Exposure treatment after skin abrasion is easy to heal

Exposure treatment after skin abrasion is easy to heal

People in life, work will inevitably encounter some small accidental injuries, such as skin abrasions, scratches, sprained joints, etc., when these small traumas occur, people often wipe some topical drugs on the surface of the skin to treat, but do not know, deal with differentThe trauma and treatment are different.

After many people have scratched the skin, they are used to sticking a band-aid, but experts have warned that the wounds that are scratched are not suitable for band-aid. Instead, the purple syrup should be used to prevent inflammation, so that the wounds are naturally exposed to the air for healing.

  Skin abrasions do not need band-aid because the wounds that scratch the skin are larger than ordinary wounds, and the water absorption and breathability of ordinary band-aids are not good, which is not conducive to the drainage of wound secretions and pus, but contributes to the growth of bacteria.Breeding, it is easy to cause inflammation of the wound, and even lead to ulcers.

  Band-Aids are only suitable for wounds with superficial wounds, neat and clean, and low bleeding.

It should also be noted that the band-aid should be changed every day; it should be kept dry in peacetime, if it is soaked, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will easily breed bacteria; it should not be wrapped too tightly, so as to avoid anaerobic infection of the wound, or cause injury.The blood circulation is blocked; when the wound is not in contact with foreign objects, it is best to remove the band-aid, so that the wound is naturally ventilated and can recover faster.

Once a wound infection is found, it should be taken to the hospital immediately.

  In addition, the abrasion is also not suitable for alcohol wiping.

75% alcohol can be used for disinfection of intact skin and for certain muscles prior to injection.

Due to the strong irritancy of alcohol, it should not be used for skin abrasions and disinfection of mucous membranes and large wounds.

For deeper wounds, alcohol is also appropriate because it is difficult to reach deep into the wound and there is a risk of tetanus infection.

If the surrounding skin is too dirty and mixed with dirt, wash it with water first, then rinse with hydrogen peroxide.

The main component of hydrogen peroxide is a hydrogen peroxide solution.

The reduced concentration of hydrogen peroxide for skin disinfection can be used to wipe the surface of the wound surface, thereby cleaning the wound and sterilizing.

The skin around the wound surface should be from the inside to the outside, that is, from the edge of the wound, gradually expand the disinfection area to the surrounding area, so that the closer to the wound, the cleaner.

After washing with hydrogen peroxide, it is wiped with medical iodophor. The medical iodophor is usually reduced in density and light brown. It is a commonly used skin disinfectant and can be used for disinfection of general trauma.

Due to the low irritation of iodophor, it can be directly used for disinfection of the skin and oral mucosa.

  Topical medications should avoid contact with the eyes and other mucous membranes.

If there is burning, ulceration, itching, redness, etc. should be stopped, wash first, consult a physician if necessary.

If there is bleeding or exudate in the wound or wound, it is difficult to apply the medicine, then it should be washed and dried, and then applied (the person who is allergic to external medication should be reduced).

Chuanbei Sydney Stewed Pig Lungs

Chuanbei Sydney Stewed Pig Lungs

Formula pig lung 50 grams, chicken breast 20 grams, Chuanbei 5 grams, 2 Sydney, spring onion, ginger slices.

  Production method 1.

Wash the pig’s lungs first, and then add warm water to the pot to gradually warm it up. After the endocrine secretions from the pig’s lungs are exhausted, wash them with warm water.


Cut pork lungs and chicken breasts into pieces, add them to the pan with chuanbei and onion ginger, and simmer with water until cooked.


Wash the Sydney and cut into pieces, add it before the pot, and simmer for a while.

  Gong beneficial lung moistening, cough and phlegm.

  TCM health pharmacists commented that the pig’s lungs are flat, sweet, and have the effect of nourishing the lungs and moisturizing. According to the theory of “analog phase” of Chinese medicine, lungs are used to supplement the lungs, which has a good therapeutic effect on cough caused by lung deficiency; supplemented byChicken breasts are warm and nourishing Qi, nourishing and adding pith.

According to measurements, chicken contains protein, trace amounts, ash, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins, and is very nutritious.

“Hikako Materia Medica” contains: “Yellow hens: stop labor and inferiority, add marrow and nourish sperm, help yang, warm the small intestine, stop bleeding, and replenish hydration.

Black hen: set your mind at ease, cure the blood evil, break the blood in the heart and pus to drain the pus, make up the heart and blood, and gain vigor after giving birth.

