On the division of officialdom ranks,Chen Shouhua is much more superb than Chen Geng。

“Yes,”Chen Gengying:“But I think,In addition to what you said,Those who responded to the country’s call for reform and opening up、Those private companies that got rich first,it is also fine……of course,Are they going to be included,This is still up to you。”
Chen Geng knows,At least in the last five or six years,Private enterprises are not yet a climate,Those private business owners who made the first pot of gold through their own hard work,May not be willing to spend so much money on buying one“red flagelevel”,But as long as Hongqi does a good job of brand image,The quality and design of the product can also keep up,By the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties,maybe“red flagelevel”Will really be the pride of domestic cars,Become a symbol of wealth and social status,Let countless private bosses who got rich first rush to buy。
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Corresponding to Pullman、SLevel sumEAll levels,Chen Shouhua rubbed his hands in excitement:“Mr. Chen,correspondC-classThe level?”
Chen Geng:“I mean,C-classKeep the level temporarily。”
Keep it and don’t push?
Chen Geng’s words came out,The FAW leaders present were all stunned:What does it mean to keep and not push?
“Mr. Chen,Do you think that with the current technical level and financial support of the FAW Group,Can Hongqi cars be allowed to fight on multiple lines at the same time?”Chen Geng smiled,Asked rhetorically。
Chen Shouhua was shocked,Then smiled bitterly:indeed,Taking the current situation of FAW,Let the red flag fight on multiple lines?nonexistent,Let alone multi-line combat,Even the housekeeping skills of Hongqi cars:Dahongqi has no money for R&D。
Speaking of,The FAW Group today is not the FAW Group 30 years later。


The headed fairy answered Xiao Fan respectfully,Just made an evacuation posture,and,She not only left by herself,And left with the other five fairies。
In a while,The fairies who fluttered and ecstatically left,In a blink of an eye,Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner are left in this restaurant。
“Speak quickly,Xiao Fan,My heart,I’m almost tortured by this feeling。”Lin Yuner saw everyone leaving here,I said to Xiao Fan immediately。
“OK,Didn’t I just say it?Let’s talk while eating!”Xiao Fan said stubbornly。
“Ok,but,Xiao Fan,I can tell you,Why this promised you to eat,That’s because i’m really hungry,But not because I just want to listen to you,Do you understand?”
Lin Yoona is eating,And said to Xiao Fan unconvinced。
Chapter nine hundred and forty three Intriguing
“Good good,I know,I know,Alright,My little ancestor,Does it make you eat a meal so hard now??”Xiao Fan said silently。
After saying this,Lin Yoona just grabbed something that looked like a crystal ball and entered her mouth.。
“Oh my god!this thing,Is it really something to eat?Isn’t this really a work of art??”Before Lin Yuna eats,I also gave a different admiration to the crystal ball I picked up。
“Of course it is eaten,All the food here is selected from the best materials,I hired the best master and used the best technology to make it,You taste,How is the taste?”Xiao Fan said to Lin Yuner。
“really?But it’s really so good,I can’t bear to say anything?”Lin Yuner said embarrassedly。

I know how to do things well,But at the same time not making myself so tired,Able to stabilize one’s mentality anytime, anywhere。

