Jianyou Co., Ltd. (603707): Heavy Enoxaparin Approved for Export Breakthrough in EU

Jianyou Co., Ltd. (603707): Heavy Enoxaparin Approved for Export Breakthrough in EU

Event: The company announced that Enoxaparin Sodium Injection was approved for UK marketing.

Heavy block Enoxaparin approved by EU.

The company submitted an Enoxaparin listing application in 2015. Considering the complexity of the heparin review, the historical approval cycle is 6-7 years, and the approval in 4 years progresses rapidly.

The company’s first batch of products was declared to the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Sweden. The United Kingdom is the first to issue approval documents. The other three countries are expected to obtain approval in the next few weeks.

In addition, the company will gradually submit applications for mutual recognition of listing permission to other EU countries. The subsequent application countries can reuse technical assessments. The mutual recognition process generally takes 90 days from application to approval in each country. We expect that other regions of the EU will be approved quickly.
Enoxaparin injection is Sanofi’s original research product, and its sales volume in the European Union is relatively stable, about 8 billion to 1 billion euros per year.

There are many European countries. The main markets are the Western European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

At present, in addition to the company, there are 2 generic drug companies in Europe. In September 2016, Hyprox’s subsidiary Tiandao Pharmaceutical’s Enoxaparin was approved in Europe for the first batch. In 2017, Rovi’s generic drugs were approved in Germany 杭州桑拿 and the United Kingdom.

With reference to the performance commitment of Haipu Rui’s acquisition of Doppler (Tiandao Pharmaceutical), Doppler’s non-deduction net profit for 2018-2020 is not less than 1.

9, 2.

9 and 3.


We expect that the European market for Enoxaparin is expected to contribute 120-200 million profit per year.

2018 is the first year of export of injections. At the beginning of 2019, heavy varieties have been approved, and subsequent varieties have continued.

2018 was the first year of the company’s injection export breakthrough. A total of 7 injections ANDA were approved, one of which was self-declared (heparin sodium), one was technology transfer (gemcitabine), and the remaining five were agents to purchase transferred varieties.

The heavy-weight Enoxaparin Sodium has been harvested in 苏州夜网论坛 the European Union in early 2019, and is expected to be approved in the United States in the second half of 2019 or early 2020.

The company’s follow-up research injectable products are rich, focusing on the development of the full range of tumors, and also in the large areas of anesthesia and cardio-cerebral blood vessels; and the introduction of technology transfer to accelerate the approval of products, ANDA varieties continue to be enriched, expected in the next 2-3 yearsDozens of products have been approved in the United States, bringing continuous growth momentum.

Classical swine fever has further strengthened the heparin boom cycle, and a large stock of crude products has benefited significantly.

The only source of heparin is the pig’s small intestine, which is used clinically for anticoagulation. The industry maintains an annual growth rate of about 10%. Demand is rigid and cannot be replaced.

At present, China’s heparin production accounts for more than 60% of the world’s total, and the small intestine of pigs has reached 90%. The small intestine of pigs that are considered for dispersed slaughter cannot be used, and currently there is little room for improvement.

During 2016, upstream and downstream inventory bottomed out, demand growth and environmentally-friendly clearing small production capacity, heparin APIs have been tightly balanced, heparin has entered a new cycle of boom, and prices have shown a modest increase.

With the spread of swine fever, the production capacity of pigs has increased. In the second half of the year, the slaughter of pigs may be further shifted. Corresponding to the supply of heparin, the swine fever will further strengthen the heparin boom cycle.

Because the cost of raw materials in the downstream preparations is relatively low, the gross profit margin of the preparations is relatively high, and the downstream price acceptability is strong in the context of demand.

In the second half of the year, the conversion of pigs to the slaughterhouse will be realized. Heparin APIs are expected to replicate the 2008-10 market.

The company has the significant benefit of having a large inventory of crude products, and the centralized model has become stronger in upstream control.

