This is enough。

Seeing alogoAfter such a cool company,The audience subconsciously planned to go in and take a look:Can design such a coollogos company,There should be two brushes anyway?
Did not disappoint them,The American people and car enthusiasts who walked into the booth of Fernandez with curiosity,I saw things that they couldn’t even think of before……
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First103chapter Unexpected gain
“This engine is really modified by your company?”A strong man of at least 1.9 meters,Point to the modified one placed on the stand, the displacement reached9.2Rise“big-block”496,Asked Chen Geng in surprise and disbelief:“Are you sure you can really have such motivation?”
“Hey,Buddy,”Chen Geng did not explain,Instead, he pointed at the big guy in front of him proudly and said:“What time is it now?Is the most grand car modification carnival in the United States,Do you think any company will be pure enough to lie at this time??”
“It’s also,”Chen Geng’s rhetorical question made the strong man accept this statement:“I have a station7.0Impala,Can you help me remodel it?”
“Wow……manual labor,You have a nice car,”Chen Geng thumbs up,Didn’t say can,But first compliment the other party:“I have to say,You are a guy who really understands cars。”
Everyone loves to listen to good things,This brawny is of course no exception,Grinning,Happy way:“of course!You are not bad at work。”
“I don’t know what you want to change your car into?”Chen Geng asked:“You know,Every car modification is unique,Modification process,Is actually to build a unique、A process exclusive to your car……You need to tell me what you want to achieve,I can tell you if we can do it,And if you do what you want,How much do you need to pay。”
The last sentence is the point,How much are you willing to spend?
But the straight line thinking of the Americans made this buddy not understand what Chen Geng really wanted to express.,He nodded in agreement:“You’re right,I just want to build a unique impala,Impala for me,Ok,I hope this car is more powerful,Can be more fuel efficient than now,The most important thing is to have a good sound system,I like the best music……”
Chen Geng smiled:“Then we can all be satisfied。”
“You can do it?”Surprise on the brawny face。
“of course,We are the best modification label in the U.S.,Have30Many from Ford、GM and Chrysler engineers,Also has a cooperative relationship with Lamborghini,”Chen Geng’s unceremonious blow……Actually it’s not a boast,What he said is the truth:“I don’t need to introduce you too much in terms of power,Have you seen our modified engine,Know our strength,I don’t need to introduce you too much,Next I will introduce you two things that you will definitely be interested in……correct,Buddy,what is your name?”
“My name is sam,You can call me sam。”