looks like a freelancer who hates being bound in love.

I believe in choosing objects with my own instincts.

In particular, I believe that love at first sight, even if the other party has an object or family, you will desperately pursue him, which is very dangerous.

  Hate yellow: People who hate yellow are in love and like to impose their values on each other.

Therefore, they are mostly looking for similar or ordinary objects, and they will never become interested in artists who cannot predict the future.

But people who resemble themselves for a long time and feel that they lack a certain kind of stimulation and want to change the status quo are really contradictory.

  Hate pink: People who hate pink don’t feel candid enough in love.

Often it causes the other half to be fussy. Even if the other party gives you a gift, before saying thank you, they will pick and choose a bunch of things that should not be said.

To be honest, you just want the other person to hold you up and treat you obediently.

  Hate green: People who hate green do not want to become adults in their mentality, so in love, they want to be prepared to take care and attention, and hope that the other party will continue to pay for themselves.

Because of this kind of personality that is not easy to think for the other side, often speaking words that hurt people but they are not conscious, in the end, it will only make lovers sad.

  Hate blue: People who hate blue seek complementary objects in love.

If you lack talent, temporarily admire talented people.

For you, people who have advantages they don’t have will make your life more exciting and exciting.

But this kind of character is easy to show tiredness, and once you meet a more powerful object, you will immediately empathize with each other.

  Hate purple: People who hate purple, like to take control in love.

The companion says that it is to love each other for change, it is better to follow their own wishes to shape the lover.

You are strong in love, love to control people, so that your lover can’t help but want to escape from your side.

However, because you are confident, you won’t be too sad even if your lover leaves you.

Love is actually a stress

Love is actually a stress

Love brings both emotional excitement and emotional excitement.

The former experience is often sweet and short, while the other experiences are mostly bitter and long.

As far as psychology is concerned, the course of love can be a process of perfecting personality and inspiring potentials. From this, we can see how a person can cultivate his ability to crush love.

  Indeed, love bombardment generally refers to a person’s good ability to adapt to adversity, cracks, tragedies, and threats.

Love bullets originate from resilience. It is a new concept advocated by the international psychology community. It highlights the nature of good social adaptation to human health.

As a result, love bombardment includes a positive assessment and effective response to the emotional experience of depression in love, which can trigger the role of stimulating potential, invigorating emotions, and even improving health.

  Lazarus, a famous American psychologist, pointed out: “The key to effectively reducing the stress of life lies in the positive assessment of stress.

The American psychologist Bennard also proposed a key theory of consciousness for bullets, which refers to an individual’s “reflexive consciousness of stress structures and their rapid response to overcoming strategies.”

In other words, key consciousness can be described as the skill of individual stress response and coping strategy selection.

Facing the stress of life, key consciousness will help a person decide which coping strategy is most suitable to ensure the best effect of squashing.

  Following the principle of love’s bombardment, one’s emotional energy is conserved.

When a person is facing all kinds of emotional fluctuations in love, such as worry, jealousy, jealousy, hatred, despair, etc., he or she can adopt self-destructive methods to cope, such as self-pity, self-sigh, self-harm, etc., but he (She) can also adopt self-transcendence methods to integrate processing, such as sublimation transfer and self-improvement.

Among them, the role of love bombs is to enable people to direct their emotional energy in a positive way without causing harm to themselves or others.

  In fact, love bullets make people brave enough to face the blow of broken love, turn grief into strength, and sublimate their emotions.

This is always a test of human nature, and it is also a transcendence of human nature.

And in the long river of life, there is nothing that evokes the passion of life like love, and there is nothing like that that breaks down the morale of life in the same way as love.

  Therefore, how to cultivate love bombs is not an optional consideration, but a test that will sooner or later be faced.

And love bombing brings both personality growth and potential development.

Just as the love experience can greatly arouse a person’s passion for life, love can also suddenly give people a lot of feelings about life.

In this sense, a life that has not experienced love bombing is an incomplete life, and a person who is not good at love bombing is also a bad person.