“Fritillaria chuanchuanensis is cool in nature, bitter and sweet, and enters the lung meridian. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and removing dryness, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

“Ben Cao Hui Yan” contains: “Fritillaria, Kaiyu, qi, phlegm medicine.

Nourishing the lungs and reducing phlegm, relieving cough, and asthma, the evidence of exhaustion and stagnation is the first dose of Fritillaria.

“Pharmaceutical Drugs” also contains: “Fritillaria, taste and bitterness can be reduced, Weixin can disperse depression, and the smell is clear. Therefore, it is used in the heart and lungs, and it is mainly used to treat depression, phlegm, hot sputum, and blood in the sputum.Coughing, chest belching, qi and irritability.

“Feeding with Sydney Shengjin, moisturizing, clearing the lungs, resolving phlegm, and strengthening the effect of cough and expectorant.

This medicated diet is especially suitable for the elderly and children who have persistent cough.

Revealing the truth of ten nutrition myths

Revealing the truth of “ten nutrition myths”

Lead: Not all “nutrition taboos” are real, so keep your eyes open!
  Reveal the truth of the “Top Ten Nutritional Myths” “Myths” 1. Eating carbohydrates will make people fat. To tell the truth: proper intake of carbon-containing foods will not directly lead to weight gain.
The body uses carbon to synthesize energy. If you do not consume carbon-containing food for a long time, you will become fatigued.
  ”Myth” 2. Drink 2 liters of water a day. To be honest: you need to replenish the water lost from breathing, stool and sweating every day, but it is not necessary to drink a total of 2 liters of water.
Because it is difficult to measure your daily intake of water through food and drinks.
But if your urine is yellow and transparent, then you are in a good state and you don’t need to drink more water; if your urine is yellow, drink more water.
  ”Myth” 3. Brown cereals are total nutritional cereals. To be honest: brown pigments and additives can make general foods pretend to be full nutritional cereals.
When buying this kind of food, you should clearly identify the label to ensure that it is a whole nutrient cereal, and consume 100 grams of whole nutrient cereal every day to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.
  ”Myth” 4, eating eggs will increase cholesterol To be honest: Some people say that egg yolk contains the highest cholesterol in all foods.
However, with the right amount of eggs, cholesterol is not enough to pose a health hazard.
Studies have shown that eating an egg every day does not raise cholesterol levels, and eggs are an important source of nutrition in the body.
  ”Myth” 5. All wine is harmful. To tell the truth: once again, the right amount is the key.
Drinking a small amount of wine and beer is considered modest and does not cause any harmful effects on the body of healthy adults.
Alcohol is an anticoagulant, and red wine is an antioxidant, so drinking a small amount a day is good for your health.
  ”Myth” 6. Everyone needs to supplement vitamins. To tell the truth: if you eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cereals, and at the same time a proper low-fat and low-protein diet and calorie intake, there is no need to supplement vitamins.
Pregnant women or patients with nutritional disorders need specific vitamin supplements.
  ”Myth” 7. Extra protein is needed for large muscles. To be honest: on the contrary, intake of extra protein is not useful for expanding muscles, unless you do a lot of strength training while ingesting.
But food factors increase metabolism, and in order to rule out excess protein, the body is overloaded with work, leading to sad results.
  ”Myth” 8. Irritable bowel syndrome should not eat fiber-containing foods. To tell the truth: dietary fiber includes two types: one is soluble and the other is insoluble.
Patients with irritable bowel syndrome should not eat foods containing insoluble fiber, but soluble fiber is easily absorbed and can prevent constipation.
Most cereals contain soluble fiber.
  ”Myth” 9. Immediately eating after exercise can help muscles. Truth be told: Endurance athletes need to take in carbohydrates and supplement glycogen storage in time after training. A small amount of protein and a drink can enhance this effect.
Drinking low-fat chocolate milk or carbohydrate drinks can supplement glycogen lost during exercise and is good for the body.
Protein does not help long muscles, so strength athletes do not need to eat immediately after exercise.
  ”Myth” 10. A low-sugar diet can prevent type 2 diabetes. To be honest: the level of sugar in food is not the cause of diabetes; diabetes is caused by the body’s insulin resistance.
Foods high in sugar can cause blood sugar levels to peak, but high blood sugar is only a sign of diabetes, not the underlying cause.