Don’t accept such a high intensity and high tension state,So Xiao Fan thinks that we can arrange more things for Chu Yao now。
What’s more, Su Ran seems to prefer things to manage the base,She doesn’t like to manage company affairs,But Chu Yao is different,Chu Yao is good at all aspects。
When she works, she doesn’t distinguish between categories,She just thinks it’s his job,Then she will be very involved in the work。
So Xiao Fan also intends to let Chu Yao get in touch with more company affairs,After all, Yiming also manages many company affairs,So I want them to have a place in the company。
So that the two of them can manage the company well in the days when Xiao Fan is away.,Make this company better and better。
But recently the company did have some problems,Yiming is querying,But the boss has not been found,This time Xiao Fan came with them just to talk to them about this matter。
Xiao Fan may have to send Chu Yao to solve this matter,After all, it’s mostly convenient for girls to have many things,But Xiao Fan never uses girls’ hue to do anything。
At best, girls don’t look eye-catching,More able to dispel the doubts of others。And after this time,,Chu Yao is not familiar with the company。
Many people don’t know Chu Yao very well,I only know that she often comes to the company,I don’t know what she does。
I don’t know she was arranged by Xiao Fan,So I just thought it was an ordinary employee of the company,So Xiao Fan thinks that if Chu Yao handles this matter,The effect will be very good。
Chapter 518 arrange work
After Xiao Fan and Chu Yao and Yiming returned to the base,Tell them about the company’s affairs。
Yiming said:“Brother Fan has been running well recently,But there is always some financial negligence,There are loopholes I am investigating,But there is no clue,I always feel someone moved。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Of course someone moved,But you are not to blame,Blame the people below for not doing things well,People who shouldn’t have come in,Don’t worry about this,Just leave it to me。”
Nodded,Then Xiao Fan told Chu Yao:“Chu Yao may need you to take care of this matter,I need you to help me find this person and get rid of him。”
Chu Yao nodded very seriously,Talk to Xiao Fan:“Good boss,What do you tell me to do right away,And I will do my best。”
Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction,Actually Xiao Fan wanted Chu Yao to continue to penetrate the company,But I want her to start from the grassroots。

This is enough。

Seeing alogoAfter such a cool company,The audience subconsciously planned to go in and take a look:Can design such a coollogos company,There should be two brushes anyway?
Did not disappoint them,The American people and car enthusiasts who walked into the booth of Fernandez with curiosity,I saw things that they couldn’t even think of before……
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First103chapter Unexpected gain
“This engine is really modified by your company?”A strong man of at least 1.9 meters,Point to the modified one placed on the stand, the displacement reached9.2Rise“big-block”496,Asked Chen Geng in surprise and disbelief:“Are you sure you can really have such motivation?”
“Hey,Buddy,”Chen Geng did not explain,Instead, he pointed at the big guy in front of him proudly and said:“What time is it now?Is the most grand car modification carnival in the United States,Do you think any company will be pure enough to lie at this time??”
“It’s also,”Chen Geng’s rhetorical question made the strong man accept this statement:“I have a station7.0Impala,Can you help me remodel it?”
“Wow……manual labor,You have a nice car,”Chen Geng thumbs up,Didn’t say can,But first compliment the other party:“I have to say,You are a guy who really understands cars。”
Everyone loves to listen to good things,This brawny is of course no exception,Grinning,Happy way:“of course!You are not bad at work。”
“I don’t know what you want to change your car into?”Chen Geng asked:“You know,Every car modification is unique,Modification process,Is actually to build a unique、A process exclusive to your car……You need to tell me what you want to achieve,I can tell you if we can do it,And if you do what you want,How much do you need to pay。”
The last sentence is the point,How much are you willing to spend?
But the straight line thinking of the Americans made this buddy not understand what Chen Geng really wanted to express.,He nodded in agreement:“You’re right,I just want to build a unique impala,Impala for me,Ok,I hope this car is more powerful,Can be more fuel efficient than now,The most important thing is to have a good sound system,I like the best music……”
Chen Geng smiled:“Then we can all be satisfied。”
“You can do it?”Surprise on the brawny face。
“of course,We are the best modification label in the U.S.,Have30Many from Ford、GM and Chrysler engineers,Also has a cooperative relationship with Lamborghini,”Chen Geng’s unceremonious blow……Actually it’s not a boast,What he said is the truth:“I don’t need to introduce you too much in terms of power,Have you seen our modified engine,Know our strength,I don’t need to introduce you too much,Next I will introduce you two things that you will definitely be interested in……correct,Buddy,what is your name?”
“My name is sam,You can call me sam。”

Huo Rongxuan did not expect that he agreed without even thinking about it,This makes Huo Rongxuan feel a little warm。