Profit forecast and estimation discussion: Without considering the impact of swine fever, we expect 2018-2020 operating income to be 18.

11, 27.

00 and 34.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 62 in ten years.

79%, 49.

07% and 25.


Net profit attributable to mother 4.

51, 6.

18 and 8.

22 ppm, an increase of 43 in ten years.

56%, 37.

06% and 33.00%, the current total corresponds to 31 times PE in 2019.

Considering that the company is a leading company in the export of domestic injections, the export logic has been continuously strengthened, and swine fever has continued to strengthen the boom cycle of the heparin industry, maintaining a “buy” rating.

Risk warning events: the risk of narrowing the price gap between raw materials and APIs; the risk of concentration of sales customers; the risk of ANDA approval not meeting expectations; revealing the limitations of forecasting methods and results

Wudang Tourism (836374): Tourism service + education and culture two-wheel drive

Wudang Tourism (836374): Tourism service + education and culture two-wheel drive

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report, which reported integration to achieve total revenue1.

78 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

09%, net profit attributable to mother was 3993.

750,000 yuan, down 13 each year.

95%, net profit after deduction is 3717.

230,000 yuan, an increase of 65 in ten years.


(Company Annual Report) The company relies on the Wudang Mountain Natural Scenic Area to form the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area’s fleet operation, hotel and retail business, and comprehensively develop martial arts schools, cultural health, study travel and other services to form a complete tourism business chain: the company relies on natural scenic areasThe unique resource advantage of the attractions provides tourists with integrated tourism services for sightseeing, leisure and entertainment.

According to the company’s annual report, the revenue from the operation of the scenic fleet in 2018 reached 1.

1.6 billion, accounting for 65.

12%, the proportion of the years before 2017 decreased significantly, and the proportion of retail business was 4.

01% while the hotel business (accounting for 12.

88%), education and teaching business (proportion).

87%), parking lot management business (proportion 2.

52%), cultural health business (proportion).

50%), research travel business (proportion 1.


Revenues from various businesses have grown steadily, and three expense ratios have continued to decline: Report a series of company revenues that have grown for ten years.

09%, of which the company’s operating fleet revenue increased by 1 every year.

23%, mainly due to the increase in the number of tourists over the same period.

30,000 people; hotel business income has increased by 11 every year.

83%, which is mainly due to the increase in reported team and conference revenue; the retail business revenue increased by 7.

06%, mainly to adjust the rental format, reduce idle shops; parking lot management business income increased by 13 each year.

19%, mainly due to the continuous increase in the number of self-driving cars, leading to a steady increase in parking lot income; education and teaching business income further increased 24.

49%, the main department of Wudangshan International Martial Arts Institute increased the number of students in 2018, according to the annual budget plan, the increase in distribution increased.

The company’s cost control ability budget, three expenses in 201820.

75% for five consecutive years.

(Company annual report) Tourism service + education and culture two-wheel drive, committed to creating a pioneer in Wudang cultural industry: the company and the Hubei Wudangshan Special Zone Management Committee led the “Contract Letter”, the company agreed to the Wudang Mountain scenic area of Qiongtai, Wuyaling, PurpleXiao, Prince Edward Po, Jianhe Bridge, Mo Needle have a total of 6 parking lots and operating lines with independent management rights.

At present, a tourism service chain focusing on the operation of scenic spots, hotel management, and cultural street shops is formed. In 2014, it invested in the construction and management of Wudang International Martial Arts Institute, a second-level unit of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, and focused on recruiting undergraduates nationwide to form a unique tourism industry.Services + supporting education and cultural industries.

The Wudang Mountain International Martial Arts Institute increased its students in 2018, and its education and teaching revenue reached 1397.

430,000 yuan, an annual increase of 24.


The comprehensive gross profit margin increased significantly, and 杭州夜网论坛 the company’s net cash flow was stable: the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin increased significantly to 47 in 2018.

95%, an increase of 7 compared with the same period last year.

