However, he cursed directly over there,“No one is next to me,No need to pretend。I just called to tell you,After a few days of meetings,The above finally decided to locate Zhang Qiang as a wanted criminal!And the people from the Zhang family have kicked him out of the Zhang family!From now on, Zhang Qiang will no longer belong to the five big families.

Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Three Can i cheat you?
Qin Feng, who is far away in Burma, naturally does not know what happened inside the capital,At this time he is still worrying about recruiting people。Yes,Just hire。
Although he has the status of a general in name,But only Lear’s people in the barracks plus some remnants add up, I don’t know if there are two thousand,How can such a number be considered a regular army??
So he wants to expand the team’s strength,Just before, Liu Di’s gang had already been trained very much,So I was caught by Qin Feng。
It would be nice if they came,I was suppressed for a long time,The hatred for Qin Feng is very strong。So after I came to the newly built barracks, I fought Lear’s people。
But although Lear Barracks is considered to be a large private armed,But after all, it’s not a regular army background。The people inside are not necessarily different from Liu Di’s gangsters。It can even be said to be similar。
So when the two sides fought, the Lear barracks could not have an advantage.。It’s basically half a catty level。
Fortunately, Qin Feng forbids them to use guns,Otherwise, things will definitely go beyond control。
of course,There will be people who don’t like fighting。So there are still a few hundred or two hundred people standing aside and just watching these people have a big fight。
have to say,Liu Di and this group are really crazy,Because at the end of the fight, these people are not divided into groups,They were all punks who were caught from Dongcheng,He started the fight directly。
So seeing Qin Feng in the end felt boring。
These people seem to have no way to vent their energy,Also at this moment they dare not step forward to attack Qin Feng,Otherwise, it will basically be a very painful result。
Without Qin Feng doing it,Zhong Fa directly put down the people who are close,And it’s the kind that hurts the opponent seriously,At least three months of recuperation in the hospital。