An alternative diet slimming method for sunbathing savage girlfriends

An alternative diet slimming method for sunbathing savage girlfriends

Jeon Ji-hyun walked into the vision of Chinese and Korean fans because of a “My Sassy Girlfriend”.

So this tall Korean female star also provoked the attention of MM who wants to lose weight all the time. If you don’t look at it, it’s amazing!

Unexpectedly, the barbaric girlfriend’s diet method does not play as usual, so alternative.

  From the hands of the teeth – wearing a braces to lose weight for dieters, dieting is extremely painful.

All MM recommends that the MM who wants to lose weight can wear a braces, because this is the perfect plan for both correcting the teeth and slimming one stone and two birds.

Nowadays, people are eating too fast for various reasons, so that it is difficult for the stomach to think about the signal that the brain is coming out to eat.

Wearing a braces can be a little painful. From the teeth, you can slow down your meal naturally, absorb less food, and naturally lose weight.

  New Lip Balm – Applying Overdue Lip Balm to Reduce Appetite Lip Balm for Weight Loss can make your off-season lipstick work!

The whole MM method is: two or three minutes before eating, from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose, and into a line.

Remember to apply two or three times for each meal, so that your appetite is greatly reduced.

  Left-handed eating method – weight and blood pressure are followed by low-level Korean medical experts have shown that people who are used to the right hand can use the left hand to take chopsticks when eating, and the weight loss has an unusual effect.

After the tester switched to the left hand, the extra weight was reduced, and the blood pressure and blood pressure returned to normal.

  The results of this research are indeed a very exciting news for those who want to keep their bodies slim. Trying to eat with their left hand does not have any extra expenses. Why not?

However, the whole MM reminds everyone to pay attention to this method is not effective for people who are used to eating left-handed, they should use their right hand!

  Xiaobian reminder: The whole MM diet weight loss method is not suitable for everyone. This is a unique alternative to the weight loss method. Of course, it is only suitable for a few people. Most of the MM should also be slim and slim, or take the popular route!

However, when losing weight, don’t think that as long as you don’t eat anything, you will lose weight.

This is actually not the case, because this method is unscientific. In fact, only the correct scientific method can effectively achieve the expected weight loss effect. Let’s take a look at the diet weight loss precautions.

Unusual things don’t eat, some say snakes, otters, and so on.

Eat less innovative dishes, and some of the snails in Beijing have problems simply because they are not doing well.

Go to a professional store to eat professional things, some do not go to the Northeast restaurant to eat Sichuan cuisine.

Because the restaurant’s main project is not this, the frequency of the guests is not high, and even these ingredients are not necessarily fresh.

Try to avoid eating raw food and fresh.

It is best not to sashimi.

Pay attention to the freshness of fresh, many smells can smell, and some will smell.

Hot pots should be eaten as little as possible, as most of the bottom of the pot will be recycled, sometimes you will eat fish from the bottom of the mushroom soup.

The bathroom of the restaurant is roughly responsive to its health.

If the bathroom in a restaurant is already dirty, its kitchen can be imagined.

If a restaurant does not have a health permit or is not registered with the Trade and Industry Bureau, it will not be eaten without these license documents.

After canceling, ask for an invoice, so if there is any adverse reaction after eating, you can also report it to the Consumer Association in time.

Order whey protein powder after exercise

Order whey protein powder after exercise

Xiao Li, who wants to build a muscle, said that he would add protein powder every time he went to the gym to exercise, which would help muscles.

Is this not credible?

Yesterday, Dr. Chang Cuiqing, a senior expert in the field of sports nutrition research in China, gave the answer in his lecture on “Nutritional and Healthy”.

  Simply adding sugar after exercise can not improve the muscle damage and delayed soreness caused by strength training, and timely replacement of sufficient protein and metabolites after exercise can obviously eliminate this symptom and improve muscle strength.Supplement fitness drink II and pure whey protein powder.

  Dr. Chang explained that currently there are three types of protein powder on the market, whey protein powder, soy protein powder and egg white protein powder.

  The latest research shows that whey protein has a significant advantage in promoting protein synthesis after rest and exercise, and muscle composition, growth and repair are inseparable from protein, so two other protein powders are neededSupplementing whey protein powder after exercise is more helpful for muscle recovery and growth.

  Generally speaking, an average person consumes 10 grams (about 3 teaspoons) of whey protein powder per day.
30 degrees warm water is the best preparation, you can add whey protein powder to milk in the consumption, vegetable juice is beneficial, and the taste will be better.