99%, mainly due to the government’s cessation of collection of fees for the use of scenic spots resources, leading to a decline in the cost of sightseeing bus business, leading to an increase in overall gross profit margin.

The company’s operating net cash flow in 2018 was 6,831.

290,000 yuan, the average operating net cash flow in the past three years was 70.8 million yuan, and cash flow remained stable.

Investment suggestion: The undistributed profit of the company to its mother is 8,747.920,000 yuan, the company plans to use the undistributed profits to all shareholders for every 10 shares of cash dividends1.

20 yuan (including tax), a total of 6 million yuan in dividends, 15% of dividends.

In the semi-annual dividend recovery of 19% in 2018, attention is recommended.

Risk reminder: policy risk, budget risk, security operation risk.

Three coarse grains to help your baby grow

Three coarse grains to help your baby grow

Little beans, old corn often misses your baby’s diet because they are difficult to digest.

However, coarse grains and miscellaneous beans are good things that are rich in nutrients, and your baby will grow stronger when you eat them!

Like adults, they need B vitamins, fiber, zinc, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and other nutrients!

  Fresh milk corn paste ingredients: 4 spoons of instant corn flakes, 1/2 kiwi, grapes, 1 cup of fresh milk.

  Practice: 1.

Wash all the fruits, peel, and cut into small dices after removing the seeds; 2.

Place the corn flakes in a bowl and add the prepared diced fruit; 3.

Serve with hot milk.

  Nutrition secrets: Babies under the age of half can add infant rice flour with fortified vitamin B and iron to their milk. Older babies can try milk paste made from instant corn flakes.

Adding some soft fresh fruits can not only flavor, improve nutrition, but also bring freshness to the baby.

  Red bean milk paste ingredients: 3 spoons of red beans, 2 spoons of coconut flour, fresh milk (or baby milk powder), rock sugar, etc.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the red beans, soak them in water for about 20 minutes, cook them in boiling water for about 5 minutes, and add them to the shabu-shabu for about 1 hour until the red beans are cooked; 2.

Fry coconut flour in a wok over light heat until slightly yellow, then place coconut flour and rock sugar in soft red beans; 3.

Stir with warm milk and serve immediately.

  Nutrition Secrets: Red beans are rich in nutrition. People like to eat red bean icebergs. Babies also like red bean paste mixed with the aroma of coconut milk. Just don’t add too much sugar, otherwise your baby’s taste will spoil.

  Ingredients for whole wheat toast salad: 1/2 whole toast, mushrooms, chicken, lettuce, virgin fruit, egg yolk salad dressing, etc.

  Practice: 1.

Cook the fresh mushrooms and cut into small slices, cut the cooked chicken into small pieces, and cut the toast into small pieces; 2.

Wash the lettuce and tear it into small pieces; wash and cut the virgin fruit into pieces; 3.

Stir the prepared ingredients and serve with mayonnaise.

  Nutrition secrets: Traditional Chinese food cannot be separated from hot stir-fry and excessive oil and salt. Why not let your baby’s food have a better nutrition concept at the beginning of life?

Whole wheat bread and western mix are suitable for babies over 1 and a half years old. Let your baby start a healthy diet.

High-sensitivity spring allergy recommended an allergy-free diet

High-sensitivity spring allergy recommended an allergy-free diet

Spring is a season of high incidence of allergic diseases such as rhinitis, high blood pressure and dermatitis.

Chinese medicine believes that allergies of the allergic constitution are insufficient, righteousness is insufficient, lung health is not solid, wind, cold, dry, fire, wet and other diseases are easy to invade.

While the patient is away from the allergen, it should also actively improve the body and help the righteousness through some methods.

After that, recommend a hypoallergenic diet: take 15 grams of Astragalus, 20 grams of Chinese yam, 6 jujubes, and cook with glutinous rice.

Fangzhong, Astragalus membranaceus has qi and solid table, diuretic water swelling, toxic and drainage, and muscle growth.