“Aren’t you afraid?It might be dangerous to be with me at this time。”
Shen Han seemed to hesitate only then,But soon shook his head:“You are hurt,It’s not good not to go alone。”
In order to look like,Huo Rongxuan simply took people to the seaside city overnight。Shen Han may be really shocked,I was cautious and trembling all the way,I don’t know how many gangster movies this kid has been thinking about,Huo Rongxuan looked aside and thought it was funny,Dare not really laugh,It’s a bit painful。
A few days before arriving at the villa,Shen Han has been a little frightened,Didn’t sleep well at night。Huo Rongxuan can feel it,Often Shen Han would wake up suddenly at night,Only after confirming that he is okay will he lie back and continue to sleep。
When Shen Han fell asleep again,Huo Rongxuan opened his eyes in the dark。
Shen Han slept beside him,Probably because of insecurity,One hand is still pulling his sleeve。
Huo Rongxuan looked at Shen Han who was sleeping,An indescribable emotion slowly surged in my heart。
He just wanted to tease Shen Han,but now,He suddenly didn’t want to expose this lie。
11 Dew
These days when I came to the holiday villa,Shen Han has been taking care of the front and back,Huo Rongxuan sees everything。
He has nothing to do this day,Go to the study to read,When I saw half of it, I suddenly heard Shen Han calling his name panicked outside。
Huo Rongxuan leaned on a cane to open the door,I happened to see Shen Han looking for him from room to room,A little face is too panic。
Huo Rongxuan quickly stopped him:“Shen Han,I am here!”
Shen Han was relieved when he saw him,Came over and looked at him awkwardly,“Why are you hiding here,I thought……”
Huo Rongxuan asked deliberately:“Why?”

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“That’s hard to say,The little girl told me,Wait till she is eighteen,I must marry you……”
Listening to the chat between Little MacDonald and Chen Geng,The crowd around was shocked:A ten year old girl,Yelling to marry Chen Geng?!
Although no one knows the Paris that Chen Geng and Mr. MacDonald said·What is Hilton,But can have a chance to meet little Macdonald、And chatting with him for so long,Can my background be simple??It must be the daughter of a big family in America,Such a daughter……Uh,Is it too small??
Chen Geng sniffed at what little MacDonald said:“She said to marry me, just marry me,Let’s not say whether I want to marry her,Little girl only now10year old,Also8Young18year old,How are you sure of this8I won’t get married during the year?”
“It doesn’t matter if you get married,”Little Macdonald chuckled,Look at the lively expression:“The important thing is,Little Paris is coming to China to see you in a few days。”
“what?”Chen Geng is confused:“She is coming to China?”
Little MacDonald looked disapproving:“China is developing so well now,How could their Hilton family ignore?That old guy Barron told me personally,They are going to China for inspection,Prepare to invest and build a luxurious five-star hotel in China。”
Realize this,Many people are entangled in their hearts:The richest Americans、big family,Really entangled each other,I am in you、You in me,Ugh……
Wonderful book house
First954chapter Don’t underestimate the little girl
See Cheng Chen Geng,Wang Xiaodong is as happy as meeting his long-lost brother,Learn the habits of foreigners,Come up and give Chen Geng a strong hug:“Mr. Chen,You are welcome to visit us and guide our work。”
“Manager Wang, you’re welcome,”Chen Geng’s modest way:“I’m not here to investigate,I just accompany Mr. Macdonald Jr. to see our development。”
Although that is the case,But Wang Xiaodong and other Xifei leaders dare not care。
Everyone knows what Mr. Macdonald Jr did when he came to Xifei:Fokker of COMACF100After a few years of project foundry, the fuselage parts,this time,Chen Geng will fly west、Shen Fei、Several companies, such as Shaanfei and Chengfei, who gave COMAC OEM airframe components recommended to McDonnell Douglas。

However, he cursed directly over there,“No one is next to me,No need to pretend。I just called to tell you,After a few days of meetings,The above finally decided to locate Zhang Qiang as a wanted criminal!And the people from the Zhang family have kicked him out of the Zhang family!From now on, Zhang Qiang will no longer belong to the five big families.

Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Three Can i cheat you?
Qin Feng, who is far away in Burma, naturally does not know what happened inside the capital,At this time he is still worrying about recruiting people。Yes,Just hire。
Although he has the status of a general in name,But only Lear’s people in the barracks plus some remnants add up, I don’t know if there are two thousand,How can such a number be considered a regular army??
So he wants to expand the team’s strength,Just before, Liu Di’s gang had already been trained very much,So I was caught by Qin Feng。
It would be nice if they came,I was suppressed for a long time,The hatred for Qin Feng is very strong。So after I came to the newly built barracks, I fought Lear’s people。
But although Lear Barracks is considered to be a large private armed,But after all, it’s not a regular army background。The people inside are not necessarily different from Liu Di’s gangsters。It can even be said to be similar。
So when the two sides fought, the Lear barracks could not have an advantage.。It’s basically half a catty level。
Fortunately, Qin Feng forbids them to use guns,Otherwise, things will definitely go beyond control。
of course,There will be people who don’t like fighting。So there are still a few hundred or two hundred people standing aside and just watching these people have a big fight。
have to say,Liu Di and this group are really crazy,Because at the end of the fight, these people are not divided into groups,They were all punks who were caught from Dongcheng,He started the fight directly。
So seeing Qin Feng in the end felt boring。
These people seem to have no way to vent their energy,Also at this moment they dare not step forward to attack Qin Feng,Otherwise, it will basically be a very painful result。
Without Qin Feng doing it,Zhong Fa directly put down the people who are close,And it’s the kind that hurts the opponent seriously,At least three months of recuperation in the hospital。

Xiang Chen has been staring at Yuan,Ask word by word:“Then now,Is the master going to continue acting or do it??”

Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five Fate2
Every word of Xiang Chen is very slow,Let Korean Xiang listen to it,Have some time to react。
And Han Yuxiang did not disappoint Xiang Chen too much,After seeing the picture in Xiang Chen’s words,Her look also changed from apology to doubt。
Without being discovered by Xiang Chen,And succeed,Such a technique can be called an old pickpocket。Han Yuxiang never believes that such a person would run so far just to steal a high heel,Usually found to be high heels,I believe that any pickpocket will feel bad,It’s normal to lose it。
Korean Xiang quietly looked at Yuan,Waiting for his answer。
It’s like Xiang Chen can raise his own question,Naturally, it can be refuted,If it is a coincidence,Han Yuxiang can take Xiang Chen and apologize to Yuan,But if it’s like Xiang Chen said,Then my office won’t be stingy to the point of refusing to add a cup of coffee。
“The three of you,Don’t you want to explain?”
Han Yuxiang turned his head and looked at Man San’er and the three of them,Reached out and touched the waist subconsciously,Han Yuxiang discovered this embarrassingly,I came out police officer todayiBeyond the certificate,Bring nothing。
The three of them want to answer Korean Xiang,But the pain in the body really doesn’t allow them to say extra nonsense。
For Xiang Chen’s previous wave of analysis,Man San’er, they are also shocked,It’s just that the pain in his body can’t make him applaud,It’s like he wants to ask for help from the monk Liaoyuan next to Xiangchen,Too weak。
“Stop pretending,The frequency of your twirling the Buddha has increased!The reason why I haven’t done it yet,Because seeing that I can easily kill those three guys,Are you not confident in your own skill??”
Xiang Chenyun said lightly,For curse、Such a thing as a beating,Xiang Chen has always come here at his fingertips。
Liao Yuan’s face didn’t show the uncertainty that Xiang Chen imagined,But the hand twisting the Buddha beads is getting faster and faster。
“how about it?Waiting for me here for so long,But I didn’t expect that I could easily pick three with a burden on my back,Very unexpected?Take the initiative to help,Take the lead in moving people to this corner,A few more casual conversations,The curious crowd will disperse,And then it will return to quiet,No matter how noisy it is, it will not affect the bustling a few meters away,It took a long time to find this place too?”
There is no more smile on Xiang Chen’s face,He has observed the movement around,There should be no other threats。

