Are there any good habits you should practice yoga?

Are there any good habits you should practice yoga?

As you practice yoga for a long time, your self-cultivation will gradually improve, unlike other people.

Those who practice yoga adapt to their habits and integrate into life. These good habits will make you a person with extraordinary charm and constantly surpassing yourself.


Of course, you can’t improve without practicing. Your body changes only when you are often challenged.

Only in hard practice will you increase your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

You exclude toxins in a dynamic stream, activating energy and vitality.


Meditate often If your goal is yoga, you need to know that all asanas are prepared for meditation-real yoga.

The silence you experience in meditation brings you closer to the true nature of all things.

Give your accelerated brain some rest.

15 minutes to half an hour of calm a day brings you closer to the most primitive yoga.


Slowing down and getting busy brings troubles, we live in a new era.

Do something at the same time every day.

Can you slow down a bit?

Focus on one thing at a time, don’t multitask, you are not a computer, your brain is not a CPU.


Eat better eat more life-sustaining things: vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, don’t eat unhealthy and irritating foods.

Eat when your body needs it.


The creed of giving / giving is what you give and what you get.

People often pay only when they expect to have a return, including love. This kind of giving is not love, but an agreement.

When giving, don’t think about what will happen, open your heart and pour out!


Diligence is not embellished with ancient wisdom. The Scriptures of the predecessors can constitute our own already. Learning: 1% of the theory requires 100% dedication to become a lever for 99% practice.

Reading the classics is like watering your yoga. When you stop, your yoga flower will wither.

  When giving, don’t think about what will happen. When you do not expect the result to do one thing, you will get more pure joy!

Practicing yoga is a very good option if you want to cultivate yourself.

If you haven’t started practicing yoga yet, you might as well try it now.

Order whey protein powder after exercise

Order whey protein powder after exercise

Xiao Li, who wants to build a muscle, said that he would add protein powder every time he went to the gym to exercise, which would help muscles.

Is this not credible?

Yesterday, Dr. Chang Cuiqing, a senior expert in the field of sports nutrition research in China, gave the answer in his lecture on “Nutritional and Healthy”.

  Simply adding sugar after exercise can not improve the muscle damage and delayed soreness caused by strength training, and timely replacement of sufficient protein and metabolites after exercise can obviously eliminate this symptom and improve muscle strength.Supplement fitness drink II and pure whey protein powder.

  Dr. Chang explained that currently there are three types of protein powder on the market, whey protein powder, soy protein powder and egg white protein powder.

  The latest research shows that whey protein has a significant advantage in promoting protein synthesis after rest and exercise, and muscle composition, growth and repair are inseparable from protein, so two other protein powders are neededSupplementing whey protein powder after exercise is more helpful for muscle recovery and growth.

  Generally speaking, an average person consumes 10 grams (about 3 teaspoons) of whey protein powder per day.
30 degrees warm water is the best preparation, you can add whey protein powder to milk in the consumption, vegetable juice is beneficial, and the taste will be better.