Modern research has confirmed that Astragalus saponins, sucrose, polysaccharides, various amino acids, folic acid and selenium, zinc, copper and other trace elements, have enhanced immune function, liver and diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, antihypertensive and antibacterialeffect.

Yam spleen and nourish the stomach, Shengjin Yifei, tonifying kidney and phlegm.

Yam contains diosgenin, choline, phytic acid, vitamins and other active ingredients, and has desensitization effect.

Jujube Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, can treat allergic purpura, its multi-component has obvious complement activity and promote lymphocyte proliferation, which can improve the body’s immunity.

Glutinous rice supplements Qi, spleen and diarrhea, detoxification.

After an allergic reaction occurs, do not use your own medicine. First, the medicine may not be symptomatic. Second, it may affect the doctor’s correct diagnosis.

Be sure to check the cause of the disease in the hospital, under the guidance of a doctor, symptomatic treatment.

Are there any good habits you should practice yoga?

Are there any good habits you should practice yoga?

As you practice yoga for a long time, your self-cultivation will gradually improve, unlike other people.

Those who practice yoga adapt to their habits and integrate into life. These good habits will make you a person with extraordinary charm and constantly surpassing yourself.


Of course, you can’t improve without practicing. Your body changes only when you are often challenged.

Only in hard practice will you increase your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

You exclude toxins in a dynamic stream, activating energy and vitality.


Meditate often If your goal is yoga, you need to know that all asanas are prepared for meditation-real yoga.

The silence you experience in meditation brings you closer to the true nature of all things.

Give your accelerated brain some rest.

15 minutes to half an hour of calm a day brings you closer to the most primitive yoga.


Slowing down and getting busy brings troubles, we live in a new era.

Do something at the same time every day.

Can you slow down a bit?

Focus on one thing at a time, don’t multitask, you are not a computer, your brain is not a CPU.


Eat better eat more life-sustaining things: vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, don’t eat unhealthy and irritating foods.

Eat when your body needs it.


The creed of giving / giving is what you give and what you get.

People often pay only when they expect to have a return, including love. This kind of giving is not love, but an agreement.

When giving, don’t think about what will happen, open your heart and pour out!


Diligence is not embellished with ancient wisdom. The Scriptures of the predecessors can constitute our own already. Learning: 1% of the theory requires 100% dedication to become a lever for 99% practice.

Reading the classics is like watering your yoga. When you stop, your yoga flower will wither.

  When giving, don’t think about what will happen. When you do not expect the result to do one thing, you will get more pure joy!

Practicing yoga is a very good option if you want to cultivate yourself.

If you haven’t started practicing yoga yet, you might as well try it now.

Order whey protein powder after exercise

Order whey protein powder after exercise

Xiao Li, who wants to build a muscle, said that he would add protein powder every time he went to the gym to exercise, which would help muscles.

Is this not credible?

Yesterday, Dr. Chang Cuiqing, a senior expert in the field of sports nutrition research in China, gave the answer in his lecture on “Nutritional and Healthy”.

  Simply adding sugar after exercise can not improve the muscle damage and delayed soreness caused by strength training, and timely replacement of sufficient protein and metabolites after exercise can obviously eliminate this symptom and improve muscle strength.Supplement fitness drink II and pure whey protein powder.

  Dr. Chang explained that currently there are three types of protein powder on the market, whey protein powder, soy protein powder and egg white protein powder.

  The latest research shows that whey protein has a significant advantage in promoting protein synthesis after rest and exercise, and muscle composition, growth and repair are inseparable from protein, so two other protein powders are neededSupplementing whey protein powder after exercise is more helpful for muscle recovery and growth.

  Generally speaking, an average person consumes 10 grams (about 3 teaspoons) of whey protein powder per day.
30 degrees warm water is the best preparation, you can add whey protein powder to milk in the consumption, vegetable juice is beneficial, and the taste will be better.