Liver fire has some common symptoms in the early stage of the lung

Liver fire has some common symptoms in the early stage of the lung

What are some common symptoms of liver fire in the early stages of the lungs?

Today, I will introduce you to the lung symptoms of liver fire, especially the early symptoms of liver fire, and what is the performance of liver fire?

What happens when you get a liver fire?

Symptoms of early symptoms of liver fire in the lungs: coughing, gas, cough, yellow thick, even coughing blood, chest pain, acute irritability, upset bitterness, dizziness, dry stool, short urine, tongueSide red, thin yellow fur, pulse number.

Liver fire smear lung symptoms: coughing, gas stagnation, sputum sputum yellow thick, even coughing blood, chest hypochondriac pain, sexual irritability, upset bitterness, dizziness, redness, dry stool, short red urine, red tongue,The moss is thin yellow and the number of pulse strings.
This card is mostly caused by emotional stagnation, qi stagnation, burning lung yin, or evil heat accumulate liver and gallbladder, on the lungs, lung loss or lung injury.

This card is an empirical evidence for the liver and lung disease, liver disease first, the offense and the lungs, the formation of wood fire money, or burns the lungs, hemoptysis as a note, so many are critically ill.

Pathogenesis analysis: This card is characterized by liver qi and lung and qi-reversal cough.

Discrimination of similar syndromes: This card distinguishes from the lung syndrome of dry evil, and the dryness of the lungs is based on dry cough without disease or less phlegm with respiratory dryness, dryness such as lip dryness, and this syndrome has obvious liver qi stagnation.Fire.

Dialectical attention points: There are symptoms of lung failure caused by coughing and sputum, and accompanied by symptoms of liver stagnation.

Great cold nourishing kidney the most important point

Great cold “nourishing kidney” the most important point

The great cold is here. This is the last solar term of the year. The weather is cold, and the cold first hits the kidneys.
Great cold and kidney are vital.
What to eat kidney?
What are the food for kidney?
Xiaobian recommends 5 kinds of “black food” for kidney.
The most important point of the Great Cold “Yangshen” is that five kinds of black foods strengthen the kidneys and nourish the heart. Great cold is the golden period of nourishing the kidneys.
At this time, if you can do good kidney maintenance work, you can effectively prevent cold and keep fit.
Therefore, it is very important for the body’s metabolism to do a good job of nourishing kidney and nourishing kidney.
Great cold is the best time to protect the kidneys. It can not only enhance the body’s ability to resist the cold, but also improve the body’s immunity and resistance to disease.Protect the sun and the kidneys.
anti aging.
  5 kinds of black foods
黑芝麻  黑芝麻是补肾的“佼佼者”,富含对人体有益的不饱和脂肪酸,其维生素E含量为植物食品之冠,可清除体内自由基,抗氧化效果显著,对于延缓衰老、治疗消化不良And treatment of gray hair have a certain effect.
Black fungus Black fungus is common in Chinese dining tables, and its health effect is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
Studies have shown that black fungus colloids have strong adsorption and can clean the stomach and intestines. In addition, black fungus also contains nucleic acids and lecithin, which has bodybuilding, beauty, and anti-aging effects.
Black jujube and black jujube are also very rich in nutrients, including protein, sugars, organic acids, vitamins and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other nutrients.
Chinese medicine believes that black jujube is warm and sweet, and has kidney and stomach effect.
Black rice and black rice have the effects of strengthening the spleen, warming the liver, nourishing blood and nourishing qi.
Its vitamin B1 and iron content is 7 times that of ordinary rice.
Consuming it in winter is very helpful for supplementing trace elements in the human body. It should be noted that when using it to cook Babao porridge, do not put sugar.
Black beans and black beans have the effects of warming the stomach, promoting blood circulation, and hydrolyzing poisons.
It also moisturizes skin and black hair.
Rich in high-quality protein, vitamins B and vitamin E, also contains riboflavin and melanin.
It is helpful for anti-aging, anti-aging, enhancing vitality and beauty.

Be wary: girls refuse to adult

Be wary: girls refuse to adult

For adults, moderate control of the budget is necessary to prevent unfortunate food intake.

However, human health is inseparable from the cockroaches. If the body lacks essential fatty acids, it will affect health and disease.

  In the case of overnutrition and under-exercise, the absorption of adults is the most likely to make people fat.

It is also true that too many adults can cause obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary for adults to moderately control the adults needed to prevent excessive intake.