“it is good,it is good!you’re good too!Is this your classmate?”Huang Yuanshun really dare not say anything,I had to force the topic to others。

I don’t know that the plump sitting upright suddenly raised his neck and said:“Do not!I’m not Lu’s classmate,I am a bodyguard,Professional bodyguard,I have to accompany Brother Lu to school every day。”
If you say this from others,Maybe just listen to it as a joke,But who is Fatty??His serious and serious look,Suddenly bluff Huang Yuanshun again。
Someone thinks,Obediently!What kind of character is this little Lu son??There are professional bodyguards around?His father is Lu Youshan,It shouldn’t be there.?What the hell is going on?Did Lu Youshan pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?,Actually there is energy behind?
Huang Yuanshun can’t figure it out the more I think about it,The expression on his face became more and more frightened。
He remembered before returning to Liufang,Those words that Lu Menglin deliberately talked to him,Click to pull him back to Liufang to build momentum,Now it seems,There is someone up there,How else would you get Lu Youshan to be the factory manager?。
“This is your transcript?nice!Make progress!Your kid got the hang of it!Worthy of my son!”Lu Youshan looked at the report card on the coffee table,He touched his son’s head with relief。
At this moment,Mother Lu brought out the sweet and sour pork ribs from the kitchen。
“not enough time,I have to go to work later,You try first,If the taste doesn’t work,I’ll add some more salt!”Mother Lu smiled。
Lu Youshan waved his hand,Tao:“Huang Gong,Let’s drink?”
Huang Yuanshun nodded quickly,Smiled:“it is good,it is good!I have a few drinks with Director Lu。”
“What’s the director,I haven’t officially taken office yet!”Lu Youshan is proud,Ha ha smiled。
Huang Yuanshun has a chance,Continue the conversation just now,Said:“Brother Lu,Your appointment documents have been sent,So humble!From now on, the second factory will rely on you to lead the team!”
Lu Youshan laughed,Arched hands,Tao:“Organizational trust,I must work hard。”

“Yesterday,Haven’t I already told you?You will be my elder brother from now on,My big brother,but me,Always your little brother。”

“And it’s not just me,Including all my brothers、All the properties belong to Brother。Brother and sister-in-law must forgive me for my sins!”
“I really didn’t know that Daming Li, a kid, really dared to be disrespectful to older brother and sister-in-law,do not worry,I will punish both of them severely。”
Lin Yuner thought of Wang Mingyang’s injury,After hearing what Wang Mingyang said,Also immediately stretched out his hand and pulled Xiao Fan’s clothes corner。
After Xiao Fan moved the realization to her,Lin Yuner shook her head at Xiao Fan,Signal to stop blaming Wang Mingyang。
Anyway,Lin Yuner still remembers Wang Mingyang’s kindness to her。
Moreover,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,What happened to her and Xiao Fan tonight,It seems that it really has nothing to do with Wang Mingyang。
If you have to get involved,It can only be said that the discipline is not strict、There is no way to control it。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner and smiled softly,Turning his head and said to Wang Mingyang:“okay,Hurry up and talk to me,I look at you like this,I also blame the uncomfortable。”
Wang Mingyang heard such words,I straightened my body immediately。
for him,If Xiao Fan just made him stand up for other reasons,He definitely won’t stand up。
But Xiao Fan said he talked to himself like that,Uncomfortable,and so,anyway,Wang Mingyang is going to get up。
After Wang Mingyang stands up,I just kicked Li Daming, the restaurant manager who has been obstructing him.。
After Wang Mingyang kicked Li Daming to the ground,Immediately said coldly:
“You bastard,Don’t hurry to apologize to my older brother and sister-in-law,Something that doesn’t have eyes,Who really dares to provoke!I think you are tired of living and crooked!”
And Li Daming on the ground was also kicked by Wang Mingyang’s sudden kick。
After falling down,Li Daming looked at Wang Mingyang who was about to kick again,Get up from the ground quickly,Kneeled on the ground,Then kneeling and crawling in front of Xiao Fan。