But human health is inseparable from cockroaches. There are more than 40 kinds of fatty acids in various edible traces, most of which can be transformed with each other, but three kinds of fatty acids can not be converted by other fatty acids, and must be directly provided by food, called essential fatty acids.

Once the body lacks essential fatty acids, it will affect health and disease.
For example, fat-soluble vitamins (including vitamins a, d, e and k) must be absorbed and utilized in the presence of slight amounts.

In the absence of an adult, a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins occurs, resulting in a corresponding disease.

More importantly, the aunt is a necessary component of many tissues and organs in the body, such as the lack of essential fat and visual development hindrance during visual development.

  Adults are also essential nutrients for maintaining skin health. If adults are lacking, the skin will become dry and prone to eczema, and the wounds will not be easily cured.

  Sexual development requires more paralysis.

Harvard University Public Health Research Center, Ross?

The Arist study found that from the day of the newborn, the baby has a sex-controlled gene in the body. Before the puberty comes, the micro-reservoir reaches a certain amount before the genetic code is transmitted to the brain, thereby producing sex hormones., monthly menarche and the formation of ovarian function.

When the body is unfortunately pregnant 17%, menarche will not form: only the unfortunate content of the body exceeds 22%, in order to maintain normal ovulation, menstruation, conception and lactation.

  Domestic research has also confirmed that the lack of temporary girls can lead to female diseases.

A survey of 87 female dancers by Shanghai Medical University found that over-temperance resulted in 20 people who had no menstrual menstruation during puberty. Among the 20 people, 11 were 14-18 years old and 9 were 18 years old or older.

Among those who have had menstrual cramps, 27 have menstrual cycle errors: 13 people have irregular menstrual interruptions.

  Researchers at the University of Minnesota have done such animal experiments: they supplemented rats with trace amounts of feed, resulting in “essential fatty acid deficiency”: stagnant growth, central nervous system dysfunction, loss of reproductive function, eye and retinaSevere, renal failure and abnormal platelet function.

  Therefore, girls should ensure that feces are supplemented because this is a special need for girls’ physical, intellectual and sexual development.

Three fitness tips to help your breasts

Three fitness tips to help your breasts

Strengthens the rib lines and gradually warms the body.

Anyone watching TV, waiting, sitting in a chair can do it easily.

You can do anything at any time, even if you are chatting with people, you will not feel that you are doing breast enhancement exercises, so it is natural.

  Exercise plan one: Put your hands on your chest, fasten each other, and pull them in opposite directions for about 10 seconds.

Repeat 5-6 times.

  Time spent: About 2 minutes Must be reminded: Strengthen the contours and make the body gradually warm.

Anyone watching TV, waiting, sitting in a chair can do it easily.

  Exercise plan two: Stand at the table, straighten your elbows, rest on the table, lower your center of gravity, and slowly tilt your body back for 5 seconds.

Time spent: about 40 seconds. It must be reminded that you can do anything at any time. Even if you chat with people, you will not feel that you are doing breast enhancement exercises. It is natural.

  Exercise plan three: Massage method: 1 Use both hands and fingers to cover the entire breast, entangle the surrounding tissue, stay for 3 seconds each time.

  2 Open your hands and stop from the cleavage until the breasts are extended.

  3 Do a figure 8 massage between the breasts.

  Note: Repeat each action 5-6 times to promote blood circulation and stimulate breast development.

9 major decisions to encourage self-entrainment

9 major decisions to encourage self-entrainment

When people discuss how to shape a bodybuilding physique, they often focus on training methods, technical movements, and dietary nutrition. However, they often overlook an important internal factor, that is, the psychological effects of people.

If you learn to use your brain while you are exercising, you will get twice the result with half the effort.


I believe that this training must be better than the last time.


Before going to the gym, imagine that you can do more difficult moves, lift a heavier weight, feel stronger, and live more than power.


Be aggressive, don’t just lift your weight, but beat them!

Think of weight as your enemy and training as a war!


When training, remember to put the handle off, put down the newspaper, don’t chat, and only think about the part you are practicing, and concentrate on it.


Don’t give up, even if the first few exercises don’t go well, you can’t just deal with the training that follows.


Don’t cry, disappointment is the enemy of bodybuilders.


Suffering from soreness, the feeling of soreness is seen as a signal of muscle growth, so go and embrace soreness!


Firm belief, you must trust yourself and what you are doing.


Don’t set a limit for your development.

Where your thinking extends, your body will follow.